What Is Influencer Marketing, How to Create Influencer Marketing Strategy

What Is Influencer Marketing, How to Create Influencer Marketing Strategy

Before taking a look at the Influencer marketing let’s talk about  who is an influencer? You have many times on the social profiles of the people that I am influencer contact me for business inquiries like that. Actually the influencer is the person who has the audience and followers on their social media accounts in huge amount and they are generating revenue by doing sponsorships with the brands and business co-operations. So the influencer marketing is the kind of social media marketing in which the brands and business organizations are selling our products and services through the influencers and against the brands pay the influencers.

How to Build the Strategy for Influencer Marketing

As like other marketing modes you also need to create a strategy for the Influencer marketing. Literally it is no more than any gamble, because there is no guarantee of 100% success in this marketing. For example you are moving your business or brand on Instagram and you are looking for the influencer for promotion, before it you have to develop the strategy. if you develop the best marketing strategy then you can gain more free Instagram likes, more sales on your products and services.

1. Set Goals and Research

This is the first step before starting any work, before getting in the Influencer marketing first set your goals. Identify in which direction and area you need to promote your brand, is influencer marketing suitable for your business, which influencer can be best for your brand and what is your budget for this marketing. You have to extract the answers of all these questions and this can be possible by the research. Research and then think about the influencer marketing.

2. Set your Budget

After setting the goals and research now it’s time to make the budget. If you are new on the social media for your brand promotion then obviously you have low budget and nobody wants to invest a lot on the influencer marketing in start. So you need to set your budget, while you are setting the budget must confirm it never affect your brand financially, in our suggestion in start you don’t need to invest much because as we mention it is a gamble.

3. Search the Influencer and Contact them

When you done with the budget setting, then your next step should for searching the influencer. For searching the influencer should keep some points in your mind are given below.

  •         The influencer should be suit on your budget.
  •         The influencer should be belongs to the niche of your brand.
  •         For area target promotion you need to find the influencer who belongs to that area.
  •         First research about the background of the influencer. There are many tools are available over the internet that will help you in finding the best influencer.

After selecting the influencer now it’s time to contact the influencer, majorly the influencer has provided his or her email address for the business inquiries you can directly send your proposal to them. On the other hand if you could not find any email then you message them on their social accounts.

4. Review Your Marketing Strategy

When you have done with the all strategies steps are mentioned above then review your strategy minimum three times. For review you can hire the marketing specialist otherwise if you have knowledge of marketing then you can do it by yourself. After review, if you notice any kind of issue or problem such as the budget does not meet the criteria of the influencer or targeted area is not much good for your product or so on, then in this case you need to change your strategy.

Modes for Paying the Influencers

There are different modes for paying the Influencer such as pay on post, pay on impression, pay on sale, and pay in the form of gifts and many other modes. Let’s discuss on some famous payment modes.

Pay on per Post

This payment mode is commonly used in the Influencer marketing. In this method the brand deal with the influencer that the influencer will publish their brand’s post on their profile and in return the brand will pay the influencer.

Pay on Per Sale

In this payment mode you pay the influencer against the sale or product and service, this method also called the commission. In this mode you set the deal with the influencer that you will pay a percentage of the sale price of the product, for example you have dealt that you will pay a 10% commission on the sale. So if you get the sale of $100 through the influencer then you need to pay them $10.

Pay in the Form of Gifts

Well in this methodology the brands are not paying any amount to influencer, they gift them a product and in return the influencer will review your product or service on their social media accounts.


As we have mentioned in the start of the article is the Influencer marketing is the gamble. But you can increase the chances of success in the business by just building the best Marketing strategy, you have two options the first one you can hire the marketing specialist but in this way you need to pay a lot of money. In the second option you can create the strategy yourself, the steps we have mentioned are well tested and researched you can trust and apply them.



Bhanu Garg