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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 2020 Updated With Question

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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 2020 Updated With Question

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Lecturers: Bhanu Garg – A Profound Digital Marketing Expert

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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

The aim of the Free Digital Marketing Course By Bhanu Garg is to provide students with the knowledge about business advantages of the digital marketing and its importance for marketing success to develop a digital marketing plan; to make SWOT analysis; to define a target group; to get introduced to various digital channels, their advantages and ways of integration; how to integrate different digital media and create marketing content; how to optimize a Web site and SEO optimization; how to create Google AdWords campaigns; social media planning; to get a basic knowledge of Google Analytics for measuring effects of digital marketing and getting an insight of future trends that will affect the future development of the digital marketing. The application of the gained knowledge, skills, and competences will help future managers informing digital marketing plans to manage a digital marketing performance efficiently.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing:

  • Marketing Concept
  • Why we need Digital Marketing?
  • Introduction of digital marketing
  • Digital vs. Real Marketing
  • How is it different from traditional marketing?
  • Advantages of Digital Marketing
  • ROI between Digital and traditional marketing?
  • Discussion on Ecommerce
  • Discussion on new trends and current scenario of the world?
  • Digital marketing a boon or a Bane?
  • How can digital marketing be a tool of success for companies?
  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Understanding a website
  • What is a website? Levels of websites?
  • Diff b/w Blog, Portal, and Website? Diff b/w websites either static or dynamic

Module 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

In this module, you will learn completely about SEO (Search engine Optimization, what is On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, and you also learn how to prepare reports like- Keywords, titles, meta tags, etc. v On-page optimization techniques v Off-page Optimization techniques v Reports

Basics for SEO

What is Domain

Basic Knowledge of the World Wide Web

Difference between Portal and Search Engines

What is SEO

Types of SEO Techniques

Black hat techniques

White Hat techniques

How Search Engine works

SEO Research & Analysis

Market Research

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword opportunity

Competitors Website Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Website

How to Choose Best Keywords

Tools available for Keyword Research

Website Design SEO Guidelines

Content Research

Content Guidelines

Content Optimization

Design & Layout

XML Sitemap / URL List Sitemap

On-page Optimization

The Page Title

Meta Descriptions & Meta Keywords


Bold Text

Domain Names & Suggestions

Canonical Tag

Meta Tags

Images and Alt Text

Internal Link Building

The Sitemap

Invisible Text

Server and Hosting Check

Robots Meta Tag

Doorway Pages

301 Redirects

404 Error

Duplicate content

Off-page Optimization

Page Rank

Link Popularity

Link Building in Detail

Directory Submission

Social Bookmark Submission

Blog Submission


Links Exchange

Reciprocal Linking

Posting to Forums

Submission to Search Engine

RSS Feeds Submissions

Press Release Submissions

Forum Link Building

Competitor Link Analysis


Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics

How to Study Google Analytics

Interpreting Bars & Figures

How Google Analytics Can Help SEO

Advanced Reporting

Webmaster Central & Bing/Yahoo

Open Site Explorer

Website Analysis using various SEO Tools available

SEO Tools

Keyword Density Analyser Tools

Google Tools

Yahoo / Bing Tools

Rich Snippet Text Tools

Comparison Tools

Link Popularity Tools

Search Engines Tools

Site Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

SEO Reporting

Google analysis

Tracking and Reporting

Reports Submission

Securing Ranks

Module 3: Social Media Optimization (SMO):

In this module you will learn how to do SMO (Social Media Optimization) like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more social media services optimization. v Introduction to Social Media Marketing v Advanced Facebook Marketing v Word Press blog creation v Twitter marketing v LinkedIn Marketing v Google plus marketing v Social Media Analytical Tools

  1. Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Webmaster Tool.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google AdWords (PPC)
  • Google Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Infographics Content Marketing
  • App Store Optimization
  1. Who should attend this SEO Training Course?
  • Online Marketers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Copywriters and Content Writers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • PR Professionals
  • Product Managers and Brand Managers

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus With Question and Answers


Marketing, generally we think that marketing is the promotion or and advertising of products or it refers to selling things to someone. But still, we got confused while explaining marketing. So today I will explain it in my way. MARKETING refers to profitably satisfying customers’ needs. It includes research which tells us what should be sold to a particular group of customers. For example, Z ltd. The company did research and got to know that almost all people have hair fall issues, so now they will produce hair products for the prevention of hair problems. This will satisfy their customer needs and also provide profit to the company


Here I enlist some points that tell us, why we need marketing?

