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Google Update in May 2020 – What You Should Improve in SEO Now

Google Update in May 2020 – What You Should Improve in SEO Now

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we were not expecting updates from Google. Recent Google update on 4th May 2020 has proved that nothing can stop Google from turning. In this time of crisis, Google has decided to do some updates in Google’s news results. The main focus of this Google update is on the betterment of the search intent. By bringing betterments in the search intent, Google will provide the well-optimized results to the users. Therefore, you will have to bring some changings in your SEO strategy. If you are following the outsmart SEO techniques to get the short-term results, you will not get the required results. On the other hand, if you are focusing on the customer-centric SEO strategies, you will get success.

This update is also known as core update because this core update will last some major impacts on a lot of sites. After this update, you will see the movements of results on Google. There are various ways to check the rankings of different keywords on your website. First, you can make use of the SEMrush tool. It is a paid tool. If you don’t afford this tool, you can also make use of some free tools. For this reason, you can log in your Google Analytics account and check the change in the traffic of your website. If you want to analyze the ranking of different keywords by using a tool, you should use Ubbersuggest. This tool allows you to create a project of up to 25 keywords and track their ranking on Google. Based on this core update of Google, you should follow these essential tips to improve the SEO of your website;

Regularly Update the Content:

It is a fact that Google likes new content. Therefore, you should upload content regularly on your website. Along with uploading new content on Google, you should also try to update the old content regularly. To update the regular content doesn’t mean that you just add one or two lines or one or two images. You will have to add one or two new paragraphs and you will have to delete the irrelevant information. If you feel that the entire article needs improvement, you should also re-write the entire article. According to this core update, if a website is regularly updating the content, it will not lose its ranking. The main aim of updating the old content is to make it relevant for the readers. This thing will also ensure the search engines that your website is providing the best user experience. To regularly update the content on your website, you should follow these essential tips;

  • While updating the content, if you feel that a specific article has out-of-date content, you should delete this article. After deleting this article, you should redirect this page to the most relevant information. This thing will save your website from the 301 errors. 
  • You should read the article carefully. After reading it, you should consider the changings that you can make in this article. For example, if you have written the article in the form of a giant paragraph, you can divide it into several paragraphs to make it interesting for the readers. 
  • You should check all the outbound links of your website. If some outbound links are dead, you should replace them with active links. Its reason is that these dead links become the cause of the bad user-experience. 
  • If you have used some complex terms and fluff words in your articles, you should remove these complex terms and fluff words. Its reason is that the users can’t understand these complex terms and fluff words. 
  • If you have used some dates in your article, you should remove these dates. After removing these dates, your article will be evergreen. 
  • If you have uploaded the articles without checking plagiarism, you should check the plagiarism in your articles. If your articles have plagiarized content, you should remove it and add the unique content. This is also the best way to update the content on your website.

Fix Thin Content Issues:

Thin content means that your website has some pages which have few word counts. According to a report of a dissertation writing service firm, almost 46% of websites have at least one page with thin content. According to the recent update of Google, if your website has thin content issues, you will observe a massive shift in the ranking of your website. Most of the websites have thin content issues due to a few words in the contact us, about us or other similar pages. To fix the problems of thin content issues, you should try to find out these pages. After finding these pages, you should add more words in these pages. If you can’t add more words in these pages, you should remove these pages.

Share The Right Optimized Content:

According to the recent core update of Google, they will give preference to those websites in the search results which are sharing the well-optimized content. It means that you should find out the best-targeted keyword. After finding the best-targeted keyword, you should create unique and original content by focusing on this keyword. While creating the content, you should keep in mind the readers rather than search engines. You should use headings, sub-headings and bullet points in your articles. You should also try to use meta tags, meta description, internal links and external links on your web page.

Fix The SEO Errors:

If your website has some SEO errors, you will also observe a decrease in the ranking of your website. The websites are facing different kinds of SEO errors. All of these SEO errors will not impact the ranking of your website due to the recent update of Google. Anyhow, there are some SEO errors which can hurt the ranking of your website. If you have used duplicate title tags and meta descriptions on your website, a recent Google update will hurt the SEO of your website. Therefore, you should find out these duplicate title tags and meta descriptions in your website and try to fix this problem.



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