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Top 10 Best Astrologer in Gurgaon List 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Best Astrologer in Gurgaon List 2023 Updated

1. Astrologer N.K. Shandeleyji

Astrology has always been a special aspect in India’s life. Despite whole confidence under the aegis of modern technology, humans still haven’t found control over their fate. The simple reason is because the modern technology is all focused towards the materialistic life.

Astrologer N.K. Shandeleyji founder of Top Astrologer Gurgaon Taking a close look about Shandeleyji and his career, it would be thoroughly evident that his success is never overnight or through some magical blessings. He has been practicing about astrology, vastu, palm reading and other spiritual practices since a long time. At a very young age, panditji started his study, the result of which is quite evident.

Services: Janamkundali, Janampatri

Contact Details :

Call Us: +91-9811449489

Website :


Of course all of us must be aware of the fact that moon has a great effect on the ocean. It plays a major role in creating the waves in the ocean. As I sat in the backyard of my house, surrounded by the lush green environment, topped by the night sky and the sparking gems like stars, I wondered to myself, if this moon can enjoy corridors of power on the ocean, then wouldn’t it have any devastating effect on us too? But alas, I did not have anyone to answer this timid question of mine. So I decided to get down too brass tracks and find out the truth. I felt as if someone is badgering me to obtain the truth behind this question. Here’s what I found out!

Of course the moon pesters the humans too. Its position along with its movements can greatly impact us as humans. And let me tell you that the moon has an army with itself, it is not alone. Wish to know who are competitors are? The moon, the sun, the planets, all of them have entered into a conspiracy and are trying to enjoy much more great powers on the meek humans. So shouldn’t we do anything to save ourselves from the devastating outcomes? But what way out do we have?

Well, we can consult an astrologer! An astrologer acts as an intermediary between humans and the celestial bodies. He understands and studies the motions and positions of these celestial bodies and accordingly tells us what awaits us in the near future. Now if we know what awaits us in the near future, for sure we can then act in the best possible way and the celestial bodies will fail in their attempt to destroy us.

On the flip side of the coin, knowing our future can also help us be prepared in advance to deal with the situations. Of course, that’ll make us less of a fragile and more of a confident person ready to face the world. Also, astrology helps us to relax our mind and body. Now just sit back and think, if you could know what will happen in the near future, so you’ll obviously develop strategies to deal with it. Now when the problem is gone for good, won’t you feel way more relaxed and calm? Of course, you will , right? That is the power of astrology. It can transform you into a completely different person!

I’m sure after having known so much about astrology, you must have become an eager beaver to get the astrology stamp on your life. Worried as to where you should go to find the perfect astrologer? Well, you don’t have to feel down in the dumps anymore! Here I present to you a list of some of the most knowledgeable and intellectual astrologers in Gurgaon who can help you in all types of problems you have been facing for quite some time. So what are you waiting for? Contact them soon!

                            Astrologers in Gurgaon


Call Now–  9577319932

DR.KARTICK CHAKRABORTY is one of the  famous astrologer in gurgaonHe has more than 10 years of experience in Vedic astrology and is highly competent to give a permanent solution to various critical problem that often disturbs our day to day life. Be it wedding, legal problems, career, business, education or relationship, DR.KARTIC CHAKRABORTY’s data of sacredtext pseudoscience has earned him immense eclat across the state. Astrology is the oldest form of all sciences. Self-introspection is so necessary if one needs to include all the positive powers into one’s life.

When we talk about various famous astrologer in Gurgaon, DR.KARTICK CHAKRABORTY ‘s name invariably tops the list. His expertise is not just limited to Vedic astrology. He has mastered over subjects like Career, Marriage, Business, Education, Legal problem, Love affairs, Vaastu problem, Conjugate problem etc. His significant works have been published in various international magazines and have been highly praised by the audience. He is also an expert in palm reading and his thinking of Thumb Chakra, Finger Chakra and Palm chakra reading increases his prediction accuracy up to 99 % putting him right at the top in the list of the famous astrologer in Gurgaon.