1.SPECIALISATION: it helps to provide specialized services in a particular field. Through marketing, a company would know about its customer’s wants and can produce innovative products. It gives them specialization.

  1. EFFICIENCY: It makes work efficient as it lay down a plan for every work. Marketing gives us a process and by following that process we can make our work efficient.
  2. COST REDUCTION: if we want to reduce the cost of products, marketing will be the best tool. It makes proper utilization of resources which proportionately decreases the cost of our products.
  3. INCREASING CUSTOMERS: Marketing helps us in satisfying customers and if we successfully do that our customers will increase. Forex: X customer is happy after using Z Ltd. A product so he will recommend that product to others.
  4. LONG SURVIVAL: through marketing a company can decrease its cost, increase the number of customers, make it work efficiently so he will survive for a long time in the competitive market.
  5. INCREASE GOODWILL FASTLY: through marketing, any company can increase its goodwill to a great extent very fastly. As it gives us innovative ideas to satisfy customers.


As the name clears that digital marketing is connected to digital technology. Digital marketing refers to the promotion and advertising of products and services through a digital medium or we can say through an electronic medium. through phone, computers, laptops, radio, television, social media [Facebook, Instagram, youtube, ott platforms, etc.]. In other words, digital marketing refers to reaching desirable customers and providing limelight to your brand through a digital medium. Forex: we. watch shows and movies in mobiles through applications like HOTSTAR so we noticed that in between the show some other videos also played these videos are always related to a particular company like Amazon, Bata, Tata Tea, etc. this is known as DIGITAL MARKETING. Almost all people use the internet, so this is the reason why companies are focusing on digital marketing.


There are many advantages of digital marketing, here I am enlisting some main advantages of it.

   1. IT DECREASE COST: it is the best way of marketing as it decreases the cost. let’s take an example: Z ltd. opens a branch so if he follows the traditional concept he needs to put banners, pamphlets, hoardings. All this is too costly so if Z ltd uses digital marketing he can save the money of hoardings, banners, pamphlets, etc.

  1. NO NEED OF TOO MUCH INVESTMENT: there isn’t any need to put too much investment as we can do the promotions with little money also. This is an effective way to do promotions with much profit in less investment.
  2. HIGHER RETURNS: one of the main advantages of digital marketing is that returns or we can say profit is higher in it. people attract more fastly through this medium in comparison to others.
  3. WIDE AREA COVERAGE: the digital platform is too huge. Billions of people are connected to the internet so through the internet we can reach billions of people. So we can say that through digital marketing we can reach a wide range of people. For example, 5.22% of the world’s population is connected to Facebook so, if we use Facebook for our product marketing we can reach millions of people.
  4. TIME-SAVING: it saves our time as there is no need to wander here and there to look for ways of promoting business. Forex. Z ltd launch, a new product, he has to look for people who can help him with promotions like Board maker, Newspaper supplier, etc. but on the other hand, there isn’t any need of searching people.
  5. EASY TO REACH TARGET AUDIENCE: through this method of marketing we can easily reach the exact target audience. We can easily make a group of customers according to the products they need. For example Z ltd. found that customers in gurugram need hair products on the contrary customers of Kerala and Chennai need health care and beauty products, so he can easily reach the exact target audience
  6. OPTIMUM UTILISATION OF RESOURCES: digital marketing also lays out an existing plan explaining what to do? What to do? for whom to do? This planning helps us in efficiently using all the resources.
  7. INNOVATIVE: we all know that innovation is the key to success for every business and through digital marketing, we can do so. It gives us knowledge about continuous changes in the preferences of customers through which we can bring more innovative ideas and launch new products.
  8. DYNAMIC: digital marketing is a dynamic way of marketing we can do the changes whenever we want to do. On the contrary, we can’t do that with traditional marketing.
  9. KEEP COMPLETE RECORD OF CUSTOMERS: it gives us a complete record of our customers like how many people visit our site, how many people got aware of our product, are we doing good or bad, our records and everything about it.


