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Free Gemstone Recommendation Based on Kundli, Date of Birth

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Free Gemstone Recommendation Based on Kundli, Date of Birth

Gemstones are part of astrology remedies that gives strength to weak or afflicted planets. In astrology, gemstone recommendation is quite tricky subject as different astrologers are having different opinion while prescribing gemstones.

Some of the astrologers are having opinion that by wearing gemstones of negative planets will reduce their negativity and end results will be positive but if see from astrology perspective, role of the gemstone is to give power to planet and if particular planet is working negatively in chart, it will give power in negative way and thus careful consideration will be required for gemstone recommendation

Further , even after finding suitable gemstone , confusion do not end here as after that lot of other factors had to be judged as well before wearing gemstone like :

In which finger, gemstone had to be worn?

Every planet had specific finger in which gemstone will give effect and by wearing gemstone in correct finger will give good results.

In which metal gemstone had to be worn?

Every planet give results in specific metal and thus correct metal had to be prescribed before recommending gemstones.

Which mantra had to be recited before wearing gemstone?

Before wearing gemstone, mantra of gemstone lord had to be recited such that gemstone can be energised and can give better effect.

What will be the weight of the gemstone?

After looking out condition of planet in birth chart, weight of gemstone had to be prescribed though in general terms, normally astrologers recommend gemstones weight proportional to body weight but condition of planet had to be judged before prescribing gemstone weight.

On which day, gemstone had to be worn?

Every gemstone lord had specific day on which gemstone had to be worn for better effect.

What will be the wearing procedure before wearing gemstone?

There is procedure of cleaning gemstone in ganga jal /pure water, honey and unboiled milk before wearing gemstone and procedure had to be followed properly before wearing gemstone.

Why gemstones do not give desired effects?

At times, gemstones do not give desired effects and some of reasons are:-

Gemstones are not properly energised. If gemstones are not energised, they will not able to give good results and thus it is important that gemstones had to be properly energised for better effects.

Wrong gemstones had been worn. If gemstones are worn for wrong planets, then instead of good results, bad results will come to pass by.

Karmic theory. If our deeds are not good, then gemstones will not able to give good results.

Gemstones are worn in wrong finger. If gemstones are worn in wrong finger, then also gemstones will not able to give good results.

Correct metal had not been used. If metal of gemstone is not correct, then also gemstones will not work.

Wrong gemstone weight. If gemstone weight is wrong, then also gemstone will not give good effect.

Gemstones are of bad quality. If gemstone is of bad quality, then also, gemstone will not able to give good results.

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Gemstone and Moon Sign

It is also seen that astrologers prescribe gemstones for moon sign but it will be altogether wrong concept to wear gemstone for moon sign lord because it might be possible that moon sign lord is functional malefic planet for ascendant and in that case, it will give bad results and thus there is need to wear correct gemstone.

You can take gemstone recommendation report in which all these things will be taken into account such that correct gemstone can be worn and negativity can be reduced in life.

At astrologygains, we deal in genuine gemstones and affordable prices such that gemstone can give better results.

You can take gemstone astrology report in which correct gemstones will be recommended to you. If you have any doubts regarding gemstones, you can take astrology phone consultation or astrology report to get solutions to your problems.

We are having astrologers who are having 5-35 years of experience in the field of Vedic astrology and thus genuine astrology services and genuine astrology products will be delivered to you at very reasonable rates.

It is due to our sincere services that we had reduced negativity through the help of gemstone recommendation.

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