Services : 

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Vastu
  • Tantrik
  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • Gemstone

Contact us:

Address:  Kartick Complex,Gurgaon Haryana

BOOKING – 9577319932

Website : 

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  1. Astrology Gains

Gurgaon is industrialized city where lot of people are earning bread and butter for their family but life as we all know is full of ups and down and when problems come, we do resort to spirituality. From astrology perspective point of view, there can be many factors in birth chart which might be the reason for problems in life like:

There might be astrology dosha in chart

Ascendant might be weaker

Divisional charts are weaker

Bad planet period-sub periods are going

Overall, studying birth chart will require lot of expertise and knowledge to reach facts and astroguru anubhav is having good knowledge in the field of astrology to give answers to problems faced. It is due to honest astrology services that astroguru anubhav had got attributes like Best astrologer in Gurgaon by his satisfied clients in Gurgaon.

Services: Career, Marriage, Love & Relationship issues, Health, Business, Wealth, Property & Litigation, Name Analysis, Child Related issues, Birth Time Rectification, Gemstone Recommendation, Progeny, Husband Wife Disputes, Court Cases, Vashikaran Services, Complete Life Prediction Report, Online Puja etc.

You can also reach him on:

Mob No : +91-7217619956, +91-8218143019

Email id :

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2. Astrologer Shandeley Ji

Talking about love astrologer Shandeleyji, he is a renowned name in many parts of the Delhi NCR including Gurgaon. There are a great number of followers of him those are quite educated and are placed in top positions of their concerned sector. Apart from India, followers come to him seeking solutions from the nations like US, UK, UAE, Canada, Russia, Japan, etc. Shandley is also quite popular as Panditji.

Services: Janam Kundali, Love Astrologer, Love Problem Solutions, Palm Reading, Love Back Astrologer, Janampatri

Contact Details:

Mobile No – 9910195126


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I’m a normal human being like you ! I started to learn astrology because of pending karma of previous life ! even I didn’t ever think to learn jyotish in my life then suddenly i took keen interest in it & spent 15 hours a day without doing any work except it, it was awesome time of my life & thanks to saturn & jupiter who blessed me with this divine knowledge, please remember, what karma you did in past life of what you are doing in this life is your karma based theory.I never believed this science earlier because i was in illusions that time but when i entered automatically then i came to know the true destiny of my life which is completely different what i lived in past, i worked in telecom sector more than 7 years with consistence performance!! i was doing fantastic but not happy, suddenly dasha (particualr time period of a planet) & planets transit got changed & my direction got changed because the next dasha promised me to bless with this divine knowladge this is how a person get different events from the different dashas which come in span of life !!


  • Consultation
  • Numerology
  • Remedies/Products
  • Workshop/Seminar
  • Prediction

Address: PlotNo:15, Sector-14,New Plaza Market, Gurgaon

Phone: 9999495916



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  1. MIND and STARS

Dr. Priti Kapoor is a practicing astrologer with an experience of over 20 yrs. in the field. She practices Astrology as a Science and offers advice to her clients with logic and scientific explanations. Her approach is towards educating the clients to make them understand as to why they are facing the problems in life. Subsequently, she offers realistic and practical solutions to their problems. She has very often appeared on television shows and FM channels to share her views with the audience. DD News, Star News, Zee News, India TV, NDTV Good Times, Space TV, Shakti TV have often invited her to talk on various topics. 


  • Astrologer
  • Astro-Numerology
  • Alternate Therapies
  • Online Horoscope

Address : Mind & Stars Pvt. Ltd. 211-213, 2nd Floor Galleria Tower, DLF City, Phase IV, Gurgaon – 122009 Haryana, India

Phone: +91-9560075355


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Prama Chopra is well known astrologer and vastu consultant. Prama ji has written articles for various media publications. Along with rich ancestral vastu and Astrological knowledge. She brings vast academic knowledge of Indian Culture and Religions. The Astrologer Prama is a scholar of Hindu Religion and obtained Master’s Degree in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. She was given certificate of merit by Women’s College, Benaras Hindu University for scoring highest in the University for the subjects Indian Religion and Indian Culture (B.A. Honours). She was also associated with research work in the subject of Archaeology.



