Does blogging help with SEO?- Things to Understand

Does blogging help with SEO?- Things to Understand

Blogging for search engine optimization is one of the most important things that most of the website owners are concentrating on. Publishing blogs regularly is responsible for providing you with the opportunities of targeting huge numbers of long-tail keywords, allow people to remain on your site for a long time and even provide opportunities to other websites to link back to your blog.

Getting the blog up as well as producing content are undoubtedly important steps that you have to take. However, search engine optimization is something that will help in optimizing the blog posts so that your posts go out in front of more people. 

Does blogging help with SEO?

One important question that has been bothering bloggers and website owners from different parts of the world is whether blogging is contributing to help with search engine optimization. The answer to this question is yes. Blogging is extremely good for optimization as it can help with several things, which are responsible for helping with the ranking factor. When your blog is updated regularly and the posts are of high-quality and relevant to the target audience, it will be responsible for making a great difference in how the website performs within the search engines. 

If you are still not satisfied, you need to consider the reasons that have been listed below, which will clearly explain why blogging is so important for search engine optimization.

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Blogging helps in keeping the website current and fresh

If you come across a website, which has not been updated for years, it is obvious that you are going to lose trust in the information that you are pursuing. The company represented by the website is out of business or the website might be providing information that is debunked. 

Google is not interested in delivering outdated information to the searchers. Websites, which are updated regularly is going to signal Google that they are alive and offering fresh and crisp content. It is also responsible for providing the algorithms with more reason to keep indexing the website. 

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You might not be interested in updating the homepage frequently and it is not going to be a good idea to do that. This is why blogs are considered to be practical tools that will help in adding content to the website regularly, keeping it fresh and new. In case if you need any help when trying to keep your blog fresh, you can also consult a reputed online SEO expert in AdelaideThe expert will be responsible for guiding you in the right direction. 

A blog helps in keeping people on the website for a long time

The most important priority of Google is helping people to perform searches by providing relevant results so that they keep coming back to Google again and again. When someone is clicking on the very first link provided by Google, and leaves it immediately and decides to go back to the search page, it will indicate Google that the result was not helpful. Similarly, when a searcher is staying on a website for a long time, it is going to help Google to understand that the website is useful. 

If your blog content is fresh, unique, and crisp, people will be glued to your website without blinking. You need to ensure that you are not copying information from similar kinds of websites as your rank is going to go down. Ensure that you provide relevant information based on what your customers are looking forward to receiving from your business. The results you provide should be capable of serving as a solution for the people as opposed to becoming a problem. 

Blogs provide opportunities for internal linking

A greater part of search engine optimization is about links as stated by If you cannot include internal links on the website, which is capable of pointing your users from one particular page to another, it is going to be a huge SEO mistake. You can indeed come across great possibilities of linking within the main pages of the website. However, when you are publishing blogs, these opportunities are going to blossom. When you are adding more pages related to a particular topic, it will be easier to interlink those pages. 

It provides other sites with reasons to link back to your website

There is no denying the fact that internal links matter but one of the hardest parts associated with search engine optimization is earning the external links. For Google to understand that your website is authoritative and trustworthy, other respected sites must link back to your website. It is not going to be impossible to receive external links without having a blog; however, it is going to be harder. 

When you are writing a particular blog post, you need to ensure that you are only adding valuable information. Valuable information will make reputed websites link back to your site, which is also going to be extremely beneficial for your website. 


Understanding why blogging is an important part of search engine optimization is crucial. Consider the reasons that have been mentioned above and ensure that you are keeping your blog updated so that you can rank better on the search engines. 

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