How To Measure Customer Satisfaction

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction

You enter a general store, see an array of products standing in a queue, waiting to be selected. You come to a product, check its specification while the product’s heart beat rises and it speaks to itself: finally I have got a customer! But then the nine day wonder comes crashingly to an end when the customer puts the product back in place. And there the products sobs, again going into the vicious cycle of ‘waiting’. The product thinks to itself that what can it do so that it becomes the apple of the customer’s eye. Well, do you know the answer to this question? Well then, read on and find out the answer!

It is rightly said that “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers” because happy customers is the best business strategy. But how are we supposed to satiate the needs of the customers? Follow these simple steps to success!

  • UNDERSTANDING is deeper than knowledge:

It is extremely essential that you understand the needs of the customers and bring in something in the market that is in sync with the customer requirements. If you bring in something that is different and yet very much in demand, your business will surely be set on the crest of a wave!

  • SURVEYS step in as a helping hand:

In this busy world, people hardly have time to redress about your product. But it is your duty to responsibly take in their feedback and analyze where you are going wrong. I’m sure you must be wondering how you can conduct surveys possibly in every part of the country. Well then, technology comes in knocking at your door! Why not make use of social media platforms and e-mails and even phone calls to take in feedback from the customers. And yes, don’t forget to give them a rating scale for a more precise feedback! I’m sure this will be of great help to you!

  • COMPETITORS are not enemies, they are people who keep reminding you of your own shortcomings:

One must always take his competitor in his stride. It is good to take an initiative and invite customers and take their feedback as to why their competitors and better and in what terms. This will help you to make products in accordance to the customer requirements and will ultimately help you attain customer satisfaction.


These are the best ways to measure the satisfaction level of your customers. A happy customer will come back for your products and services again and again. Customer loyalty is attached to the likelihood of repurchasing your goods and services. It also helps you gain confidence in your products. And do you know what follows it? Well, when customers are happy with your services, they also recommend your company to their friends and relatives! And then this allows your business to bask in the glory of success!


Have you ever received those automated phone calls where in you are supposed to press numbers for telling your satisfaction level with the service you recently availed? Well, these services could effectively fell under the roof of ‘monitoring’. It makes customers feel valued and hence they willingly give their honest feedback. Now, what should be the next task? Try to contact the customers who are not satisfied with your services and figure out the reason behind this. It could help you address a major flaw which your product might be facing and you are unaware of. So, why not go in for some effective monitoring to measure your customer’s satisfaction level?

In the end, I would just like to say,

“Know about what your customers want the most and what your company does the best and ultimately focus on where these two meet”. Trust me, you will never go wrong this way! So,are you ready to bask in the glory of a profitable business venture?

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Bhanu Garg