Address: Level 6, Wing B Two Horizon Center Golf Course Road, DLF Phase- 5 Sector 43, Gurugram Gurgaon, Haryana India 122002

Phone: +91 9910036899



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Guru Ji Desh Raj is famous astrologer, Vedic astrologer, Jyotish, spiritual consultant, numerologist, palmist with several years of experience. Focusing on professionally deep and extensive, predictive astrology consultations and Vastu consultations to deal with your individual queries and concerns as well as: best astrology for marriage, love, good career, health, emotional status, main life decisions, life evolutions, children, financial issues, office, factory, property issues and relationship concerns.You can find your horoscope reading and Jyotish forecasts and thus you can make the most of your prospects



Address: A-86 New Palam Vihar Phase-IGurgoan

Phone: +91-9717544935, 09868075108



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Born in an astrologer’s family, I developed a keen interest in divinity at an early age. While my friends played games on the streets, I used to spend my time reading voluminous books on astrology during school time. It was a very difficult science to learn, and I lost my only guide! After getting admission in HAU Hissar, I joined University Literary & Debating Society as I had interest in debates and declamations from school time. Because of my debating & public speaking popularity, I was invited to lead the not yet recognised Student Union of College for taking up the issues with University Authorities. Due to Communist influence I became non believer in Astrology. From 1974 to 1989 I was of the view that destiny has no role & only our efforts and hard work gives rise in life. But in 1989, a period came when everything went wrong. Despite hard and sincere work I missed the promotion and my colleagues who had no job knowledge nor hard working but good in visiting houses of bosses got promoted, I was transferred to UP & had to live alone there leaving my family in Gurgaon where I had my own house. All these circumstances compelled me to study Astrology in depth and systematically I took admission at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Jyotish Praveen, thereafter Jyotish Visharad and then joined research oriented classes under the guidance of Shri K N Rao. Used to attend classes on weekends on way back from Muzaffarnagar to Gurgaon. Being alone, I had enough time to deeply study the subject at workplace & started analysing the charts of colleagues and their family members. Practice makes a man perfect. We learn more from analysing more and more charts.


  • Matching horoscopes for marriage
  • Relationships
  • Infertility in males and females
  • Career problems
  • Medical astrology
  • Remedial measures

Address: NM-16,Old Dlf Colony, Gurgaon, Haryana(India)

Phone: +91 – 99716-33300



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Astrology is a requirement when you want to know about various solutions to your problems and Krishna Astro Solutions helps you overcome every bit of it. Being an expert in this field he has made a lot of customers happy with his services. He can also tell you about your problems and hardships that you might face in the future along with the remedies for the same. Using your kundli to define what you are going through is his forte and he does this with full commitment.


  • Kundli Match Making
  • janm Patrika
  • numerology Report
  • vedic Horoscope
  • remedial Horoscope
  • vastu Consultation
  • palm Reading

Addtress: 390/8, Gali Number 33, Sector 12, Jacobpura 122001 Gurgaon (Delhi NCR

Phone: 9810527992

Website: /–e112950

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Guruji is a Mechanical Engineer by Academic carrier. He did their job as a production IM & Quality Engineer for five years. After leaving their job he dedicated towards Astrology and occult science blessing of their Guru Ji “Shri Narayan Dutt Shrimali Ji” make him a good astrologer and Jyotish Guru . In different area of occult science. His experties in Astrology, Palmistry, Lal kitab, Yoga meditation, Vastu, Manter sadhna, Occult science and much more. Guru ji is a famous write and editor. He is chief editor of monthly magazine “Astrology for Good Life”. He is the famous author of many Astrological & Gemological books. Interviewed by Zee Zagran, shardha and other channels on merit and aired on the national channel. Vedic Astrology explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. A well experienced Vedic Astrologer can predict your future and tell you the remedies for your problems. Neel Astrology have panel of Astrologers (well experienced in astrology consultation) to advice you remedies for your problems.



Address: 6-C, Mehrauli Road, Sector 14, Gurgaon-122001

Phone: +91 124 4055 575, 98996 54400

Website :

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Astrology is the most ancient science from time and memorial. This science was continuously researched and updated by various scholars, saints and scientists, which culminated into the most concise, accurate and practical Vedic branch of Astrology known as ‘’THE LAL KITAB‘’ A teenager from Punjab, who had almost lost his eye sight completely at the tender age of 19, was admitted to the hospital for 2 months, with both cornea’s damaged, where the doctors had given up the hope for him to regain his eye sight. He then turned to the power of the “LAL KITAB” and by performing its simple remedies, regained his eye sight completely. This triggered a revolution inside him and he vowed to spread its power and knowledge to the world.



