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Difference between and

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Difference between and

WordPress is one of the popular open source CMS (Content Management Systems), accessible to a large number of users, developers, and support communities. hosts your site for free while does not host your site for free and requires technical expertise to do so. is free. It is easy to use, does not require any maintenance. As in the case of, the use of plugins is allowed, it also supports customization, but it is not free. Self-hosting is required.

Definition of is a prehosted version of WordPress that provides a platform to create blogs and websites, in which users do not need to host their own site, it can be hosted on a WordPress server. Whatever domain you choose for free, can be upgraded to a domain name without the “” part. Free hosting does not provide many options. It is limited to certain types of services. This is a good platform for beginners.

It provides full maintenance, free or premium analytics, plugins, setup, upgrades, backups, security, hundreds of themes where we can improve its CSS but does not allow custom themes. is the site where you don’t need to do anything. It handles all the developed work on its own. You do not need to buy software, manage a web server, or pay for hosting.

There are some limitations with this site. For example, by default your domain name includes, you cannot improve the coding of your site, upload any themes or plugins. Your site will remain free for life, but you will have to pay to upgrade for more specifications.

Upgrades also allow you to use a custom domain such that you can use anything as a domain. Apart from this, upgrading also uploads the appearance of your site, videos or photos and many more. WordPress keeps your site safe and spam free. All you have to do is choose your blog name and focus on your content. This site is liked by everyone like blogger, photographer, artist etc.

Definition of is a self-hosted and billable version of WordPress where the user is responsible for hosting a blog or website. It offers a huge customizing option. is used to gain more flexibility and control over the design and functionality of your website or blog, but the user is responsible for maintaining the components of their site such as themes, plugins, core, security, etc. Huh. is an Open Source and 100% free site for anyone to use. All you need is a domain name and web hosting to work on it. This is why it is also known as self-hosted WordPress. is the site where you can manage your blog or website. You can find free WordPress software and install it on your web server.

This gives complete control and freedom to your site, including WordPress software. Most WordPress showcase sites are built on self hosting. With full control it also takes full responsibility of the site on the user. Everything from technical dealing to security issues has to be managed by the user.

The main difference between and

  • If you pay for premium plans then comes with built-in analytics, cannot be integrated with Google’s tools. In contrast, offers you to install one of several analytics plugins.
  • hosts its blog on a WordPress server. When using, the user is responsible for hosting.
  • provides full-fledged customization. In contrast, offers limited customization.
  • monitors your website or blog for security whereas in the case of, security depends on the users.
  • requires technical aspects for site management and maintenance while users are not required to manage and maintain their blog or site while using
  • WordPress has no access to SEO, and the user needs to register a domain to improve SEO. As supports many SEO plugins that can help a user to increase SEO.

The conclusion is a good option for beginners, users who only want to host their personal writing and do not want to manage CMS and hosting. On the other hand, offers a customized platform, but users cannot host their blog or site on a WordPress server. has limited management options while offers unlimited capabilities for customized.

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