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Salary of ips officer : How to become ips officer in india

Salary of ips officer : How to become ips officer in india

India’s biggest job is IAS and IPS. The format of IAS, IPS can not be compared to any job. The salary received by IAS and IPS is the highest in any government job. If the case was to be sold to the IPS, then the salary of the Superintendents of Police was very attractive only after the Sixth Pay Commission. In January 2016, a trainee IPS was getting at least 70,703 rupees per month in its probationary period ie Probation Period. After the seventh pay, this salari has become very much. Now they are placed in the grade grade of 56100.

In this way, only one lakh rupees will get salaries after doing the job. If the Sixth Pay Commission, according to the commission, one ASP, SP and ACP were getting salary of Rs 1,09,203 per month. While DIG, IG and DGP were getting at least Rs 2,12,650 per month. In addition to the salary, an IPS officer also offers special privileges according to his position. Significantly, the salary grade of an IPS is determined by the Indian government. In this way, all IPS in India gets almost this salary. The furnished accommodation and the vehicle, the mobile facility meets an IPS separately. Overall, the IPS officer’s job is one of the most powerful jobs in civil services. They are given the best salary package on behalf of the government.

Serving of IPS after 7th Pay Commission

After the seventh pay commission, the salary of an IPS has been very high. According to the new salary effective January 1, 2016, the IPS will be available in this manner. According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the pay scale of the current IPS officer and proposed designation will be as follows:

Salary of ips officer

  • In the 6th Pay Commission of Delhi Police, the State Police / Central Police Force posts or posts in the corresponding position. Pay scale 7th pay commission pay scale (entry pay)
  • Police Commissioner DG (State Name) 80,000 (Consolidated) No Grade Pay No.225,000.00
  • Special Director of Additional DGP Police, 37,400-67,000 rupees as well as Grade Pay of Rs. 12,000 Rs. 2,05,400.00
  • Inspector General of Police, Joint Commissioner Police, Rs. 37,400-67,000, Grade Pay of Rs 10,000, 1,44,200.00
  • Additional Inspector General of Police 37,400-67,000 with the grade pay of the Reserve Bank of India 8 99 8, 1,31,100.00
  • Senior Superintendent of Police, Deputy Commissioner, 15,600-39, 100 Grade Grade as well as Rs 8,700 Rs 1,18,500.00
  • Police Superintendent Police Deputy Commissioner with a grade grade of Rs 15,600-39, 000 Rs 7,600 7,8,800.00
  • Additional Superintendent of Police Additional Commissioner of Police, Rs. 15,600-39, 000, with a grade grade of Rs. 6,600. 67,700.00
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, 15,600-39, 100 Rs. 5,400, along with grade pay of Rs. 56,100.00

Some may be less expensive

Payments may be less during the deployment of different divisions or services of IPS. It is often done that personnel with positions similar to a particular branch or sub-division receive different wages on the basis of that area where one is posted and it is necessary to discharge the duties.

Other facilities other than salary

In addition to salaries to an IPS officer, allowances like CAC (city compensatory allowance), DA (dearness allowance), subsidized housing, LTA (vacation travel allowance), medical and life insurance benefits are also available. Apart from this, the facility of government accommodation, government petrol diesel, etc. is also available. That is one of the best salaries to meet in the country.

About IPS cadre

IPS was formed in 1948. It comes under the Home Ministry of the Government of India. The current cadre size of IPS officers is approximately 4730 according to 2011 figures. Selected candidates for IPS are given strict training in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad (AP). An IPS is responsible for maintaining law and order, dealing with accidents, and catching infamous criminals, managing traffic. In addition to these general duties, it has to deal with drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, border security, security of railway, terrorism, Indian Administrative Service examination, cyber crime etc. The IPS is deployed in the state governments as SP, which is SP. Apart from this he is also sent to CRPF, ITBP, BSF, Assam Rifles, Intelligence Agencies- CII, IB and RAW etc.

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