Indian Education System Problems List 2023 Updated

Problems of the Indian Education System

Indian Education System Problems. Education is a necessity for every individual. It enables a country to develop on different aspects. The living standards of the public increase that result in the strengthening of the economy. Education is the basic right of all the individuals of any country. Many countries have provided free education for their citizens. The governments also build schools, colleges and other important educational institutions for making their education systems stronger.  The policies are also implemented keeping all the social classes in due consideration. One must know about the basic rights of education in one’s respective country. 

India is a developing country, and it has taken several effective initiatives to make the people educated. Being literate and educated are two different things. Having a literate public makes a country’s economy stronger, and, the educated public helps in raising the living standards. India has made it compulsory to provide free education to children between 8-14 years of age. Many policies are also working in this country to enhance learning. Initiatives like Mid-day meals, free education, etc. improve the condition of education in India. The Indian Government has also built world-class public schools in the whole country and improves them frequently. 

Not everything is perfect. Everything has flaws in it. The Indian Education System is also full of certain problems that are acting as the major hindrances to making it to the best.  Once these issues are solved, the Indian Education System can be the top education system in the world. Each country has some loopholes in its governance which become the obstacles for their success. India is also full of drawbacks in its education system. The following are the top ten drawbacks of the Indian Education System. The country needs to work on these to get over the issues and enhance the standards. 

  1. Lack of Infrastructure: It is a sad but true fact that education goes parallel with infrastructure. The better the infrastructure, the better the education is. No matter how many literate people are there in India, if there are no schools or colleges, there will be no one to enjoy the benefits of the learning systems. Similarly, it requires a science laboratory to perform a scientific experiment. All the things that we lack are essential to prepare a student for practical things. Hence, having enough infrastructure is very important to encourage studies among the students.
  2. Population:
    India has a wide population of almost 130 crore people. This population is divided into several groups based on gender, age, lifestyle, etc. More than half of the population lives in rural areas. Whereas, the educational facilities in the villages and small towns are not good enough. The students have to leave their hometowns and go to the metro cities to get educated. This results in increased competition for the educational institutions in the cities. The Indian Government has not been efficiently taking steps to improve education in rural areas. India has to make certain amendments to overcome it.
  3. Inequality based on Streams: In India, society discriminates against the students on their subject choices. The society has put science stream on the highest pedestal, commerce on the next, and humanities on the lowest. It associates the mental level of a student with their chosen subject. We don’t consider their competencies and interests. The government should take steps to equate all these streams in our country.
  4. Private Tuitions: The Indian system of education is simply a matter of paper and pen. We have not updated ourselves to cope up with the latest technologies of education. Our studies are limited to schools only. For this, we have encouraged our children to take private tuitions. Then the children are burdened with too much homework only and no actual learning takes place.
  5. Lack of Practical Knowledge: The Indian Education System focuses on theoretical subjects only. It has begun considering vocational knowledge for some years only. The practical knowledge includes tackling real-life cases. Since students don’t know how to deal with the challenges; they lack technical skills at their workplaces and are devoid of better opportunities. Hence, instead of making a student cram unnecessary things, he/she should be given practical knowledge.
  6. Finance: Getting educated in India has always been a very difficult task because only those who had money got their right to education. Though the Indian Government is taking due care of those who are needy, and helping them financially, some of the best institutions require huge amounts of money as their tuition fee. Hence, the education system in India needs to take more advanced initiatives to boost up the morale of the underprivileged people.
  7. Gender: Though times have changed now, gender roles play a similar role in what they had in ancient times. Girls were not allowed to study, while the boys had their complete rights on education. The government has implied many rules to encourage education among women, and these steps are working efficiently.
  8. Absence of Counsellors: The Indian Education System has certain drawbacks. Almost all schools do not have counselors. Hence, students do not get proper guidance. There should be counselors for students who can guide them through the process of choosing their respective careers. During the teenage years of a student, a counselor is very much important. Hence, to guide students mentally, the Indian Government should appoint more counselors in their education system.
  9. Focus on Marks: Comparison is the worst thing to do with a student. Many parents pressurize their children to score more marks than other children. This is a major drawback of the Indian Education System which needs to be changed ASAP.
  10. Unqualified Faculty: Though Indian educational institutes give due consideration to the qualifications of the faculty. But, sometimes, the faculty gets fake papers to get a job. This becomes a challenge in teaching young learners without proper knowledge. The government needs to look into this matter carefully.

All these points mentioned above highlight the problems of the Indian Education System. These need to be removed soon to make the country have the best education system in the world.

Bhanu Garg: