What is Long Term Effects Of Living In a Technological World

What is Long Term Effects Of Living In a Technological World

Technology is not just a tool, it can give learners a voice that they may not have had before. Rightly said, today we live in a world that is propelled by technology. Right from our mobile phones to washing machines to laptops, everything relies on technology. Can we imagine even a day without technology? Of course not! How many of us have actually pondered upon the fact that what all technology has given to us and would continue to give in the near future? Oh, I can see only a few distant hands out there. Never mind, if this thought hasn’t been a bee in our bonnet since long, let us now come together and think upon it then. So are you ready to put on your thinking caps?

Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life, without which one dies. For sure technology has given birth to effective communication and cut down the time for communication by leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when people used to wait for weeks to get the reply letter. With the advent of technology, a reply is just a click away!

Health is wealth, right? Well, the technology has left no stone unturned to boost the healthcare sector. With artificial robots assisting in surgery to real time guidance from doctors across the world, technology has made everything a cake walk! Don’t you agree with me?

What next? Oh yes, how can I forget the ‘comfort’ that technology has provided us! From the days when people had to walk miles to the days when cycles came up to the days when cars came up and now finally with the cabs just a click away, technology owns it all. All of us surely live the life of Riley, I must say!

But yes, since every day drowns itself in the subsequent night, similarly every object has a cartload of disadvantages that follow it.

While on one hand we feel that technology has made us enter into our comfort zone, but we, on the flip side of the coin tend to forget that growth happens only out of our comfort zones. We ignore the fact that we are becoming completely dependent on technology as it holds all the corridors of powers and cracks the whip to ensure that we dance to its tune. Don’t believe me? Well then, tell me how many of you can live without a mobile phone for a day? I can see many of you have got a face like a wet weekend already! This is how slowly technology is taking over us.

Another factor that we have quite ignored is unemployment. We always blabber about employment opportunities and mechanization at the same time. Little do we realize that the modernization of technologies is strangling the employment opportunities. Employers are replaced by machines. Surely technology can be a useful servant but a dangerous master!

Gone are the days when parks and playgrounds would echo with the hustling and bustling of little children, playing and running around. Today, what we see are empty parks with people stuffed in their rooms, smacking away distractedly in front of their computers, playing video games, using social media etc. All thanks to the ever-increasing technological advancements. And did you know what this has finally resulted in? Well, one can very well see the rise of obesity in small kids, topped with severe diseases like diabetes. Kids have less stamina and are comfortable wearing those heavy spectacles! They are isolated, but little do they realize. They are simply pinned to their computers, being deprived of the fresh air. This is what technology has brought along with it.

For sure times have changed with the advent of technology and the subsequent growth in its usage. But have they changed for the better or for the worse?

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