Became the first minister of Indian origin in the UK Priti Patel, PM Modi’s fan

In the UK’s new cabinet, important responsibility has been given to Preeti Patel of Indian origin. Knowing the important things about Preeti Patel, also know why they are considered to be Modi supporters, and what views have been supporters of the ideas. In the new cabinet created in Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed Priti Patel as the Home Minister of Indian origin.

The 47-year-old Indian-born figure of Britain’s most famous faces of the Conservative Party has been known for its right-wing trends. In Britain, he has also been felicitated as a pro-Modi supporter and Preeti has emerged as the main face of Brezht’s supporters in the UK. Know who is Pratibha Patel and why this big post in Britain is important to India’s point of view.

Priti had to quit ministerial post

In 2017, Praeti Patel had made a personal trip to Israel and at that time she was accused of violating the protocol. The allegation was that without informing the British government or the embassy, ​​Preeti had met Israeli officers, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a private visit with the family. Preeti was surrounded by controversy due to this allegation and she had to resign from the post of International Development Minister.

Opposed gay marriage

On the basis of Britain’s newly appointed PM Boris Johnson, Priti is also known for her right-wing ideas and she has been very popular among the right wing in the UK. Preeti was in the UK in the headlines, when there was a vocal opposition to the marriage of homosexuals to be valid. Apart from this, campaign has also been launched against Priti Smoker, who has used the ‘glorified Britain’ and ‘Pride of Conservative Thoughts’ during his campaign campaigns.

Theatcher’s fan and Modi supporters!

Pretenders of Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher were considered popular as Britishers in Britain and Modi supporters in India. In essence, such a discussion took place when Prime Minister Modi traveled to Britain during the former British PM David Cameron’s tenure. Then Cameron had entrusted all the responsibilities of Modi’s visit to Preity. Since then, the popularity of Preity has increased among the Indians, and now it is now that they are present as guests in the main programs of the people of Indian origin in Britain.

Precious to face the support of Bregzit

Preeti had several rallies in support of Bregzit in 2016, while advocating Britain’s separation from the European Union. By giving a slogan ‘Save British Curry’, Preeti had openly oppose and criticized former Prime Minister Teriza. Along with this, Preity also campaigned for the re-election of Boris Johnson, and candidly mentioned ‘Back Boris’ campaign in his rallies.

Such is the political journey of love

Sultan and Anjana Patel’s daughter Preity, from Gujarat’s native India, settled in Uganda to get educated from Britain’s Keel and Essex University. Only after graduation, Priti had started the political life and she was associated with the referendum party, but in 1997 she adopted the Conservative Party. Preeti had contested the first election in Nottingham in 2005, but the first victory came in 2010 when she was elected from Wightham seat. In 2014 the Minister of Love was made Minister of Love and after the election of 2015, he was made Minister of Employment.

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