Address: 507, Udyog Vihar Phase III, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana-122016, India

Phone: +91-124-6674671



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To help you make the right choices, we provide more information about astrology, you may want to contact us with a question or to clarify a decision. The best, most efficient way to consult is getting prior appointment. One consultancy can change your life. Astrology is capable to remove your all obstacles and give you health, wealth and peace of mind.


Address:  Shree Shyam Jyotish Kendra, 142, Akashneem Marg, DLF Phase-2, Sector 25, Gurugram, Haryana, 122002
Phone: +91-9990176000+91-9999097600

Rajat Nayar is a professionally acclaimed top Indian astrologer in Gurgaon, India, serving people with his astrology knowledge for over 33 years. He has learnt the art of astrology in his early years and since them, easing the life of millions of people through logical and scientific explanations. Pandit Ji work hard to educate people and to make them understand the basic reason behind the problems they’re facing in their life. He takes everyone’s problem at a personal level and strives to provide the best and permanent solution. Pandit Ji believes in the horoscope and birth chart analysis of every individual, as it reflects one’s actions and Karmas they’ve done in their past life. The horoscope analysis helps him to take the further actions and suggests the right path of happiness to follow. If you are residing in Gurgaon then there is good news for you. There is an astrologer in Gurgaon who can come to your rescue when everything else fails. This astrologer in Gurgaon is a great man who is expert in the field of astrology and easily heals the life of people who need the best astrological remedy.



Address: C – 501, Gateway Towers, Sector – 4, VAISHALI NCR – DELHI PINCODE – 201010 INDIA

Phone: +91 93500 59046



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  1. Sunil Vashist

Sunil Vashist is asia offering usefull tips and remedies with accurate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope for all signs, numerology readings. We believes in the horoscope and birth chart analysis of every individual, as it reflects one’s actions and Karmas they’ve done in their past life. The horoscope analysis helps him to take the further actions and suggests the right path of happiness to follow. If you are residing in Gurgaon then there is good news for you. There is an astrologer in Gurgaon who can come to your rescue when everything else fails. This astrologer in Gurgaon is a great man who is expert in the field of astrology and easily heals the life of people who need the best astrological remedy.


  • Horoscope
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Vaastu
  • Yoga
  • Matrimonial

Address: C-6, Sector – 14, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Phone: 098996 54400


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  1. Ravikant Shastri

The expert here is fully trained in all aspects of your vashikaran and astrology. Our mentor guru Ravi Kant Shastri Ji is one of the pioneers in the field Vashikaran and people appreciate their judgment and foresight. For years she has helped countless individuals to overcome problems in their lives and fulfill all your dreams and aspirations. astrologer in Gurgaon  Ravi Kant Shastri Ji provides incredible services for any type of relationship problems or problems in your business and career


  • Business Problem Solve
  • Job Problem Solve
  • Child Dispute Solution
  • Family Problem  Solve
  • Get your Love Back
  • Extra Maritial Affair

Phone: 9911764305



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16 . Vashikaran Specialist In Gurgaon – Pt. S K Shastri

Astrologer Pandit S.K Shastri who is world famous Astrologer,Vashikaran specialist,Love Marriage Specialist astrologer in India based in Gurgaon|Gurugram firstly we need to understand the Meaning of Vashikaran and Love Marriage Specialist which is given below.who is called for love marriage problem solution Pandit S.K Shastri get consult. Love is pious and pure; it connects people with each other. It is said that love acts as a medicine. We all in our lives, crave love to seek in our lives and stay with us forever. We all want to be loved, to be taken care of and to understand the importance of relations. When we are surrounded by love, everything that is around is feels good and positive, the bad fades away and we just want to belong there for the rest of our lives. But finding true love is not very easy, and once found it, difficult to let go. Everything that nurtures in life is because of love, we see a child grown up so big because of love and connection. Affection attracts you to people. If someone compliments you, you smile back at this gesture of them and are happy to receive it. So love is surrounding us at all the time to keep us in a bond so special and



