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Books for UPSC : Top 10 Books for IAS preparation in india

Books for UPSC : Top 10 Books for IAS preparation in india

Best Books for IAS – Do you wish to be successful in the IAS 2019 exam? Get ready for the upcoming challenge. Every year more than 7.5 lakh candidates apply for the UPSC IAS Civil Services. And the best one can reach the final stop.

Selection process for IAS is very difficult. Now that the internet provides infinite and immeasurable knowledge such as eBooks, mock tests and an endless collection of questions. In such a case, it is very possible that you can prepare yourself. But, preparing itself brings new challenges. In this way you should be very careful about the study material.

So, here are some of the best books that are best for the preparation of IAS. If you really want to make an honest attempt to test the IAS, then make sure you read these books.

  1. Older books of NCERT’s Class 11-12 history

These books are considered best for the examination of IAS. These books, written by noted historians Bipin Chandra, Arjun Dev and his team, cover some of the most important parts of Indian history in a tense manner. These books must be read.

2. Older books of geography of Class 11-12 of NCERT

Among the important books for the examination of the IAS in this list are NCERT’s old books. You can also read books of class 11-12. Due to carefully composed images and written in simple language with the best understood concepts, anyone can easily understand this book. While preparing for IAS, always study these books intensely.

3. Basic Principles of Comprehensive and Microeconomics from NCERT Class 11-12

Moving forward in this list of books for the preparation of IAS examinations, we have come to this important topic. When it comes to understanding macroeconomics and economics, then books of Class 11 and 12 of NCERT have no clue. These books are awesome in every field and their language is also simple. You must add these books to your list.

4. Certificate physical and human geography – GC Leong

When it comes to understanding the origin of material and human geography, GC Leong is a trustworthy name. This book covers almost every aspect and its fame is also remarkable among IAS aspirants. This is another amazing book, which you must have.

5. Indian Politics – Lakshmikant

Indian polity and Lakshmikant are two such things which can not be seen separately. This book has not used any difficult or strange vocabulary. This is the reason that students find it easy and interesting to understand topics from this book. The classification of subjects has been done very well by thinking and updating this book with every edition. So buy the latest version for yourself and start a serious effort to succeed beforehand.

6. Aspects of Indian Culture – Spectrum Publications

There is no complete book to understand the Indian art and culture different from the rest of the 4 subjects. However, Spectrum Publishing has published a good book on this subject. Include this book in the list of best books for the IAS exam.

7. Economic Survey published by the Government of India

With the help of Indian Economic Survey released by the Government of India, strengthen your understanding of Indian Economics and related contemporary issues. Notable economists hold their opinions on the specific provisions and policies made by the government. It can be downloaded for free from the official website or you can buy hard copies from the major shops.

8. Indian Economics – Ramesh Singh

It is probably not a better book to understand Indian economics. There are lessons covering all aspects of Indian Economics, important terminology and important concepts, as well as information about institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This is another book that can play a bigger role in you succeeding in IAS Prelims 2016.

9. Some selected lessons from The India Year Book

India Year Book is printed every year, which is printed every year after minor reforms of factual changes. This book is quite a pearl, but as a candidate, you have to show understanding. There are some important lessons such as public welfare schemes, which are not found in any other book. And, reliable data printed by the Government of India will be beneficial for you. Please mark this book for success in your IAS exam.

10. Environment and Biodiversity – Shankar IAS

Ever since IFS and civil services have started to be organized together, the environment and biodiversity have become very important in terms of numbers. Due to this change, the environment and biodiversity of Shankar IAS has become quite popular. Make a copy for yourself, it is available on any major bookstore in the city.

These were a detailed information of books, which are best for IAS examinations. If you think that we have missed any book, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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