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How To Enhance Brand Popularity On Tiktok

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How To Enhance Brand Popularity On Tiktok

 The entertainment giant that was taken over by ByteDance, has initiated a valuable start-up and becoming one of the most downloaded apps in the world. TikTok has a huge impact on adults and olds between 16 – 40. TikTok is being consumed by over 500 Million monthly users that have conquered the history of Instagram downloads at the infant stage. 

For its huge hit, TikTok has crossed across the minds of digital marketers to build brand popularity on the platform. The feeds of TikTok consist of 795 Million users to create short 15 seconds videos, duets, musical dub smashes, challenges and so on. 

TikTok is overflowing with potential customers and moving forward to where brands can utilize its features absolutely for branding. The infinite growth of TikTok has attracted brands to make use of the crowd. The below are effective ways to attract the eyes of TikTokers. 

1. Getting Into Tiktok Ads Account 

TikTok has tested advertising over the last year but has not yet set up any formal profitable system for brands. However, they are getting closer to the point where more people will be able to advertise on the platform. TikTok has started to display short and skippable ads for now. 

TikTok ads can be created with the help of the TikTok ads homepage, fill out the details required for ads campaigning. TikTok ads setup needs some time to start campaigning. Since the app is in the beta phase it is not completely favored brands like Facebook or Instagram. 

2. On Tiktok Ads Dashboard

Navigate to Campaign tab and hit on the create button, set an objective for your ad campaign by choosing it from the options “ Conversions, App Install, and Traffic”. The next step is to fix the budget for ads displaying based on daily or total ad campaigning. Determine where your ads must be displayed, either you can pick automatic placement or in TikTok or the Newsfeed app series. After making these changes it’s time to fill out the ad to make valuable that drives traffic. The stuff can be filled out on ad are URLs,  names, visuals such as images and videos, and categories. You are the master of your ad campaigning, so can have whole control of how ads must be reached. TikTok supports CPC (cost per click), CPM and CPV which needs to be viewed for 6 seconds. 

  1. Multi-channel Advertising

Multi-channel advertising strategy leads to make a brand’s presence on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which is already said to an exemplary platform for online marketing. For instance, you can share your outperformed TikTok video on any platform and embed your profile links to get more views for other videos.  

  1. Learn From Analytics

Analytics is the most important lesson which every marketer learn from it like other social platforms provide analytics for creators TikTok also let creators know the performance statistics. Switching to Pro Account may help you to view insights such as Content insights and Follower insights will reveal the overall performance of your ads precisely. Like advertising on other platforms, TikTok allows you to choose a category for ad display.

  1. Brand Takeover

Brand takeovers are displayed on a full-screen which is being seen by the user when the user opens the app. Brand Takeovers are a skippable ad format that allows you skipping anywhere. The ad format is sensible which includes visual stuff like images, videos animated GIFs. Brand takeovers can carry a link that redirects them to a website which can be the source of getting more traffic to the brand’s website. 

  1. In-feed native video

In-feed video advertising lasts for fifteen seconds on a full screen, and can also have a musical background with skippable option. This type of marketing can be an effective way to get exposure to actionable features like CTA. Infeed native videos can be assumed as an imitation of Instagram stories but not as it is. The results can be measured by video views, clicks, impressions, CTR, duration, likes, shares, and so on. The following are the bonus points you can get from the type of video, Highest engagement rate, click-through rates, and invasive

  1. Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges are the most efficient and interactive way to gain more exposure for both individuals and brands. The hashtag challenges embedded with the link describes the challenge accordingly. Like infeed native videos Hashtag challenges also allows brands to measure the impact based on clicks, banner views, and interaction. 

  1. User-generated Videos. 

User-generated content is said to build reliability and real-time experience for buyers. Brands are in need to find a better influencer with a huge number of followers and reputation. For creating UGC products or services need to be demonstrated by the influencers. 

  1. Duets 

Duets are another interactive element that gains attention from TikTokers. Brands can encourage influencers to demonstrate the products which need to be interesting enough to duet with them. Creative content marketing always wins the race. 

  1. Create an Interactive Session

Building interaction is not a tough task to do, contests and giveaways are the most interactive sessions you can create on any social media. Contests and giveaways can give you an organic reach and expected results when it is logical and reasonable. Interactive sessions impact on business by increasing sales and engagement rate. For instance, you can conduct competitions such as the quiz and can announce rewards and giveaways for customers. 


TikTok can be the most profitable platform for brands when they have the hearts of gen Z. Before making efforts into TikTok, be sure that TikTok is the ideal platform for your brand. The fact is indisputable that TikTok holds a huge crowd as its fans. In future TokTok can be the ultimate platform that meets the expectations of brands.


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