Address: SCO 4,1st Flr, Part 2, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana, 122001 India

Phone: 088725 81103


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Astrologer Pooja Sharma has helped many clients achieve their desired optimum potential with a combination of ancient Indian Astrology and very simple to do remedies from Lal Kitaab. Many followers have visited the Astrologer Pooja Sharma after having met many other renowned Astrologers and were extremely satisfied with the results. Few of the Testimonials received are just a glimpse of her very happy and satisfied fraternity of followers, which is increasing by the day. The success story of Astrologer Pooja Sharma so far is the “word of mouth advertising”. Having received the encouraging response from the Astrology followers, she has decided to benefit more and more people through her practice of Astrology, and in this process launched this website.



Address: D12/11b,Ardee City,Gurgaon

Phone: 9250096898


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18. Divya Vaani Astrological Consultancy

Divya Vaani Astrological Consultancy is a registered firm for all types of Astrological Consultation, Vastu Consultation, Numerology Predictions, Palmistry Consultation, Face Reading prediction, Therapy treatment, Vedic Mantra, Kaalsarp Yog, Puja-path and Online Horoscope services in Delhi NCR And Gurgaon.  Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra is one of the well known names in the field of Astrology and allied science. With more than 20 years of valuable experience, Dr. Mishra is specializes in love, astro legal, marital and astro medical predictions. He mingles latest technological advancements with traditional wisdom and offers genuine solutions to clients across the nation.

Contact Details

Ph:  +0124-2303769
+91 9999282754

Email id :

Address:  442/12, Jacobpura , New Railway Road, opposite Maa Guest House, Gurgaon. (HR) Pin – 122001

Website :

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19. Krishna Astro Solutions

Krishna Astro Solutions is the one-stop solutions for all kinds of astrological needs. You will find a professional service from us. We are the certified astrologer with nearly 25 years of experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation in the field of astrology .We are the ideal astrological point to seek service for Tarot Card, Horoscope Making, Mahurat, Vaastu, Kundali Matchmaking and all other related services.
Whether you want to set a proper date for your wedding or looking for a proper service regarding Kundali making, you are on the perfect platform to seek an apt service from the best astrologer in Delhi NCR

Services :

Gemstone, Astrology, Vaastu, Matchmaking, Career Guidance

Contact Details :

Address: 390/8, Gali Number 33, Jacobpura, Sector 12, Gurugram, Haryana 122001 Gurgaon Haryana 122001


Phone: +91 70112 00192


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20. Ragini Shree

Ragini Shree (World’s Best & famous astrologer based in India, No 1 Vastu Consultant & Numerologist). Ragini, a professional astrologer, believes looks can be deceptive and maintains a low profile without pedantry. She stresses on vedic knowledge and spiritual insights during consultations with people who approach her from world over. She has always made true predictions on the basis of mixture of astrology and spiritual enlightenment. Ragini’s expertise is in demand across the world with majority of people approaching her from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, News Zealand, and UAE.

Services : Astrology, Vastusasthra, Numerology, Matrimonial, Maglik Dosha, Other Problems

Contact Details :

Ragini Shree
Ph: +91-978300-00-13

Visit Place:
House No – 194, Gate No 1,
Sector 46, Gurgaon
Pin – 122001.

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Are you lost in the meandering path of life where loss and pain are your only friends? If yes, Pt. Pawan Kaushik is a ray of hope for people seeking a divine hand and exceptional assistance to cope up with grief and distress in their lives. Pt. Pawan Kaushik began his spiritual journey at a very young age. Born in a family of astrologers and priests, he began learning the basics of astrology and Vastu since his early days. His precise and extensive knowledge was passed on to him by his ancestors. Blessed by the Almighty, he has been practicing and serving people for more than 20 years and is today regarded as the Top astrologer in India.



Address: 2nd floor, C-29 Omaxe City Centre Sector 49 Sohna Road Gurugram Haryana IN 122001, 49, Sohna Rd, Block W, Uppal Southend, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018



They are all the Best Astrologers in Gurgaon if you are a astrologer and you want to name your name in this list then contact us at this no – 7015614933.

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