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How To Start Affiliate Marketing Step By Step 2021 Updated

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing Step By Step 2021 Updated

A Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is very popular these days and the great source of income for the professional bloggers. So check out how to get started affiliate marketing guide step by step for beginners.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How To Start With It?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning the income by promoting the products and services of other people or company. You can promote the products on different channels and earn the share of profit for the conversions. If you want to know how to start with it, check out these four simple steps.

  1. You find out a product from the promotion.
  2. You sign up the affiliate program available on their site.
  3. You get a code or a special link that allows the advertiser or merchant to track the people who clicked on the link.
  4. If they purchase the product, you get a commission.

How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing Step By Step?

Check out in detail how to start affiliate marketing for beginners step by step by this useful affiliate marketing guide.

Step 1- Select the Product

It’s crucial to select the right product as you should have the idea about it. It’s always better to choose the product based on your occupation or interest or blog. So that you can reach the right audience to click and purchase it.

Step 2- Start the Website

This is an important step of the affiliate marketing guide. You can promote the product through various channels like email marketing, social media but promotion through the website is the best way to earn income fast. So create the website by using a content management system such as WordPress if you don’t know the technicalities to create the site. For an instance, if you are very passionate about the travel, you can create the blog or website based on travel tips. Also, you can select the travel services related to flight booking or packages for promotion.

Step 3- Research Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate networks available. But you need to choose the best that can relate to your blog or website.

Here is the list of best affiliate networks in 2017 according to High Paying Affiliate Programs

  1. Click Bank
  2. Rakuten
  3. CJ Affiliate by Conversant
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. ShareaSale
  6. Ebay
  7. Avangate
  8. Flexoffers
  9. Avantlink
  10. RevenueWire
  11. Trademantrra

So choose the best affiliate program to get the maximum benefits and income.

Step 4- Join Affiliate Program

It’s free to join almost all the affiliate programs or networks. You need to provide the details of your credit card or PayPal information. You need to provide the information about your website. So simply add your website created in the above step of affiliate marketing guide.

Step 5- Choose Online Ad Models

There are six types of online ad components of affiliate marketing so choose the best online ad model. Check out the brief detail of all.

CPA– “Cost per acquisition” means the amount paid to an affiliate for the predetermined action including lead, sale, newsletter subscription.

CPS– “Cost per sale” is the amount paid to an affiliate for the sale of the product. For an example, if any product of 100$ is purchased by the user then the advertiser will pay the share of that amount say 5$ per sale.

CPL– “Cost per lead” means the amount paid to an affiliate for every lead a merchant or advertiser gets. For an example, a sign-up form is filled by the user so the cost will be provided say 5$ per lead.

CPC– “Cost per click” refers to the amount an advertiser pay to an affiliate when someone clicks an ad.

CPI– “Cost per install” means the advertiser or application owner will pay to the affiliate each time a new user installs an application or apps onto their smart phone or mobile devices, tablet, or desktop.

CPM– “Cost per mile or cost per 1000 impressions” is the price paid to an affiliate by an advertiser for 1000 impressions of an ad.

So choose the right model you think you can make more profits by promoting an ad.

Step 6- Promote the Products

After the selection of the right model, choose the product and promote it on your website. Add the code of the online campaign on the web pages of your site where there are maximum chances of people to take an action. For better results, use the sidebars of your website because it has the maximum exposure. Also, you can also write two to three lines about the product and put the ad under it for the users and increase the chances of clicking it the and may you get conversions. In addition, you can also follow the best content marketing practices and publish the post specifically related to an ad and get good results. It’s advisable to promote the related content frequently to increase the reach and visitors to the site and to get a handsome income from the affiliate marketing efforts.

Step 7- Measure Your Success

The last step of this affiliate marketing guide is to measure the success of your ad and get an idea about the tactics that are working well and that aren’t. If you find any product that can get more sales on your site, you can even produce the specific content which gives you the opportunity to market it in a better way.

So use Google Analytics to study the important metrics and understanding of the demographics of your audience. You can also tailor your content accordingly and get more visitors in that segment of the demographic. Pay attention to your posts that are performing well and getting more visitors. If you find that some posts are getting more hits in comparison to the others, put additional affiliate links on them. So focus on what yield results and eliminate what doesn’t work. The analytics provided by your affiliate program will let you know which type of ads are working and which ones aren’t.

So by studying this useful affiliate marketing guide, start your earning now by joining the best affiliate program.


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