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Top 10 Best Astrologer in Siliguri List March 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Best Astrologer in Siliguri List March 2023 Updated

In Indian astrology is known as a system inferring the stars of an individual. Astrology claims to define the information about human affairs and also can help you to hint about your future events bad or good that can happen in your future life.Many people believe astrology is the strong power were most of the people think it as business for making money.But astrology depends on person to person  belief. There are top,famous and best astrologers everywhere depend on the location and people belief but here we will find top, famous and best astrologers in Siliguri-


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DR.KARTICK CHAKRABORTY is one of the famous astrologer in Siliguri. He has more than 10 years of experience in Vedic astrology and is highly competent to give a permanent solution to various critical problem that often disturbs our day to day life. Be it wedding, legal problems, career, business, education or relationship, DR.KARTIC CHAKRABORTY’s data of sacredtext pseudoscience has earned him immense eclat across the state. Astrology is the oldest form of all sciences. Self-introspection is so necessary if one needs to include all the positive powers into one’s life.

When we talk about various famous astrologer in Siliguri, DR.KARTICK CHAKRABORTY ‘s name invariably tops the list. His expertise is not just limited to Vedic astrology. He has mastered over subjects like Career, Marriage, Business, Education, Legal problem, Love affairs, Vaastu problem, Conjugate problem etc. His significant works have been published in various international magazines and have been highly praised by the audience. He is also an expert in palm reading and his thinking of Thumb Chakra, Finger Chakra and Palm chakra reading increases his prediction accuracy up to 99 % putting him right at the top in the list of the famous astrologer in Guwahati.

Services : 

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Vastu
  • Tantrik
  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • Gemstone

Contact us:

Contact no – 9577319932

Website :

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2- Dr. Raja Shastri-

A well known astrologer work in siliguri, pradhan nagar offers various services and consultation. You can visit this astrologer for professional consultation for insights and forecasts in matters of your career, education, marriage,starting a new business or want any astrology advice for an old business.

He is amazing in giving expert advice and services to find out the auspicious day or time or date before embarking on an important event or occasion.By furnishing your birth date, time and place of birth, you can avail horoscope reading that will most likely cover various aspects of life, including career,income,position,Power,love life,job,money, business, marriage life, foreign settlement, litigation, physical and mental health. His post years of consultation to a plethora of citizens and his astrology experts has garnered a vast following and considerable base of clients. He doesn’t work on Saturday but is open all days of the week.

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3-Shri Durga Jyotish Samadhan Kendra-

Counted among the most famous astrologers,Shri Durga Jyotish Samadhan Kendra works in Siliguri, and B.P. road.As per the name suggest Jyotish Samadhan kendra, offers astrological consultations. After studying under prestigious, traditional and reputed astrology experts, his professional knowledge has acquired in depth knowledge and wisdom of this ancient science.

He give nearly accurate advice that can help his clients to make fruitful decision in their lives.By furnishing your birth date, time and place of birth, you can avail horoscope reading that will most likely cover various aspects of life, including money,job power,position,marriage life, business, litigation physical and mental health. This astrologer does not consult on Monday else he is open everyday in a week.

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4- Rohny Saha-

He is also among the top most astrologers in siliguri. Rohny saha offers his astrology consultant in Siliguri and Ghughumaali. He acquired deep knowledge from renowned astrology experts,this professional has acquired the best knowledge that can give you the best through near accurate predicament,this expert will give the advice that will benefit not only your life but also career,money, relationship decisions,starting business or more building your current business.

He can also provide the auspicious date on which you can do your important events including horoscope reading that will let you know about your future mishappening or the right date or time on which you can do the auspicious tasks. He is also listed in the list of astrologers which is the most important list.Not only this but several national and international organisations have invited this professional to present the various aspects of his science and take an undue advantage of his Astrology prophisensy. You can consulat this astrologer every day in a week but for 1 hr a day.

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5- Garg Raj Shashtri-

He is also a famous astrologer in Siliguri,Tilak Road and Hakim Para. In 1974, this astrologer launched this establishment with a view to offer expert consultations in the various factors of astrology and related sciences. Since 1974 to till now Gargraj Shastri is providing expert advice to his clients and also giving near accurate predictions which made many people’s life fulfilling.

His clients never do anything without his advice be it auspicious day or time or date before embarking prime event or day.But just giving your date of birth,time and place of birth, you can avail horoscope reading that will most likely cover various aspects of life which will include your relationship status,wealth and anything which you feel like you want to correct or want to have expand.This astrologer work everyday in a week but he exclude Sunday.

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6-Prakash Parashar-

Prakash Parashar started his journey in 1998,since then he is working to offer expert consultants in all forms of astrology and all similar science.He is the most dedicated astrologer that he only works in Siliguri and tries his best to offer best advice to all his clients. He gives forecasts in marriage,career, education, marriage ,starting or maintaining of the business.

You can ask any form of advice related to settlement in your career ,debt, relationship, foreign settlement and all the things which are bothering you or can bother you in the future. Praksh Parshar is an astrologer who can give you advice by just giving your date of birth, time and date. After looking at all these details he will give you expert and knowledge rich advice .He functions twice in a day everyday in a week but closes his service on Sundays.

So, In repactuation these are the famous 5 star astrologers given by random selection of people and mentioned their speciality according to the information given by them. Every astrologer has his fortah and According to your beliefs you can visit anyone as per your understanding and convince..

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