The Communication Abilities and Customer Focus of Salesforce

The Communication Abilities and Customer Focus of Salesforce

As we know, communication is the core of any business. It is not only customer communication, but it is also important to strengthen the communication channels between the employees, functional teams, as well as various departments in an organization. This is the core to effective collaboration of a business, and if the inter-team and intra-team communication are not done effectively, then the business will not be able to grow further. This communication could be effectively managed when the business is small, but as the size grows, it becomes challenging.

Sales Cloud of Salesforce offers a highly sophisticated solution in-built for communication so that teams can act much quicker to find the right information at the right time and easily connect to share competitive data for quick execution of projects.

Putting your business under a microscope

For business decision-makers, it is now much easier to have an overview of the business at the micro-level by viewing an entity using a microscope. You can hit the ground running by using the real-time performance monitoring and gain better account insights. Here are some evident benefits of using the Sales Cloud for effective communication.

  • Get all your data at one location: Businesses can see their entire data at a glance and effectively manage it with productivity and scheduling to get the best out of it. A centralized management approach will help update the to-do list and better execute it on the go.
  • Keep up with the tasks: Anyone can track their business-related processes easily as well as the team assignments so that important tasks are never missed out.
  • Put together the data to gain insights: You can easily integrate Salesforce with Analytics Cloud to gain AI-driven data-based insights, and it also enables intelligent reporting to improve the effectiveness of business decision making.

As everyone knows, it is the customers who drive the success of any business, but the teams are fuel for it. So, make sure that the business engine is always up and running smoothly with proper tracking and evaluation of the sales processes in real-time. Try to use the effective visual representation capabilities of Salesforce Cloud to see an overview of the business performance at a glance as to how the teams are performing, what their strengths are, and whether there is any scope of improvement.

Extending the CRM

Salesforce comes with an in-built ability to expand based on the increasing needs of the users from time to time. Here, as listed by, let’s discuss a few such advantages.

  • Using add-on apps to stretch things further: With Salesforce Cloud, it is easier to take your sales process to the next level. The ability to integrate apps makes it possible with many third-party tools available to serve the varying purposes of different industries and businesses. With this, you could eliminate the shortfalls of the CRM by exploring the available apps at Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Custom build the apps as you need: You may integrate Sales Cloud with the Customer 360 Platform in order to custom build apps for your unique business needs with the help of many user-friendly app-building tools.
  • Code at your end: You can do custom coding as much as you want to any extent. The app-building tools come with Salesforce offer many no-code and minimal coding options for anyone to custom design the apt applications for their use.
  • Cross borders: You may take advantage of the Heroku Enterprise in order to deploy and run sales apps and also scale them up or down whenever needed from anywhere in the world. You may build it in any of the development languages as you like. 

You may maximize the Salesforce CRM abilities by integrating it directly with the Platform and by building your own advanced business applications. Explore the no-code, code, and low-code options, which means that the developers at varying skill levels can custom weave the perfect applications to suit their unique needs. On the other hand, for those who prefer to use the pre-built options, now Salesforce AppExchange features hundreds of free and downloadable apps.

Business on the go

Salesforce will help the new-age business administrators to manage their business son the go. For the traveling salespeople, it is much easier to manage their sales tasks easily from the phone itself using the Salesforce1 app, which offers complete Salesforce functionality at your fingertips.

  • Keeping things up-to-date: Using Salesforce1, one can access the Sales Cloud dashboard in real-time from any internet-enabled device so as to respond to events than waiting to reach back to the office.
  • Access anything anytime: You can find all the information needed and as you need it from anywhere in the world. Full mobile access is enabled at the Customer 360 Platform.
  • Never get out of the loop: You may get any important notifications on time so as not to miss out on any market opportunity.

Salesforce fully understands the fact that the modern-day business doesn’t happen at the office. With the mighty tools of Sales Cloud, users may get full access to their data and management tools to connect with the leads all from the smart device. No matter at which location you are and at any time of the day, always be in touch with your business and grow it round-the-clock.

Never lose customer focus.

Be where the client is: Leveraging the features of Sales Cloud, you could meet your customers wherever they are and get access to all relevant data from any device you use.


Predict future: With Sales Cloud, you can also get an overview of the forthcoming market trends and customer actions with Einstein AI. This artificial intelligence-powered platform can capture the data automatically and analyze it to provide intelligent insights and suggestions for the ideal next step to take in the case of each potential client.

Empower the salespeople: Sales Cloud will help you to give each of the sales team members enough data in their hand to sell the way they prefer as in person, mail, or over the phone by effectively integrating all the sales resources to ensure the best customer journey.

Build communities: Salesforce Community Cloud will help the users to build online communities of loyal customers in which the leads to bring the customer portals together and guide each customer through the sales pipeline more effectively.

Along with all these, it is just one click to connect to clients easily on the Sales Cloud platform quickly, and it is also easy to connect with the sales team members on the other end. 



Bhanu Garg