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Service—Back pain can occur anywhere along the spine or pelvis but commonly occurs in the lower back and can include the pelvis and intervertebral discs. Back pain lets us know the location of the pain but does not identify the cause.  

Address—  29 Prince of Wales Rd, Norwich NR1 1BG, United Kingdom.

Contact—+44 1603 764777 



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  1. Norwich Spinal Health

 We want your experience at Norwich Spinal Health to be welcoming and reassuring, so that you feel you are in the right place and happy with your decision to consult us. We aim to be caring, helpful and friendly and provide you with the best care, advice and recommendations to get you better. 

Service—There are many causes and types of back pain. There is chronic long-term pain which could be related to a childhood injury. There are the more acute, short-lived problems caused by work and posture stress. Short-term back pain often comes from a combination of muscle spasm cramp and joint dysfunction.   

Address—252 Heigham St, Norwich NR2 4LQ, United Kingdom  

Contact—  +44 1603 216430



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  1. Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare

 Our practice was established to offer excellent experiences to our patients. We pride ourselves in the standard of care, combined with our professional policies and procedures which are designed to be efficient and can operate throughout the whole clinic, creating reliability,  

Service—My husband has been visiting Andrew for the last 6+ years! Andy works his magic on my husband’s back and after a visit to Andy my husband is a fixed man. The rest of the team are great too, I can call to arrange my husband’s appointments & I feel like I know the staff personally. 

Address— 101 Wroxham Rd, Norwich NR7 8TU, United Kingdom  

Contact— +44 1603 414740 



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  1. The Norwich

 Shane Derbyshire graduated as a Chiropractor in 2015 after spending 5 years in South Wales studying.   

Service—Exercise therapy

For certain complaints, you may be offered an option to use the rehabilitation space to follow a specific training plan. There are two different options for exercise therapy. You will be given the choice to be guided through your rehab plan on a 1:1 basis or in a semi-supervised fashion.   

Address—: Willow Lane House, Willow Ln, Norwich NR2 1EU, United Kingdom 

Contact—+44 7480 789041 



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  • Norwich Mctimoney

 Georgina has over 10 years’ experience in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine field, and has been practicing massage since 2001. In 2013 she graduated in McTimoney Chiropractic following 5 years of study. 

Service—This is a familiar response when talking to someone who has never experienced chiropractic and the answer to the question is yes….your McTimoney chiropractor can treat your back but essentially we treat you….and that’s all of you, from head to toe.

Address— 34 Exchange St, Norwich NR2 1AX, United Kingdom .

Contact— +44 1603 901540 


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  1. Lifestyle Family Chiropractic

 Many people that we see have questions regarding chiropractic and their care with us. We have endeavored to address the more commonly asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other queries.  

Service—Exercise is absolutely essential to good health. Dr James Chestnut refers to exercise as a “required nutrient” for health.

Research suggests that we require 5 hours of moderate to intense exercise every week to maintain optimal health. A recent study has shown that just 2 1/2 hours of brisk walking (3 miles) per week can reduce your incidence of heart disease by 30 %. Imagine what 5 hours a week can do!  

Address—  1-3 Hall Rd, Norwich NR1 3HQ, United Kingdom

Contact—+44 1603 618886  



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  • Innate Family Chiropractic

 Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare centered around your body’s inborn “innate” healing abilities. The nervous system controls every function of the body.

Service— the brain confirm that the body is working properly. However, the moving bones of the spine can interfere with this exchange. Choked or irritated nerves can delay or distort these messages. Without proper nervous system function ill health can result. 

Address— Manor Farm Barns, Fox Rd, Norwich NR14 7PZ, United Kingdom 

Contact— +44 1508 492482



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  • Align Chiropractic

 You can trust us at Align Chiropractic Norfolk to provide the highest quality of dedicated care by delivering natural, gentle hands on treatment tailored to your individual needs. We aim to help you and your family achieve spinal and joint health.  

Service—Back Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment  

Address— 1 Beech Rise business park, Beech Avenue, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HW, United Kingdom. 

Contact—+44 1603 926182 

Website— / 

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  • Key Chiropractic

 Kirsti graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan in 2002, working in Durham, before returning to her home city of Norwich in 2003. 

Service— Progress Reviews

These visits are scheduled to review your functional health findings and make further recommendations. We allow 30 minutes for this visit.


If 6 month has passed since you last visit, we would complete a neuro-functional review your health and make recommendations for future care. We allow 30 minutes for this visit.

Address— 2a Shotesham Rd, Poringland, Norwich NR14 7AD, United Kingdom 

Contact— +44 7809 901302 



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  • The Osteopathic

 Philip founded The Osteopathic Consultancy in 2005, originally set up the clinic within the Drayton and St Faiths Medical Center on the outskirts of Norwich. 

Service—All new clients have a consultation session – this is no different for our golfing clientele. We go a step further during the consultation session though, this is to assure that we cover everything that can affect your game. 

Address— 72 St Augustines St, Norwich NR3 3AD, United Kingdom

Contact— +44 1603 664459



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