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How E-commerce websites fool the Indian audience??

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How E-commerce websites fool the Indian audience??

Earlier people used to buy things physically from shop or somewhere from market but as the era is moving towards digitalization e- commerce markets start taking their place in the market.  As the e-commerce market is booming people have started buying things digitally only. These e commerce platforms exploit people and use tricks to sell their products. Next time you would be shopping keep an eye on these ticks they which they can use to fool you all-

1- Create Scarcity-

These online shopping sites try to create scarcity by showing limited stocks or only 1 stock left options.They have plenty of stock in there warehouse but they will show us like they don’t have the products or only few stocks with them that excited the buyer and force their mind to think about the product tha, is this product is so in demand and so good that they have sold all the products and just few stocks have left.They Just play with the minds of a buyer and manipulates them by such tricks.

2- Dead lines-

Another trick they use is by creating a limited period offer or clock ticking kind of a timer for specific products. These clocks excite the buyer and hit their minds that the offer price or any offer they are offering are for a limited period of time and sometimes they stop the clock and then also they have the products in stock. This trick is specifically made to keep the excitement up of the buyer so that the buyer should hype jis mind and should buy the product in a hurry without reading any description  in depth which can make buyers miss important details about the product that can help them to describe the product in the right way.

3- Early delivery-

The online sites people make commitment for easy delivery but if you will search for your pincode then they ask for extra charges for sending the product early. The early delivery is nothing but just the phrase which excites people that they are going to have what they like in no time but they don’t realise the extra payment they need to do for it. They lower down the rates and then charge early delivery charges which balances the amount of product with market price.

4-Best Price-

Another trick is best price things. They always mention rates with the tag best price provided which is obviously the price higher than what you think you could have in the market. The seller needs to pay a lot of taxes which increases the rate of products but rates also depend upon the Profit seller wants from specific product.So there is no best price kind of a thing we should explore in the physical market also.

5- Discount offers-

Online sites place 50-80 percent discounts on most products but the secret behind the discount concept is they raise the price 50-60 percent and then they show it as a discount. The prices they show after discounts are the real price of the product. This trick is just to attract the consumers and to manipulate their mind, after seeing this the customer in the greed of low rates buy the product at the same rate or sometimes higher than market price.

6- Coupons-

Coupons / voucher or lucky code are all smart tricks to make customers visit their site again and again. As everyone shop from some site once in a while and after shopping everyone get a coupon saying 50 percent discount or 80 percent discount on your next order. So to avail the discount code or voucher the same customer visit site again and buy another product. Now you got the concept, mostly shopping sites work like this and if they are not providing coupons or something related to this they will provide something that will force you to visit their site again and again.

7-Money back-

In India if your money has gone it means in clear words that they are gone.If you will ask for it back then you need to go through tough procedure to get 100 percent of your money back. Same on an e commerce platform  once they take your money they are not going to return it and if some sites guarantee you the same then you need to go through something really tough that can irritate you.I am not saying everyone is the same but mostly fall in the same category.  Some sites provide cash back guaranteed but into their linked wallet which is of no use for us as we can only use it while shopping from their sites. If you are fond of the specific site then the wallet money can be of your use otherwise its waste for you. This is also their trick to make customers revisit their site again and again.

8-Over Rated-

There are a majority of people nowadays who go with product ratings and always consider high rated products or best rated products for buying. But they do not know that the rating could be fake or the product would be suitable for others but not for them.Checking rating before buying is not a bad thing as we trust or consider other people option. On many sites these rating can be paid or fake, as  

This is the method of attracting customers who believe in the rating of a product as a large number of people are believing the same.

9-Customer feedback-

As the product can be rated by fake audience likewise feedback can also be fake and i must tell you this is the most common way of manipulating customers by adding fake feedback.

10- Saved Card Details-

Card details are the most important and personal details. If your card details come in wrong hands then it could lead to blank bank account balance. Some sites have an option to save customer card details but if the site is fake then your card details can leak which can lead to misuse of the same.

So before adding your card details just make sure you are on a trusted site.

Conclusion we can make is not only indian audience can be manipulated or fooled any customer or audience can be manipulated, it’s just the matter of tricks and best practices which e commerce websites use.


Bhanu Garg

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