Some of the factors who tells us why we need this are the following:

  1. In today’s era, everyone wants less investment and high returns so this is the very first reason why we need digital marketing.
  2. All the companies want that they reach to every person who needs their products, they want to tell each person in the country who needs their digital marketing is the only way to do so.
  3. The market is full of uncertainties so if we want a dynamic business we have to look for something like digital marketing.
  4. Every company wants to reduce the cost of their products and services so if we want to do so we have to accept this new era of marketing.
  5. Every company wants to survive for a long-lasting period in this competitive market so if we use digital marketing our surviving years will be increased
  6. Return on investment is very high in the digital world so that’s also why we need it.
  7. Digital marketing is the real engagement platform so if we need it to be in the market, in the limelight.
  8. Goodwill is very necessary for every business. If we want to increase our goodwill fastly we need digital marketing because this is the only way of increasing goodwill fastly.
  9. For doing business like a playfield, with ease, we need digital marketing. It brings new and innovative things which makes work easy and interesting.


  1. COST OF PRODUCTION: in digital marketing, the total cost of a product is low in comparison to digital marketing because we need to do a lot of effort for providing limelight to our product. Here we can save the cost of hoardings and boards which much but does give advantage for too long.
  2. CONSUMPTION OF TIME: traditional marketing consumes more time than the digital because in the traditional form we have to prepare the resources first. Forex. Z launched a new product in the market. Now he has to promote that product, so if he uses traditional concepts first he has to give orders for templates, hoardings, boards, etc. then he has to think about designs. Then finally after some days, he got his promotion tactic which takes a lot of time.
  3. AMOUNT OF INVESTMENT: generally, we have to invest a good amount for good marketing but now this is an old concept and we are fastly moving towards a new concept. According to the new concept, we can save our money to a lot of extents.
  4. RETURN ON INVESTMENT: return on investment is higher in digital marketing in comparison to traditional because through new marketing tactics we can attract people much better than the old tactics.
  5. AREA OF COVERAGE: through internet marketing, we can cover a wide range of areas like a whole State, Country, even the whole world. Which is completely impossible by using old methods?
  6. TRACKING CUSTOMERS: through the internet, we can track our customers. We can keep an eye on their activities continuously but in the old concept keeping track of every customer is like counting the total number of stars in the galaxy.
  7. DYNAMIC: business contains a lot of risks. It’s like a bed of roses which has a lot of hidden thrones in it. this is because of the dynamic nature of business. So the point is that we can make a change if we use digital marketing but we in traditional concepts we can’t pay for hoardings again and again.
  8. LIABILITY: in traditional tactics, we have to handle a lot of things which increase our liability too much somewhere all this becomes too laborious. On the other hand, the internet decreases our liability somehow.
  9. SURVIVAL PERIOD: survival period matters a lot for every company and organization. The survival period depends on the number of customers connected to us. And as we study above about the wide coverage feature of digital marketing we can say that it helps us in making more customers than the old concept which means that the survival period is more in modern marketing than traditional marketing.
  10. EFFICIENCY: modern marketing taught us how to do work effectively and efficiently. But in traditional marketing, it can be difficult to bring efficiency and effectiveness.


As we have already gained a lot of knowledge about digital marketing so it’s time to learn something new. So we are heading towards our new topic which is channels of DIGITAL MARKETING.

