Ecommerce Website Design Tips for Increasing Customer Acquisition

Ecommerce Website Design Tips for Increasing Customer AcquisitionEcommerce Website Design Tips for Increasing Customer Acquisition

Ecommerce Website Design Tips for Increasing Customer Acquisition

In order to succeed in the world of e-commerce, it’s essential that you have the necessary tools at your disposal or know where to find them. Your ecommerce website design can have a significant impact on your customer base, so don’t worry! We’ll go through ten suggestions for making an ecommerce website that attracts more clients in this article. As a result of what you’ll learn, your business will see an increase in revenue.

You should definitely give these tips a go. See if any of these work for your busines, or if you should try them all. Look around.

Keep your website mobile-friendly.

An e-commerce website that is optimised for mobile devices, meaning that the content covers the screen without running off the sides and is simple to navigate. A large portion of your audience will leave your site if it isn’t mobile-friendly. As a result, our first piece of advice is to make sure your store is mobile-friendly.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly by using a decent website builder that does this for you. For e-commerce sites, this is especially handy because you’re headquartered totally online. You want everyone to be able to shop with you on an equal basis.

Put your best products at the top of the list.

Your most popular products should be prominently displayed in your store. Products that sell the most, receive the best customer reviews, or generate the most revenue are all examples of this.

Make banners to promote these top products and use contrasting colours to draw attention to them. You can also change the layout or the size of the photos. Your sales will increase if you can get customers to focus on the things you want them to buy. In the same way that brick-and-mortar stores highlight their most popular products, online retailers may do the same.

Make use of an opt-in form that appears in a pop-up window.

Signing up for a newsletter with a pop-up form that isn’t overly aggressive. The usage of a signup form that appears immediately in a browser window is commonplace on popular ecommerce sites. Why? It aids in re-marketing efforts. Some people are just looking about, trying out several possibilities, and checking out the prices and availability of products before making a final decision.

You have the ability to re-engage the potential consumer after they’ve had time to consider their alternatives if you obtain their email addresses. If you send them an email at the perfect time, they may choose your shop over the competition.

As long as you know what you’re doing when you ask for someone’s email address right immediately, they’ll probably just close the pop-up and move on.

Remember the rules of search engine optimization.

When it comes to your e-commerce website, SEO cannot be overstated. A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is a means to get to the top of the results page when someone searches for a term. You’ll gain more traffic, more views, and a broader audience for your website if you put a lot of effort into SEO.

For e-commerce websites, the three most important SEO recommendations are around relevant keywords, smart product descriptions, and using built-in tools.


When potential consumer is trying to discover you online, they’re using keywords to help them locate you. If you’re looking for a new luxury wallet, “best leather wallet” can be an appropriate search term.

It is possible that search engines will begin to associate your store with this keyphrase if you repeatedly employ it in your website’s text. When someone searches for your name, you’ll be the first result they see.

Descriptions of goods

There should be no ambiguity in your descriptions of your products. The relevance of your product descriptions is evaluated by search engines. It’s a win-win situation when you improve your search engine rankings while also better communicating with your customers with detailed and accurate descriptions.

SEO tools are included in the software.

You may increase your website’s SEO by using a website builder that includes built-in SEO capabilities. Constant Contact’s website builder makes use of such built-in technologies to help you improve and speed up your site. 

You’ll be able to leverage strong metrics and data to make informed decisions about what keywords to use, where to add more connections, and more by embedding SEO within your ecommerce site. You can see if what you’re doing is working in the search engine rankings by using a good SEO tool.

Make extensive use of photographs.

It’s important to have high-quality photographs to showcase your items and establish the personality of your company. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a significant issue for an ecommerce site with limited storage capacity. If you want sharp, high-resolution photographs, you’ll want to utilise a macro lens.

For each product, it’s a good idea to capture a few photos and build a presentation. Customers may want to see a product in action before making a purchasing decision. This is especially relevant to clothes retailers. It’s crucial that your e-commerce site is centred around your photos.

Aim towards simplicity.

You want to make the procedure as simple as possible for your clients. There should be no need for viewers to hunt for buttons or delve too deep to discover the proper category. For example, drop-down menus make navigation easier while also maintaining a professional appearance on your website.

Take a look at the content organisation on your favourite e-commerce sites or those of your competitors. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to keep your shop in line with industry standards, so customers know what to anticipate and how to engage with it.

Your customers will be more likely to buy from you if it is easy for them than it is for them to shop elsewhere. One of the most effective ways to promote sales is by using Amazon. They provide a “one-click buy” feature that allows customers to easily and quickly finish their transactions.

Scannable content should always be used.

The use of colour and alignment to clearly show the connections between the various sections of this website makes it a breeze to scan. When it comes to keeping things simple, making your site scannable is an important aspect. Customers don’t want to waste time attempting to figure out your store. These people just want to walk in, look around, and make a purchase before they leave.

Make use of large headers to distinguish between the various areas of your store. It’s important for a customer to be able to scan your website and see all of the many product categories that you offer. Using brief paragraphs, varied header sizes, bulleted or numbered lists, and graphics can also help you accomplish this goal.

Keep the end-user in mind at all times.

At the end of the day, remembering the user is the most important thing. Keep customers returning back by providing the finest purchasing experience possible Customer-centric design is a certain approach to cultivate brand loyalty and turn one-time customers into repeat buyers.

This could refer to the ease with which a product can be purchased, as well as the quality of the product description, the usability of the user interface, and the choice of colour scheme. You may learn a lot about your consumers’ preferences by interacting with them directly, whether through surveys, social media, or other means of communication.

When a customer notices how much effort was put into improving their experience, they will appreciate it. By executing this step correctly, you’ll leave a lasting impression.

Pricing should be open and transparent.

Your ecommerce website is not the place for deception or trickery. Customers demand to see transparent pricing before they make a purchase. In order to avoid unexpected fees and costs, it is best to defer calculating checkout and shipping until the very end.

If your price is more than expected, a potential customer is more likely to leave your store and buy from one of your competitors.

Making sales is the goal, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately, the goal of your store is to generate revenue. It is imperative that every decision you make in your e-commerce store ultimately leads to sales and profit. You’ll be able to get more clients and earn more money if you follow the advice in this article to the letter.

Get The Most Out Of Your E-Commerce Site

A well-designed e-commerce website can boost your company’s profile. If you’ve followed these recommendations, you’ll be on your way to success in your area. For more customers, follow these 10 suggestions for designing an e-commerce website.

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