5 Reasons why digital marketing is the next version of traditional marketing

 5 Reasons why digital marketing is the next version of traditional marketing 5 Reasons why digital marketing is the next version of traditional marketing

We are living in an era of technology. This digitalized world is using technology in every field and we have become highly habituated to technology for every need. Infact we cannot imagine our daily life without technology. Whether you have to wash a cloth or you want to bake some good food, everywhere you need technology. So technology is also making a great contribution in marketing. It brings a revolution in marketing sector. It makes marketing digital and responsible to evolve various strategies and technique in marketing. Inclusion of technology in marketing led to evolution of a term called digital marketing. It makes more efficient for brands utilization and awareness.

Digital marketing is actually a marketing technique which involves selling, purchasing, and advertisement of a products and service through digital medium, like: internet, mobile, TV, radio, etc.  Different digital marketing strategies are used by marketer’s in business promotion and marketing, like Social media optimization, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, ecommerce marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, content automation, email marketing, campaign marketing, advergaming, and many more.

Digital marketing in context of marketer


Of course the changes bought by digital marketing is very friendly to marketers. It becomes competitive but success can be achieved by continuous efforts using effective digital marketing strategies.  Some advantages of digital marketing in context to marketer’s are:

  1. User’s nature can easily be read via their search and accordingly planning can be implemented to increase customer’s traffic.
  2. Implementation of Remarketing, a tact of advertising of a particular products to a specified group or individual customers based on their searches, is very helpful in increasing sales and user traffic in website.
  3. Users’ feedback on products and services will be helpful in products and service modification according to user.
  4. Marketers can interact with customers directly for new ideas and can easily understand their need and requirement, which can be helpful in planning strategies and evolving their services.
  5. Digital marketing is consistently evolving new ideas of marketing and advertising technique using various modes of technology like sms marketing, mms marketing, email marketing, etc.

Digital Marketing in context of Customers:

Digital marketing has great impact on customers as well. Now it has become easier to get products and services of your choice. It is not only marketers who are getting profit of digital marketing, it is customers who are getting more profit. Here are some advantages of digital marketing in context of customers:

  1. It’s very easy to get a great deal and offers on your favourite brands, products, and services through various digital medium, like: sms, mms, emails, etc.
  2. Customers get a cost effective and transparent mode of selling, purchasing and other marketing activities.
  3. Now information is easy to access at fast rate through internet.
  4. Customer can directly contact to marketers even through contact number any time, and from anywhere.
  5. They have platform for submitting any request, feedback, and problems regarding any products and services. These feedback and queries are helpful to other customers.

Digital Vs. traditional marketing:

Digital marketing is new innovative marketing strategies and based on technology. Obviously it brings some positive changes in marketing with respect to traditional marketing. Let’s focus on these positive changes are:

  1. Digital marketing can result in relatively lower cost than traditional marketing in context of external service cost, promotion cost, advertising cost, control cost, interface designing cost, processing cost, etc.
  2. Smo enhances brand awareness among customers and present a transparent marketing with lower cost as well.
  3. Marketing becomes more specific to target or you can say that it is based on segmentation, whether it is business to business or business to customers.

Digital marketing model Infographics

Modern digital marketing is based on proper planning and its execution. In order to achieve success in business, marketers should follow some strategies. Here are few strategic model which can serve as a base to develop a proper framework to follow for successful digital marketing. Three types of fram works:

  1. Reach

A process to reach customer in according to advertise products and services through various techniques and strategies either offline or online. It includes Search engine optimization, Pay per click, partner marketing, online advertisement using various strategies, online PR, and social media marketing. These all strategies are used to increase user traffic or visitors on website. It is being used for brand awareness.

  1. Act & convert

It involves activities of converting visitors in to customers. Actually it is an act of impressing a visitors to involve in marketing activities like selling, purchasing, creating or an account on website. It includes social e-commerce and effective designing of various pages of website, like search page, browse page, basket page, checkout page, category page, product page, etc.

  1. Engage

It is a strategy to keep consistency in revisiting and engaging customers and visitors on a website. It includes strategies, like: content marketing, e contact, social CRM, mobile marketing, customer service and support, feedback section, newsletter and promotional emails, etc.

Digital Marketing Model Framework
Reach Act & convert Engage
Advertisement Conversion rate Content marketing
Emails Designing various page Promotional activities
SMO Social commerce Newsletter emails
SEO Mobile marketing
Sms marketing Sms marketing
MMS marketing MMS marketing

This framework is evolved according to objectives, goals, target, and strategies ofcourse. Marketers should first line-up their objectives of marketing, then set a definite goal for a time limit, and obviously strategies should be developed based on goals and objectives. Types of user and your objectives will definitely define a proper strategy which brings success in your business. Final words should really include that digital marketing is really a next version of traditional marketing with evolution in strategies and medium but with the same objective, to serve customers with best services and products.



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