  1. SEM: SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It refers to ranking your page in search engines through paid advertisements. We can also explain it as doing efforts for ranking your web page through money. These are known as paid promotions.
  2. SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine refers to rank your page in search engines through your efforts. Here money is not used for showing your page at the top, only hard work included in SEO. In SEO we have to work on Good content, catchy images, and slogans at the homepage of a website, mobile-friendly URL, Meta description, etc.
  3. PPC: it is also like paid marketing. Here web owners Bids for showing their web page on top of search engines. Whoever paid a high bid, the search engine will show their website on top.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: this is one of the most famous ways of digital marketing. If I explain it in a very simple language then we can call it marketing through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Helo, etc. this is one of the most effective manners of marketing.
  5. CONTENT MARKETING: as the name clears content marketing refers to promotion through writing a good and catchy Content. here content can be anything like a blog post, videos, images, gifs, etc.
  6. EMAIL MARKETING: this refers to marketing by sending emails. let’s take an example from daily life for understanding this concept, we noticed when we open our MAIL account there are a lot of emails of brands regarding their new product launch, offers, etc. This is known as email marketing.
  7. INFLUENCER MARKETING: Influencer marketing refers to promoting products, services, web pages, applications through social media influencers. These influencers generally are Actors, Cricketers, Writers, or Social Activists. For example, recently Hotstar converts to Disney Plus Hotstar and about it almost all the actors post something related to it on their social media accounts and they do this because they are hired by the company as their influencers.
  8. RADIO ADVERTISING: Radio advertising refers to doing the promotions through we always saw that RJ always introduces a brand on the radio while doing a show. This comes under Radio Marketing.
  9. TELEVISION ADVERTISING: Television advertising is also very famous because almost all people of all age groups are connected to the television. It refers to advertising products and services on television. You must notice that in between the T.V. shows

There are some breaks in these breaks. We watch advertisements for different brands. This is known as Television Marketing.


Before going in-depth with digital marketing we should know about some general terms.

1.SEARCH ENGINE: a search engine is a platform through which u can solve any query just by texting your query on it. Let’s understand how it works forex. You want to know about the top 10 brands of shoes in India. You just have to type {top 10 shoe brands in India} so it will show you many results through which you can solve your query very quickly.

There are many search engines so here I am enlisting some of them:



  1. BING

4.BAIDU etc.

2.WEB BROWSER: it refers to an interface between the search engine and users. Web browsers access the websites which contain information and solve the queries of users. The web browser is an important part of the internet world. Some examples of web browsers are CHROME, UC BROWSER, FIREFOX, etc.

  1. INTERNET: it is a global network of computers connected and form up a hub of millions of networks whom we can call the internet. The Internet provides us with various information like education, business, economy, health, fitness, medicines, disease, animals, and a lot more.
  2. URL: it refers to the address of a web site. The main function of the URL is to describe the type of content that the web site contains.
  3. WEBSITE: website is the group of common web pages under the same Domain. A website can contain an infinitive number of pages but all pages’ work under the same domain so we can also say that their identification mark is the same.


GOOGLE is an American multinational technology company that provides products and services related to the internet like Search engines, Software, Hardware, Cloud computing, and last but not least Advertising. It is one of the big and best technology companies in the world. Let’s move towards some more key pieces of information about GOOGLE:


FOUNDED:  GOOGLE WAS founded on 4 September 1998 in Menlo Park California, USA


HEADQUARTER: Mountain View California USA

CEO: SUNDAR PICHAI is the current CEO of GOOGLE. on October 24, 2015, he was announced the CEO of GOOGLE.

CFO: Ruth Porat

SUBSIDIARIES: AT LEAST 37 forex. YOUTUBE,, Firebase, etc.

TOTAL EMPLOYEES WORK IN GOOGLE: approximately 114096 people work in google

GOOGLE is also a huge search engine. Net revenue of GOOGLE in 2019 was near around 162 Billion dollars .it is a very fast-growing company. Billions of people visit GOOGLE in a day.


If we are talking about digital marketing and we forgot to learn about SEO then we are going on a wrong path. SEO is a wide term but I will try to explain it simply so let’s start:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to increasing the visibility of your website on SERP [search engine result page], its main role is to increase the rank of your page and make it show in at least the top 5 web results. SEO focuses too much on gaining quality and quantity traffic on their website. As it is also like a business it needs some special skills to improve so SEO is that skill that enhances a website. For a good rank of the website, we need to do SEO as it brings business. A person who is doing SEO must have special knowledge and skills without proper knowledge. We can also lay negative effects on your website.


