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Cofounded by Sri Raghunandanan, MPIB. Dip in Astrology, to help everyone universally have access to genuine scientific Astrology online. Born in India, widely travelled seeking true knowledge, which lead to spent 20 years researching in Astrology and mystic sciences. During this journey there was a wide range of knowledge that was gained and wanted a platform to share those knowledge and help seekers to understand their life pattern by using this ancient Astrology Wisdom backed up by scientific research findings. This website is not an aggregator platform of Astrologers but individually researched, based on the principles of Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology by Sri Raghunandanan.

  • Education: Completed Post Graduation in International Business & Diploma in Astrology, worked at corporate organizations and was always passionate about Astrology and research. Coming from a background of “scientific temper” and believing in only facts, it took many years of sleepless nights to find out the connection between Science, Astronomy and Astrology and the impact on human life.
  • Astrology Today: In today’s information age, we find bits and pieces of Astrology knowledge scattered without any scientific or statistical back up, which results in gossips and bringing this great knowledge down. Be it in Newspapers and magazines in the name of Sun signs, Moon signs, Saturn transit, Mangal dosha or fake predictions by quacks who create fear to their clients and exploit money.
  • So how can we help you? So we decided to do something different through online astrology called Astrosri by sharing true researched knowledge of Astrology in our articles section and help with right guidance for those in need by providing various services such as Career Astrology, Business Astrology, Marriage prediction, Complete life prediction, Marriage matching, Health predictions, Education, Wealth & property prediction, Muhurta or auspicious time selection and also free Astrology service. It is not just predictions from horoscope alone, but if there is a need of any remedy or solution for the betterment, we suggest them as well.
  • Fortunately our research findings had proven to be around 90% to 95% accurate in prediction and the solutions suggested had worked out. This was possible because by verifying theory of Astrology with real time practical horoscope charts and case studies. At least 1000 or more horoscopes were studied, researched and statistically analysed in each areas of prediction.
  • Before conclusion, would like to thank all our customers who had trusted and repeatedly availed Astrology predictions and solutions. Thanking all mentors who inspired us to provide true, genuine Astrology services and we surrender ourselves to our Guru, Sri Agastya Maharishi, who guides every one of us subtly.

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