Top 10 Famous Jewellers in India 2024 – Ranking & Update

Top 10 Famous Jewellers in IndiaTop 10 Famous Jewellers in India

Top 10 Famous Jewellers in India

Explore the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship! Unveil the Top 10 Famous Jewellers in India 2024, curated with reviews, rankings, and the latest updates on exquisite designs and craftsmanship.

Top 10 Famous Jewellers in India 2024

#1. Kalyan

When talking about the best jewellery brands, Kalyan jewellers will always be in the top position. People have great faith in the brand. It offers exclusive designs and latest patterns of jewellery. Kalyan jewellers produce a wide range of bridal collection. It has launched muhurat range for bridal collection in pure Gold, diamond and handcraft jewellery. It offers budget-friendly pieces of jewellery for daily purposes. The Kalyan jwellery is endorsed by one of the best Actor, Amitabh Bachchan.

Kalyan jewellers offer exquisite ranges of jewellery that are bridal collections, Polki diamonds, uncut diamonds, everyday diamonds, pearls, gold jewellery, gemstones, platinum, antique jewellery and many more. The collection of Kalyan jewellery is available in every store of Kalyam jewellery and popular jewellery stores in the country. And online shopping stores also offer you high ranges of Kalyamjwellery and also assures you with the quality.

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#2. Amrapali

Amrapali was founded in 1978 in Jaipur. It is known for creating the best luxurious jewellery in the world. The jewel of Amrapali has the essence of heritage. It produces beautiful jewellery designs by creating gemstones work on Gold and silver. Varieties of incredible jewellery collection offers by Amrapali are statement jewellery, tribal jeweller, gemstones, polki, silver, diamond sets and Panna.

The beautiful collection of Amrapali is available on the leading jewellery shops in the country, or you can purchase through online stores. If you like mythical jewellery or Indian heritage, then you must go for the Amrapali collection.

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#3. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar is one of the leading jewellery brands in India that offers an exclusive range of Gold and Diamond jewellery. It is prevalent among women, and the stores of Malabar are readily available in your city. The quality of Malabar jewellery is marvellous as they earned BIS hallmark, which shows the purity of metals.

MP Ahammed founded Malabar in the year 1993. It is widely spread, and it has several stores in India as well as all over the world. It presents an enormous variety of stylish and elegant jewellery for all occasions. Also, they have a vast collection of bridal jewellery.

Kinds of jewellery collection presented by Malabar Gold and Diamonds are casual wear, gold jewellery, office wear, party wear, platinum, maangtika, solitaire, spiritual, etc. Kareena Kapoor endorsed Malabar Gold and Diamonds brand. There are many jewellery shops and Malabar Gold and Diamond stores in your area or states where you can find a vast collection of precious jewellery by the brand. Also, you can purchase through online shopping stores.

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#4. Tanishq

Tanishq is the most popular jewellery brand that offers a comprehensive collection of latest and trendy diamond jewellery. It is one of the most trusted brands as it provides premium quality of diamonds. It is a coalition of Titan Company which was established in 1994. It has 270 stores in more than 160 cities of India. All the jewellery have occupied the ISO certificate that ensures you about the quality of jewels. Tanishq is famous for the variety of jewellery such as mundane jewellery, Polki jewellery, south Indian jewellery, solitaire diamonds, platinum, gold, pearls, engagement rings, bridal jewellery, elegant mangalsutras, etc.

Tanishq is very popular among Indians, so you will find many jewellery stores and Tansihq jewellers in your city that offers a massive collection of precious jewellery. Also, there are several trusted online stores where you can find Tanishq precious jewellery at lower rates.

The brand ambassador of Tanshiq jewellery is Deepika Padukone who flaunts varieties of precious jewellery on her beautiful body.

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#5. PC Jewellers

PC Jeweller is one of the leading jewellery brands that offer an extensive collection of stylish and classic diamond and gold jewellery. It also provides a variety of platinum jewellery. The brand is one of the trusted brands due to its premium quality. It also gives you an extensive collection of precious stones and Gems related to astrology.Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, the beautiful couple is the brand ambassador of PC jewellers.

