Nutritionist Salary in india : How to become nutritionist in india

How to become nutritionist in india
How to become nutritionist in india

A nutritionist is a person who is responsible for someone developing a diet plan based on their personal medical and dietary needs. It is a nutritionist’s work to study that which affects the human body. To become a nutritionist, you first need to get the appropriate certificate. If you are interested in this career, then here’s a way to train to become a nutritionist.

How to become nutritionist – training to become nutritionist

  • Analyze your own nature

 Before starting a career as a nutritionist, you should first consider your personality and skills. To do well in this field, you must have passion for biology and other human sciences. You should be patient because jobs will be included in research. You should also be innovative and a person should think about how to present an idea that will interest him in his health. You should be interested in health and must be passionate about learning because new studies are always coming out, so this job will constantly update the study of your knowledge base.

Make your college diploma with a recognized high school

You must be a high school graduate or your GED should have a four-year college or university program. You can go online to find a list of schools. To help you get the track, also check with your Career Counseling Office at your school. Ensure that the nutritionist or dietitian program or public health program you are taking is accredited by the Dietetic Association. During your coursework you learn about many topics related to biology, chemistry, statistical analysis and other medical research.

Take practical training

As part of your training, you need to work with genuine patients for a period of at least twelve months. This learning period will help you get certification. Apart from this, there is nothing better than implementing your theoretical knowledge for real life practice.

eligibility requirements:

To make a career in this field, it is mandatory for students to have 12th pass from Home Science or Science stream. After 12th, students can do Bachelor Degree, Master Degree or Diploma Course in this field. To pursue a year diploma course, it is important to have a Bachelor in Food Science, Home Science or Biotechnology.

Essential Skills:

All kinds of food items have to be kept in depth information. This information will be available only if you have the ability to do research. Apart from research, there should be effective communication skills.

employment prospects:

There are both government and private job options in this field. Employment opportunities will be available at Health Center, School, Hospital, Sports Club, NGO and Gym. Apart from this, people in this hospitality sector are also given jobs. At the same time, many corporate companies also hire people with this profession to take care of their employees’ health and well-being.

Major Courses:

PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
PG Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition
BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics
MSc Food and Nutrition Science

Major Institutes:

Calcutta university
Delhi University
Central Food Technologist Research Institute, Mysore
Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi
Punjab Agricultural University, Punjab
Indira Gandhi National Open University

Nutritionist Salary in india

A fresher can earn between Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 per month. After gaining a good experience, you may touch Rs 30,000 plus. “In government hospitals, with the Sixth Pay Commission, the salaries have risen to Rs. 25,000,” says Namrata. Nutritionists working in the private sector will have differing pay amounts.

The last word

This area has increased because more and more people are becoming more conscious about living a healthy lifestyle. There are also many career options for nutrition experts working in the food industry as counselors, researchers and product developers in both public and private sectors.

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