How To Learn Astrology : Best ways to learn about astrology

So, you are planning to learn about astrology? Tell me have you ever studied any foreign language? Learning about signs, planets, houses in astrology will give you the same feeling as if you are learning any foreign language. Astrology is not simple; it is a complex, serious, but incredibly rewarding subject. If you think you will learn it within a week, month or a year then you are absolutely wrong because it will take few years along with whole lot of studying. So, the first thing to remember is to be patient.

Before starting with the ways, let’s see your first to do list, which is the most important step:

  • Learn the meaning of the planets, signs, houses, moons nodes, moons nodes in the 12th houses, planets in different houses, different planets transitioning the charts planets, aspects between planets and eight different moon phases
  • Memorize all the astrology symbols for the planets, aspects and signs
  • Thoroughly study which planet rule what sign
  • Make sure you able to recognize the strengths and dignities of the planets in the chart
  • Learn when the planets are weak
  • Learn what it means when the ruler of a house is in another house
  • Meaning of secondary progressed chart and its relationship with the natal chart should be on your tips

Once you are done with this core understanding mentioned above, start following the ways given below. There are so many ways of learning astrology; some are good while some are bad (to be honest). Hence, make sure you invest your precious time in learning the good ways without wasting your time on learning rubbish.

Let’s get started with the first way:

  1. Get & Analyze Your Birth Chart

A “birth chart” also known as “natal chart” is a diagram that shows the positions of the planets of that very moment when the individual was born. This chart is the fundamental step of all the astrologers, so your first step should be to obtain a copy of your own birth chart.

There are so many websites from where you can obtain your birth chart. It will ask you to enter your birth details, comprising of the exact date, time and place. Make sure you enter all the correct information. Press continue, once you are done with all the details. The system will generate a copy of your birth chart. Look over your chart again and again until you become familiar with it.

Please note: Time of your birth plays an important role in the interpretation of the chart, so it is essential that you enter the correct birth time or check your birth certificate if unsure.

  2. Free Astrological Resources Online

Once you have your birth chart in front of you, your next step should be to look around the internet for free resources. With the help of those resources, you can learn more about your chart. Go through some introductory articles on astrology. Also, you can Google for specific astrological terms or keywords.

  1. Best Books to Learn Astrology

Read as many books as you can because when it comes down to it, you will get really good information on astrology in the books rather than on websites and blogs.

First of all, start with some basic introductory books, and then proceed to more advanced stuff.  Mentioning below some useful introductory books to get started in astrology:

The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology (April Elliott Kent). In case you want to start learning from the scratch then this book is perfect. This book came out in the market a few years ago, and it consists of some excellent information about the basic terms and concepts of modern astrology.

For more advanced stuff, refer the books mentioned below

Cosmos and Psyche  by Richard Tarnas

Parker’s Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker

On The Heavenly Spheres by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro.

  1. Learn How to Read the Ephemeris and Follow Your Transits

Your “birth chart” or “natal chart” is similar to a snapshot comprising of all the planets when you were born, and “transits” are the current or future positions of the planets on a specific date.

It is obvious that the positions of the planets must have changed from their original positions since you were born, and these movements must have played an important role during the course of your life. The study of transits is one very important step of prediction in virtually every tradition of astrology.

Now the question arises how to study the movements of the planets. The answer is simple, you can study about the movements with the help of an “Ephemeris”. Ephemeris is a book that lists planetary positions for every day of the year. You can refer the

American Ephemeris, It is the most popular printed Ephemeris.

A useful resource for following transits is a famous book Planets In Transit. Each and every astrologer will be having a copy of this book in their library. Start following your transits for a while and then you will start getting a sense for what each of the planets means in a chart, and how that actually plays out in real life.

  1. Connect With Experienced Astrologers

Sometimes during the initial part of the study, it becomes very difficult for the students and they encounter a lot of problems. As a result of this, students end up studying the subject in virtual isolation for years or end up studying wrong concepts.

There is an easiest way to overcome with this problem. That way is to join an astrological forum online. You can find a lot of decent forums on Facebook, or on other social platforms. I would recommend you to do a proper search, before deciding any forum.

You can also talk to our experts of Predictions For Success, India’s most popular certified Astrologers and Numerologists.

  1. Take Astrology Classes

Upon completing the basic steps of astrology, it’s time to attend some online classes. It is vital to take the guidance of some highly experienced person in this area which can be incredibly helpful. It will also speed up your learning process by covering more areas.

There are so many astrologers who are offering such classes, you just have to figure out your best time and start attending the classes depending upon your schedule. The easiest way is to search on Google and find out the relevant companies (as per your needs and interests) who are offering these classes, but make sure they are real and not fake people.

Predictions For Success is offering two online courses in Astrology, Numerology and Vaastu Shastra as per the knowledge level of the students:

Basic Level

Advance Level

We are offering detailed study of subjects along with practical case studies. Our online course provides you the flexibility of learning from any location. The duration is 3 months (20 classes) and the classes are conducted through Skype (75 minutes each).

  1. Join An Astrological Organization

There are so many astrological organizations in the world that helps in promoting astrology and connect astrologers at one place. These organizations are just set up in order to help astrologers so that they can easily connect with each other.

Below are some of the main astrological organizations:

These organizations send out regular newsletters and publish some sort of journals which are very helpful. Also, they put on large-scale astrological conferences, which brings us to our last tip…

  1. Attend Astrological Conferences

The final and last step is to attend an astrological conference which is very important because it provides networking and educational opportunities. Some conferences are done regularly at specific intervals, like once a year, while some are only one-time events.

These conferences usually takes place at large hotels or convention centers consisting of few hundred to over a thousand astrologers. The conference lasts for about 3 to 5 days where notable astrologers give lectures and workshops on various topics. Some astrologers cover basic topics, while some cover intermediate and advanced topics. It purely depends upon the nature of the conference.

These conferences are organized by the organizations, so you should regularly check their websites to see if they have any conference for the near future. You should definitely do some research and find out such events.


Well, this is it. Once you have completed all of the above steps, you should be well on your way to becoming an astrologer. In the beginning, it may seem like a daunting challenge, but don’t loose your patience and dedication and I am sure you should start interpreting the charts like an expert in no time.

My good wishes are with you!

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