PC jewellers offer exclusive designs and collections of various kinds of jewellery such as silver, diamond and gold jewellery—solitaire rings, pendants, gemstones, manual sutras, etc. PC Jewellers is one of the leading jewellery brands in India, so you will easily find PC jewellers stores in your city that offers wide ranges of a beautiful collection of precious ornaments. There are also many online shopping stores so you can also purchase through them.

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#6. Reliance Jewels

Reliance Jewels is a part of Reliance Retail, which is amongst ‘Top 10 Trusted Retail Brands In India’ We have made a mark in the jewellery Retail market by offering a wide range of Gold, Diamond, Silver, and Platinum Jewellery collections. Reliance Jewels owns Flagship Showrooms and Shop-In-Shops and is successfully delivering a uniform customer experience throughout the nation. Reliance Jewels believes in celebrating every special moment of life by adoring a golden thread of pure love and emotions. Our sole aim is to delight our customers by providing them a unified jewellery experience.


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#7. Rivaaz Jwellery

Rivaaz is one of the highly trusted jewellery brands in India. The brand ambassador is Sameera Reddy who flaunts the Rivaaz jewellery. All the ornaments are BIS hallmarked and made up of 18k Yellow Gold and CZ diamonds. The brand is quite popular among modern women as it offers various stylish and straightforward jewellery sets which can be comfortably worn in daily life. The brand provides excellent ranges of modern and traditional jewellery collections and designs. The jewellery is highly weighted, so they are easy to handle.

It has an excellent collection for kids like cute pendant sets, earnings, etc. For women, it has varieties of fabulous jewellery like nose pins, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, etc.

Rivaaz jwellers is widely famous and has it’s 120 stores in countries like USA, Europe, The middle east, Asia, etc. In India, the jewellery of Rivaaz is available on Rivaaz openings and online stores.

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#8. Diya

Diya is one of the leading diamond jewellery brands in India. It is an undertaking of Geetanjali group. The Diya jewellery brand is endorsed by one of the well-known actresses, Celina Jaitely.

The brand offers a wide range of elegant jewellery. The jewellery consists of low content of Gold and high content of diamond. The brand is very reliable as it provides authentic diamond jewellery from several years. Also, the jewel of Diya is certified with the BIS hallmark that assures you 100% purity.

Diya presents great varieties of jewellery like nose pin, rings, pendants, bracelets, eating, etc. But the most favourite of Indian women is The diamond mangalsutra, that looks amazing and adaptable. It offers variations of designs from classy to classic. They present a beautiful collection of jewellery for every age group of women. The jewellery is available on most of the jewellery stores in the nation, or else you can also purchase from leading online shopping sites or stores.

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#9. Kiah

Kiah is one of the promising jewellery brands in India which was inaugurated in 2004. The jewellery of this brand offers an exquisite range of designs. The designs look so elegant and classic that makes you stand out in a crowd. Submit Sen, and the most beautiful heroine endorse Kiah jewellery.

It offers a wide range of jewellery for every occasion like party, pooja, wedding, ring ceremony, festival, etc. The beautiful designs are the most favourite of Indian women. Kiah has jewellery collection for all women, whether married or unmarried, young or old age women, and it satisfies all age group.

Kiah is also famous for its beautiful collection of bridal jewellery. The designs are very authentic and pleasing that most of them would be the bride prefers to shop from Kiah jewellers.

You can shop from the best jewellery stores or go for online shopping sites.

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#10. Asmi Diamond and Jewellery

Asmi is one of the best jewellery brands that offer wide ranges of jewellery of every metal, including diamond. Asmi is one of the leading brands of diamond jewellery collection. The brand was established in 2003 and attained by Gitanjali Group. Its central office is in Mumbai. Asmi is known for its latest designs and authenticity. It’s most exceptional designs looks so elegant on women that she shines out in a crowd. Modern women prefer jewellery due to its delicate, beautiful configurations.