  1. MODERN BUSINESS: The main advantage of SEO is that it is a modern kind of business which is widely liked by the young generation so people attract towards it so much which is proved as a positive aspect for every business,
  2. INCREASED VISIBILITY: SEO increase the visibility of a website by ranking it on the top which makes people feel that our website is best that’s why we are on top and they visit on our site more than the other
  3. INCREASE QUALITY TRAFFIC: quality traffic refers to those users who can use our website data. Seo increases quality traffic by enhancing the features of the website.
  4. GOODWILL: it is a superb technique for increasing the Goodwill of any website rapidly. Through it, we can rank our page which increases quantity traffic which proportionately increases the Goodwill of the website.
  5. LONG TERM MARKETING STRATEGY: the main advantage of this technique is that it provides long term advantage. as once a user found about our website and he likes it then from next time he must look for our website.
  6. INCREASE REFERRAL TRAFFIC: it increases referral traffic as we use activities like backlinks [about whom we will discuss later on] in it. This lay a positive impact on our website.
  7. BRAND AWARENESS: through SEO we can spread awareness about any brand by posting about it. We can also say that it increases advertisement options which may result in some money for the website owner.


There are three kinds of SEO


WHITE HAT SEO: White hat SEO refers to performing techniques for increasing the rank of a website without breaking our website integrity and SERP [search engine result page] rules and regulations. It includes all techniques that are allowed by SERP’s. SERP’s had laid down some rules and regulations, violating these rules will adversely affect the rank of the website. That’s why all SEO’s should use white hat techniques only. GOOGLE also permits white hat SEO techniques only.


  1. KEYWORD PROXIMITY: keyword proximity refers to how close and how many times you use keywords in the whole body of the text. So using keywords in the right manner is also considered as a technique. Using keywords, again and again, may have a bad impact, this is a factor to consider while doing SEO.
  2. RICH CONTENT: content plays an important role in the ranking of any website so we should use fresh and rich content only. Here fresh means you should write your content and avoid copying others’ content.
  3. IMAGE OPTIMISATION: image optimization refers to using attractive and relevant images in your content. This is also a good technique because visualization is more powerful than reading content. The image says almost all the things which we are explaining in the text.
  4. KEYWORD PROMINENCE: it refers to the closeness and the way of using keywords on a page. Forex. Our keyword is the best core exercises so if we use keywords like crunches are the exercise that is best for your core.  Here we use keywords in a different manner which is called keyword prominence. We should also consider it as a technique.
  5. RELEVANT CONTENT: content we are using on our website must be relevant to our website page forex. Our website is related to fitness but we are posting content about marketing techniques. so we should also focus on the relevancy of content.
  6. WEBSITE DESIGN: design of web pages also matters somewhere because people use to like things that look interesting and unique. A colorful view of a website may also help in ranking a website because it will attract people.

BLACK HAT SEO: Black hat see refers to performing those techniques for website ranking which are considered illegal somewhere. SERP’s lay down some rules and using black hat techniques violate all the rules and regulations of them. Sometimes SERP’s block our website if we use these kinds of techniques. GOOGLE has also banned these kinds of activities. These techniques are considered as unfair trade practices.


  1. KEYWORD STUFFING: keyword stuffing refers to the percentage of using keywords in comparison to the whole content. Using keywords, again and again, is also known as keyword stuffing. This is a malicious technique.
  2. IRRELEVANT KEYWORD: using irrelevant keywords is also a part of black hat SEO. This will work for some time and then it starts showing adverse impact.
  3. USE OF HIDDEN MALICIOUS LINKS: some people used to put malicious hidden links which may increase their web rank in SERP but it’s not a fair technique at last.
  4. COPIED CONTENT: when we used to post the content of competitor websites on our website it would become spam and also a black hat technique. It will make our work easier and our website will rank for some time.
  5. ARTICLE SPINNING: when we use the content of someone else after changing the position of lines or by changing the method of his content writing it will be known as Article Spinning. This technique is widely used.
  6. TOXIC SITES: sites that post content that spread rumors and affect the environment are known as toxic sites. These sites also come under black hat SEO as these are not good for people around.
  7. DOORWAY PAGES:  sometimes we notice that we open a particular web page but we suddenly reach on a different web page this happens because the page whom we open is a doorway page which sends us to a different page

GREY HAT SEO: we can explain grey hat SEO as the combination of both black and white hat SEO. It refers to practicing those techniques which are legal initially but are dubious and one day they become black hat SEO practices. SERPs don’t permit doing Grey Hat SEO.these tactics also broke down the rules and regulations of search engines. This may leave both positive and negative impact on your website. This will increase your web rank first and when search engines catch these dubious tactics he will punish by decrease the rank.


