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Top Chiropractor Banbury 2023 Updated

  1. Banbury 

 We’ve been providing high quality, patient focused Chiropractic 

services in Banbury, Oxfordshire for over 20 years. 

Service— Here at the Clinic, we strongly believe in the ability of Chiropractic and Dry Needling and Massage to help our patients to achieve a better quality of life through drug-free treatments. We put the person at the center of treatment rather than their illness or disorder.

Address— 37 S Bar St, Banbury OX16 9AE, United Kingdom 

Contact—  +44 1295 253434



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  1. Wellness & Vitality  

 Kerry has been practicing Chiropractic for more than 30 years. A graduate of Phillip Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, she has divided her career between the UK and Australia. 

Service— We provide a variety of different techniques depending on your unique presentation and any other underlying or complicating factors that we may uncover following a thorough history and examination.

Address— 33 Crouch St, Banbury OX16 9PR, United Kingdom 

Contact— +44 1295 254212 



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  • Restore Chiropractic 

 James has worked in several successful family chiropractic practices in Australia and the UK, including his own, since graduating from Sydney’s Macquarie University Master of Chiropractic degree in1996.  

Service–-Human health is determined by 4 key lifestyle factors:

  1. The right diet – nature knows best
  2. The right framework – an upright posture
  3. The right activity – regular gentle exercise
  4. The right mindset – relaxed, happy and positive  

Address— First Floor, 33-34 Parson’s St, Banbury OX16 5NA, United Kingdom 

Contact—+44 1295 258872  



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  1. Elizabeth Hearle McTimoney Chiropractor Ltd 

 I qualified at the McTimoney Chiropractic College (Oxford) in 1999 and have been practising the McTimoney technique from my home in Bloxham ever since.  

Service— The treatment helps your nervous system work more efficiently, relieving pain and discomfort, and increasing mobility. Our aim is to encourage the natural ability of the body to repair itself, thereby enabling a return to optimum health.

Address— 9 Chipperfield Park Rd, Bloxham, Banbury OX15 4NX, United Kingdom 

Contact—  +44 1295 721735


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  • Back Pain Sports Injury & Headache Clinic 

 Please expect to be asked detailed questions about the history of your current complaint, your past medical history, family history, and your current lifestyle.

Service—  Headache Clinic in Banbury, also providing manual handling training to national and local companies for ten years.  Hector worked for over fifteen years at Oxford Brookes University in the School of Health and Social Welfare, with Laura Humphreys. Hector’s clinical interests are focused in pediatric manual therapy, Low back pain and sciatica and Manual Therapy For Mental Well Being. 

Address—  54 Bloxham Rd, Banbury OX16 9JR, United Kingdom 

Contact—+44 1295 265267   



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  • Active Family

 Originally from Berkshire, Melanie and her family moved to the Banbury area in 2014.  

Service—We focus on the spine and pelvis as it houses and protects the nervous system (spinal cord) which connects the messages from your brain to your body. Nothing happens in your body without the brain saying so. Our job as Chiropractors is to help this communication happen as effectively as possible. 

Address— The Ashcroft Therapy Center, Hudson Street, Deddington, Banbury OX15 0SW, United Kingdom.

Contact— +44 1869 722053 


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