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How To Promote Your New Mobile App With Best Tools & Strategies?

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How To Promote Your New Mobile App With Best Tools & Strategies?

Mobile users are growing significantly year by year. So building mobile apps for the mobile devices is an effective way to make the profit. Although people prefer free apps than paid ones but if your app is productive and attractive than they can even get sell.

How To Promote Your New Mobile App?

 The Major problem with mobile app developers like you is they are techies and lack marketing skills to promote the mobile application. So in order to promote the app and to find the right audience to talk download and share the app, there is a need of solid tools and useful strategies for the promotion.

What Are the Best Promotional Tools for Your Mobile App?

Check out what are the best tools to promote an app free and pay only when you get the download or install.

  1. AdMob

AdMob is Google’s advertising platform used for the mobile app promotion. AdMob is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can connect your AdMob account with your AdWords account for the promotion. By doing this, you can create the mobile app campaigns for install. The main benefit of this promotion and advertising platform is AdMob Mediation, which allows you to create campaigns that serve ads to your app using your own inventory, absolutely free of charge

In addition, you can easily integrate it with Google Analytics to access all the useful metrics and including user acquisition, engagement, sessions, app version, screen size revenue, screen views and more. Also, check out the below video for promoting your application.

Actionable Tips

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account and go to the tab “Promote.”
  2. Under “All apps”, select your new app you want to promote. Now select a “New campaign.”
  3. Create your Ad by clicking on “+New ad,” select the required format click “save.”

Then continue and select the criteria based on following-

Geo locations: The locations you want to target.

Languages: The languages you want to target.

Devices and OS versions: The devices and OS versions you want your promotion.

Demographics: Select the age genders of the customers you want to reach.

Advanced targeting: Here you can use audiences created in AdWords to target on AdMob.

  1. Now go to “Budgeting and Bidding” option and choose from the following options

Daily budget: This is an average amount you’re willing to spend per day.

Schedule: Here you can schedule your campaign.

Campaign name: Enter the appropriate name for the campaign.

  1. Save the campaign and it will start running as soon as it has been approved by Google.
  1. MoPub

MoPub is Twitter’s mobile publishing platform for iOS and android mobile app promotion. Also, it allows businesses to optimize and manage and analyze the performance of campaigns through reports and metrics. Also, to set up, sign up and you are required to connect your app to your account before you receive the dashboard access and then you will able to access the performance of your application. So for more details check step by step process.

Actionable Tips

  1. Go to
  2. On the dashboard section, navigate through inventory tab and click ‘Add a New App’ as shown below.
  3. Select the ad format and create the creative’s
  4. Install and load your creative’s
  5. Preview and test the ads
  6. Load the Ad and your ad is ready to run.
  1. Fyber

Cross-promotion program by Fyber is an effective way mobile app promotion and get the huge number of downloads to your apps so follow the below-mentioned steps for mobile app promotion through Fyber.

Actionable Tips

  1. Contact to activate cross-promotion for your Fyber account.
  2. Check the below-mentioned screenshot and click on cross-promotion in the Ad Monetization Dashboard
  1. Click Add Campaign to promote your new mobile app as shown below.
  2. Select the ad format you would like to use.
  3. Indicate frequency cap, impression cap, your target countries and applications to cross promote.
  4. Choose a tracking provider and schedule your campaign.
  5. Enable your campaign by contacting your Account Manager.
  6. Monitor your campaign performance in the Reporting section.

Best Mobile App Promotion Strategies

Follow the best mobile app promotion strategies in order to get more exposure and also interaction of your app to the larger audience and maximum downloads.

  1. Submit Your App to Multiple Stores

It’s not sufficient to submit your android apps to Google play store and iOS apps to App store. But you need to put more efforts to submit on other stores as well. So here is the list of other mobile application stores.

  1. Promote App through Free Content

There are free services such as It’s a voting community for the startup that ranks apps submitted every month end. So if your app idea is good enough, then it might even be on the front page of the site for the month if it gets enough votes. The site is the best option if you have the same app for different operating systems as they accept Windows, Blackberry apps and iPhone apps as well. In addition, this is an effective technique if you are looking for boosting the downloads.

  1. Submit Video

Create videos on YouTube and Vimeo showing how the app can be useful to people and entertain them. In addition, try to make the video using with a clear understanding which is can lead to more shares. Also, when are pitching your email your subscribers for review of your app, make sure to send them the video link. In addition, you can embed the code of the video in most of the articles to develop awareness among the people. So that your app can get maximum exposure and interaction with the possibility to get many downloads.

  1. Use Social Media Channels

Social media can be extremely useful to drive huge downloads for your new app. Submit your app to social media like Stumble upon, MeetUp Reddit, etc. and if your app gets an attention of the user or group members, then you might be in for some better number of downloads. So remember to submit to the Reddit Android section.

  1. On Your Blog Or Website

 If you own a website or in case you are a blogger, then you can promote the mobile in many ways. Also, check out the list of activities you can perform on the site.

  1. You can create the banners or creative of different sizes and utilize the free space for the promotion of the ad. Because this will create brand awareness in the initial phase of the promotion of mobile app.
  1. You can specifically create the blog or post about your application including features and benefits to the users for downloading the app. For better results, you can also embed the video in the same post explaining the app and its usage. At the end, you can insert the link to download the app. Even you can promote this to various channels and due to high proposition value, people will surely going to download it.
  1. You can add the mobile app download banner at the prominent positions of the web pages of your site to increase the downloads.

So these are the few mobile application promotion tips for getting the maximum downloads of the app.





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