  1. SEO SQUATTING: it refers to owing expired pages and launching them again after adding some new pages and giving it a new look. This is a kind of spam, that’s why search engines like GOOGLE do not permit for all this. This includes high risk also.
  2. REDESIGNING WEBSITE AGAIN AND AGAIN: some people redesign their website continuously in small intervals. This tactic confuses GOOGLE and he thinks that this is a new page and also serving fresh content. This is not bad initially but after some time it will become a Black Hat tactic.
  3. FABRICATED HEADINGS: use of catchy headings for attracting people but not giving relevant content refers to the use of fabricated headings. When the user got attractive towards the heading he will visit your page once but when he got to know that internal content is irrelevant he will never visit your site.
  4. WRITING NEGATIVE REVIEWS: continuously posting some negative reviews about someone maybe work as a public offering but this is not a good tactic. Giving bad reviews and spreading rumors is the main tactic in it.
  5. PAID REVIEWS: giving money to some people for giving good reviews to our website refers to paid reviews. This is a widely used technique. These kinds of practices always mislead users and disappoint them. The search engine does permit doing this.
  6. PROVIDING FREE STUFF: we all know that people always want paid stuff without any cost so some people take advantage and avail paid stuff free of cost. Forex. Movies of OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime are only available for subscribed users. So people used to visit miscellaneous sites which offer these movies free of cost.


  1. PANDA: it is the first and very important algorithm of GOOGLE. it was released on February 23, 2011. its main purpose is to reward the high quality and good websites and demolish the presence of low quality and bad websites present on is also known as “FARMER” as its other name which describes its work. Panda got 28 updates between 2011 to 2015.its main focus is to demolish the websites containing thin content, duplicate content, low-quality content, sites having more advertisement density in comparison to content, and sites having a lack of authoritativeness and trustworthiness. This algorithm plays an important role in increasing or decreasing your website rankings. Panda was named after a GOOGLE employ NAVNEET PANDA
  2. PENGUIN: it was released on 24 April 2012. Its positive aspect is the same as the panda. This algorithm also focused on rewarding high-quality websites by increasing their rank and diminishing the ranks of websites using black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, spam, manipulative links. It is a part of the core algorithm of GOOGLE. If your website rank decreased by 3% then it is because of Penguin.
  3. HUMMINGBIRD: t was launched on 20 August 2013. Its main focus is on improving the search engine result page relevancy on searching a particular query. It helps in understanding the intention of searchers’ queries and according to it showing them more relevant content. Through this algorithm, GOOGLE tries to achieve the position of a semantic search engine. Hummingbird gives the opportunity of development and improves the value as a local and widely used search engine.
  4. PIGEON: it was also released on 20 August 2013. this algorithm was given by ITS MONIKER {Search Engine Land}. It was launched for improving the ranking factor based on location and distance landmarks. It was improving the quality of local research. This algorithm fetches the GOOGLE map results also. It was also working on sites that are ranking high because of spam. Pigeon also launched a new rank result tool which shows 3 top results instead of 7. This increases the competition among websites.
  5. MOBILE: it was released on 21 April 2015. Its main work is to enhance the SERP for mobile users. This algorithm demolished the website having a lack of mobile-friendly versions, poor mobile usability. it ensures that only mobile-friendly websites rank on top. Mobile users are more than the PC users so this move was needed and also proved to be a boon.
  7. FRED: it was released on 7 March 2017. This was launched for targeting black hat tactics especially. This algorithm demolishes the website providing little users to benefit and working only for money through advertisements. If your web page rank decreases by 30% to 45% then you are hit by FRED. The only way to protect your site from FRED is to use white hat tactics only.
  8. POSSUM: it was released on 1 September 2016. it was launched for making local search results diversified. many studies claim that this algorithm affects 64% of the GOOGLE search result. through this GOOGLE was successfully showing the results based on affiliation. This algorithm was never officially announced by GOOGLE.


