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Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO Services?

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Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO Services?

Nowadays, the use of internet has become one of the most important parts in our daily routine. There are lots of things that we can use through the internet.

We spend a lot of time on the internet, whether you are using a social media platform to connect with your friends and family, or shopping for your desired product online. The internet has marked its place in our daily life.

The internet provides us with the most useful details, information, and knowledge about anything that we are looking for. For example, if you want to buy a smartphone, just type “smartphone” and your web page will be filled with some products and information regarding your search query.

Have you ever thought how these related search results are displayed?

All these ranking factors are displayed because of a powerful internet marketing technique known as “Search Engine Optimization” also termed as “SEO” in short.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps search engines to find, search, understand and rank your webpage ahead of various other web pages related to your search query.

In other words, SEO is useful in generating organic web traffic to a particular website or link through search engines.

Google, Yahoo, Bing,, are some of the popular search engines used for SEO strategies.  Out of these, Google is the largest search engine commonly used by most of the internet users.

But before proceeding further, we need to know that “search engines are not living beings”. Search engines understand only text and contents written on the webpage.

Unlike living beings like humans, search engines do not enjoy lively music, attractive colors or creative designs, instead of these search engines “crawls” throughout the world wide web in search of particular “search term” in form of text to learn what a particular webpage or website is about.

A search engine goes through several processes to deliver relevant search results. These processes are known as crawling and indexing.

What is crawling?

The search engines use a software known as a spider or crawler that helps in crawling the web, searches different aspects and relevance of web pages.

Google spider connects and follows links from one page to another and keeps indexing whatever it finds on its way.

As we know that there is an uncountable number of web pages on the internet, even Google spider cannot visit a webpage or website on daily basis and check recent updates on websites.

Sometimes, these crawlers may not visit your webpage for more than 60 days also.

As mentioned above, crawlers are text-only software. They do not understand images, java scripts, flash, videos, password-protected pages, etc.

If your website has above-mentioned factors implemented on your website, the website won’t be crawled nor indexed. In simple words, they won’t be taken into notice by search engines at any cost.

What is index or indexing?

Indexing is the second step after the crawling process. Once a webpage is crawled by the spider, it indexes its content.

Those pages that are indexed are then stored in a massive database structure on the web.

The index processing identifies the content or text that describes the page properly and consigns it to a particular keyword or set of keywords.

It is an impossible for humans to execute these processes and extract information. This is the reason, search engines are best for these tasks.

While developing a website, be sure to optimize your webpage accordingly so search engines may easily optimize and collect proper information.

When we enter a query or search term on the search engine, a search request is processed by search engines on the web. The search request compares the search term in the indexed pages stored in the internet database.

Eventually, it would find more than one page from numerous other pages that contain the similar search term. In this case, the search engine will calculate the relevancy of all indexed pages according to the search string and then display relevant results.

Search engines have several algorithms to calculate the relevancy of web pages. These algorithms are based on several other factors like keywords, keyword density, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, H1/H2 tags, links, etc.

Due to different algorithms followed by different search engines, each search engine displays the different result for the same search query.

Google is the largest search engine and it frequently goes through major algorithm updates to display more relevant and effective results.

Due to these major updates, it becomes necessary to implement latest updates on your website to stay on top of search engine rankings. Thus, SEO efforts are necessary to rank on top of search engines.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a planned process of various strategies combined to improve the organic ranking of a website on major search engines like Google.

Hiring an expert SEO agency can help with all your SEO needs and implement their strategies according to Google’s guideline to prevent the downfall of your website rankings. Additionally, they will ensure that your content is implemented accordingly.

A professional SEO company will make sure that everything on the below-mentioned checklist is implemented in a proper way:

  • URL structure
  • Meta tags
  • Website content
  • H1/H2/H3 tags
  • Canonical
  • Robots
  • Sitemap
  • Schema
  • Page speed
  • Google analytics
  • Google webmaster
  • etc.

Opula Software – Best SEO agency in Surat will make sure to help our clients gain brand recognition and attain top position on major search engines.

As a top SEO company in India, Opula Software can help your brand or website increase organic reach with the help of our SEO expert team.

At Opula Software, we know how SEO can be processed in a planned manner that will help in improving search engine rankings. Whether you are a start-up company or an established business, we can help your website to rank high in our result-oriented SEO strategies.

We have proven SEO strategy that works for all businesses

Get in touch with Opula Software – Best SEO Company in India, and watch the difference in your website traffic, page rank, increase your sales and generate new leads.

Bhanu Garg

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