Asmi offers a variety of jewellery that decorates a woman from head to toe. The beautiful designs look good on women of all ages. The jewellery is easily available on the local jewellery stores and online shopping stores.

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#11. Gili Jwellery

Gili is another leading jewellery brand in India that was established in 1994. Its central office is in Mumbai, and Gitanjali Group owns it. It was the first brand to vend its jewellery through departmental stores in India. The Gili is the famous brand of jewellery among women as it offers varieties of jewellery collection for women of every age. The brand is highly trustable by many satisfied women. Bipasha Basu endorses the jewel of Gili.

Gili presents varieties of beautiful diamond jewellery like pendant sets, bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklace sets. Only one piece of Gili jewellery can add wonders in the beauty of a woman. The quality of ornaments is reliable as all the jewellery is BIS hallmarked. It has almost 150 stores all over the country.

The jewellery of Gili is easily available on online stores as well as offline stores.

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#12. Nirvana

Nirvana is one of the leading jewellery brands in India, which is endorsed by Shradha Kapoor and Malaika Arora. Its main office is in Mumbai and has several stores in all the country. The Nirvana is very popular among modern women as it presents a comprehensive collection of stylish yet straightforward jewellery. It suits every woman and enhances their personality. Nirvana offers exclusive ranges of jewellery for different occasions, and you can purchase the jewellery of your desire. It has wide varieties of nose pins, necklaces, pendant sets, etc. You can buy the Nirvana collection from any of the significant store or online shopping sites.

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#13. Nakshatra Diamond and Jewellery

Nakshatra is the most prominent jewellery brand in India that was founded in 2002. The brand has started in Mumbai. It is endorsed by many beautiful actresses such as Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai and many more. Nakshatra is well known for its beautiful designs and latest collection. It looks good on all women of every age. The stylish jewellery enhances their personality and makes them stand out in a crowd.

Nakshatra offers a classy collection of diamond jewellery. The brand offers one of the best authentic collections of nose pins, earrings, pendant sets, rings, etc. With its beautiful designs, Nakshatra has won the hearts of millions of women. The jewellery is affordable and available on various online stores, and due to its popularity, there are many stores where you can quickly get this jewellery.

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#14. D’DamasJewellery 

D’Damas jewellery means there is the joint venture of Damas and Geetanjali Group. The jewellery brand is one of the leading brands in India because of its authenticity. The brand was inaugurated in 2003 and endorsed by Sonakshi Sinha. D’Damas has various deluxe sub-brands naming as Vivaah, DER, Lamhe, Solitaire, and Glitterati. All are famous for the beautiful collection of jewellery designs. The brand is renowned for its elegant designs and classic jewellery that suits every woman and enhances their personality.

Some of the beautiful jewellery presented by D’Damas are rings, eating, pendants and many more. Also, they manufacture Gold, diamond, and semi coloured precious stone jewellery.

The pieces of jewellery of D’Damas are very affordable and available on jewellery stores and online shopping stores.

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#15. TBZ

TBZ stands for Tribhovandas Bhimchanda Zaveri, it was founded in 1864 and is one of the oldest jeweller brands. It is one of the best jewellery brands that offers a vast collection of latest collection and trendy jewels. The brand has a variety of ornaments that suits every woman.

TBZ presents elegant and classic jewellery that looks amazing on women and enhances their personality. The woman stands out in a crowd if she wears TBZ jewellery. All the pieces have occupied an ISO certificate that is the proof of its premium quality.

It has several stores in different cities of the country. The brand is famous for its exclusive ranges of Kundan and bridal jewellery. It offers a variety of collections such as Sitara, Noor, Riwayat, Tatva, etc.

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These are the topmost jewellery brands in India that offer varieties of jewellery which is liked by every woman belongs to every age. I hope this article will help you a lot in choosing the best jewellery brand according to your desire.

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