There are two major SEO techniques:

ON-PAGE SEO: On-Page SEO refers to the process of working on elements of our website for increasing the rank and visibility of it. It includes enhancing and improving the features of our website. In this, the control of working on a web page is totally in our hands as the work is done only on our includes both content and HTML. We can also explain on-page SEO the process of making our website good looking, efficient, user friendly in an effective manner with the help of a person having special knowledge and skills.

ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS: there are many factors, here I am enlisting some major factors:

  • E.A.T.: it stands for Enterprise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. we should work on our website which builds more trust in users. Trust-building is the main work of SEO. people will use those sites which seem to be trustworthy.
  • KEYWORD CANNIBALIZATION: this plays an important role in SEO. we have to analyze the keywords on which we are working. we should check that we are going in the right path or we should change something. This process helps us to understand the needs of users.
  • MOBILE-FRIENDLY: websites must be mobile-friendly always because there are a huge number of people who use the internet through mobile. Our website must work smoothly while using it through mobile.
  •  HEADER TAGS: a search engine optimizer must use attractive and catchy Header Tags for content writing. relevant and catchy tags attract people and make sure that only we are giving the right answers to your query.
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS: it refers to track the number of people visit on our site, their location, the keyword for whom they visit on our site, for how long they use our site, how many referral visitors we have, etc. this activity will help us in searching the right way of ranking our website.
  • META TITLE: Meta Title refers to that section of HTML that describes our content. So as it is a part of the main section we have to focus on it and make it more relevant and should design it appropriately.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS: in today’s era Social Media plays an important role in everyone’s life. Billions of people are using social media so for efficiently doing SEO we should promote our site on social media. We should make people aware of our website. We have to work on providing some limelight to our website

OFF-PAGE SEO: it refers to working on external elements for increasing the rank and visibility of our website. Here the control of the ranking page is not in our hands because we work on other websites for ranking. Page SEO is a very effective and efficient way of increasing the rank and visibility of our web page. It mainly includes backlinks, guest postings includes working only on external platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, or other sites.


  1. LINK BUILDING: it refers to creating links of our website in other sites by which when people click on those links your page will rank. The main focus of backlinks is to increase the referral is the process of exchanging links. Backlinks must be of good quality only either it will affect you adversely
  2. BRAND MENTION: it is a widely used tactic. Brand mention refers to promoting your site by mentioning its name everywhere [in social media platforms, commenting, contents, etc.]. This process will make users curious about your website. They will visit your page and that’s how you got your new users.
  3. COMMENTING: it refers to comment at every blog, video, image, or any platform with the link to your website. This will somewhere promote your site. Your website will receive some limelight.
  4. CONTENT PROMOTION: you can make videos or pictures on platforms like YouTube relevant to your content and then through mentioning your weblink u can increase your referral visitors. You can also provide tutorials. Mentioning a web link in the URL description will help you.
  5. BUILD TRUST: trust-building is necessary for every field. So we have to build trust for us in our user’s mind. We have shared some facts which ensure that we are giving you the right information and don’t go anywhere else. This process will help in the continuous growth of the webpage.
  6. INFLUENCER OUTREACH: we can also take the help of some popular bloggers for backlinks or brand mentions for increasing the rank of our page. People react faster when an influencer asks them to do something. So this will be a positive aspect of our website.
  7. FORUM SUBMISSION: it refers to leaving a feedback box on every page of a website by which people will show some interest in your site and your site ranking will also be increased. This technique is useful because this will make a non-user a user of your site.
  8. Classified Sites
  9. Business Listing Sites
  10. Profile Creation
  11. PDF Submission’
  12. PPT Submission

This is The complete digital Marketing Syllabus we update this syllabus For more information



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