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How to Choose the Right Life Coach 2023 Updated

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How to Choose the Right Life Coach 2023 Updated

“Simply put, coaching is where you work with someone to connect with yourself, redesign your environment and your life, and then take action to implement it!”

  • Emma Louise Elsey

Who is a life coach?

According to Coach Samira Gupta, a life coach is a professional who facilitates self-awareness among it’s clients to help them experience greater fulfilment. A life coach is someone who walks this journey of self-discovery with their client. Someone who helps them breakthrough their dis-empowering beliefs and face life’s challenges boldly. Someone who re-instils their belief in themselves to help them become happier. Someone who helps them accept themselves, while they constantly work to uncover the client’s hidden potential. A life coach is someone who can help their client tap their infinite power. 

Who needs a life coach?

Everyone who is experiencing confusion, guilt, pain, shame, trauma, lack of trust, lost self-belief, low productivity, dis-satisfaction or any negative behaviour that is restricting them from becoming truly happy, needs a Life Coach. 

Why hire a life coach?

Hiring a top life coach in Delhi is making an investment in yourself. Like you invest in academics to gain professional/ functional expertise, hiring a life coach is an investment to help you align your mind, body and soul.  A Life Coach can help you navigate your ship through significant life changes, triumphing over the obstacles. 

There are several indicators that could suggest making this investment in yourself:

  • Confusion or lack of purpose
  • Constant dis-satisfaction with self or environment
  • Increased stress, worry or anxiety
  • Feelings of guilt, pain, shame, hurt or trauma
  • Habit of self-sabotaging
  • Lack of self-belief or confidence
  • Feeling restricted
  • Inability to break the pattern of negative behaviour

While these indicators are the most common, the list is not restricted to them. A life coach can help you with any problem that restricts you from bringing a positive transformational shift in your life. 

How to choose the right Life Coach?

As John Wooden says, “A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life”. While you search for a great life coach, look out for the following indicators to make your decision:

Passionate – Identify what is their true purpose to get you on-board. When you speak with them, look out for 2 qualities – empathy and listening skills. You will be able to identify if they are empathetic towards you and your concern. If you sense their commitment to help, take the leap of faith.

Non-judgemental – Coaching should be a no-judgement zone. Unless you feel free to be yourself during the coaching process, you will not be able to generate results. If you feel safe and secure with your coach, it’s a right match.

Good-listening Skills – One of the most important qualities of a good coach is good listening skills. A coach who is attentive while you share your concerns is the right choice. Coaching is a process where a coach has to understand the un-said, reflected in the subtle tells. However, this is possible only when the coach listens to the client deeply and attentively.

Beware of advice – The job of a coach is to help a client find solutions to their concerns. It is not their job to give them advice. A core principal of coaching is to be non-opinionated. Hence, a good coach will always encourage greater self-awareness and self-dependability to bring sustainable shifts.

If you are someone who is planning to hire a coach for the first time, do your research, speak to them, clear your doubts and take the leap. 

About the author

Samira Gupta is a Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author, with over 22 years of experience in the corporate world and over 7 years in corporate training, executive presence coaching and image consulting. She aims to bring about a 360° transformation in her client’s lives.

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