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What Are the Benefits of Using Onion Hair Oil?

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What Are the Benefits of Using Onion Hair Oil?

Think of onions, and you would think of an intense and sharp-smelling root-based household vegetable. You are right. That’s the kind of reputation this beneficial vegetable has. But there is a lot more to it as well. It is rich in sulfur and potassium, two of the building blocks of our hair. Therefore, it does make sense to consider some of the best onion hair oil benefits that we may avail for our hair care routine. 

Haircare experts advise that the key to getting these benefits is using a hair care oil free of harmful chemicals and toxins. This would ensure that you get the best grade and experience of this vegetable’s essence and that you can translate the lead into availing a better hair care experience every day.

Onion Hair Oil: Benefits

There are many types of onion hair oils in the market, some with good quality and some with not-so-good quality. We want to distinguish various products as per the presence of natural and toxin-free ingredients in them. Opting for a hair care product that does not contain any harmful chemicals is sure to give you a better result, especially over time.

Here are some of the best-known onion hair oil benefits:

  1. Treats excessive and frequent hair fall
  2. Reduces dryness and dandruff
  3. Prevents breakage 
  4. Reduces split ends and tangles
  5. Strengthens hair follicles and roots
  6. Maintain pH of the scalp
  7. Prevents premature graying
  8. Addresses the issues of pollution and free radicals on the scalp
  9. Reduces itchiness and inflammation
  10. Promotes faster hair growth
  11. Offers natural conditioning 
  12. Makes the hair shinier and stronger

These onion hair oil benefits can be enhanced with regular and proper usage. However, it is also important to eat a healthy diet and follow an active lifestyle.

Which is the best onion hair oil in the UAE?

Given these benefits and advantages, it surely makes sense to know the best grade of onion oil that you should use to get the maximum benefits. However, the touchstone of opting for a good-quality onion oil remains the same. Yes, you should always go with something natural and free from toxins. This would help you have maximum benefits with regards to your hair care regime. 

One brand that offers only natural and toxin-free skincare and hair care products is Mamaearth UAE. It is Asia’s first brand to be certified with Made Safe certification for the same reasons, and it is also certified by PETA because it does not test its product on any animals. 

We recommend you try its Onion Hair Oil. As one of the top 5 online hair oils in Dubai, it comes enriched with the purest grade of onion oil and Redensyl. In addition to these two ingredients, it also comprises the following natural ingredients:

  1. Almond oil: It is rich in Vitamin E and magnesium. It strengthens your hair and deeply nourishes them, thus keeping dryness out.
  2. Castor oil: It contains proteins and vitamins that increase blood circulation to the scalp. It also facilitates the absorption of other ingredients in the hair roots.
  3. Bhringraj oil: It also improves blood circulation and prevents hair fall. The presence of Bhringraj oil makes this onion oil a natural conditioner.
  4. Amla oil: Rich in iron and Vitamin C, it prevents premature graying and helps you have longer and shiner hairs. It also helps reduce dandruff.
  5. Redensyl: It is a safe and toxin-free ingredient that helps boost hair growth, thickness, and overall health. It is considered the best alternative for people advised to undergo a hair transplant.

With these onion hair oil benefits, you should give it a try. Most hair care experts too advise doing the same. 

Tip: These benefits are also important given the hot and dry climate of the UAE. You may understand that your hair roots would always need something deeply relaxing and soothing to help them get rid of the pollutants and free radicals- and what could be better than opting for something as naturally beneficial as the onion hair oil?

Hair serums you can try

It is often amazing to follow the application of this hair oil with a gentle hair serum. Since we are talking about onions hair oil benefits, you may note that you can multiply its good effects by using a matching hair serum of the same grade.

Here are two of its best hair serums you may buy online and for a better home-based hair care experience:

  • Mamaearth UAE Onion Scalp Serum with Onion and Niacinamide for Healthy Hair Growth 

If you are looking for a powerful solution to all your hair care woes, you should go for this onion hair serum. It is enriched with red onion, pea sprouts, niacinamide, and aloe vera juice. These ingredients minimize the breakage, stronger hair roots and follicles, and reduce scalp infections. 

  • Mamaearth UAE Onion Hair Serum with Onion and Biotin for Strong, Frizz-Free Hair

Are you worried about frizz, tangles, frequent breakage, and a lack of shine in your hair? Then, it’s time you try this onion hair serum. It comes enriched with onion seed extracts, olive oil, biotin, and D-Panthenol. This hair serum also comprises sulfur that strengthens the hair roots and helps you have a natural shine. 

We recommend you use these safe and natural hair serums at home to have the best experience of onion hair oil benefits. However, it is also just as important to have a nutritious diet, follow an active lifestyle, and stay away from stress. Most hair care issues arise from not adhering to these guidelines.

Summing up

Opting for natural and toxin-free products may seem like a new trend, but it is not the one without a lot of benefits. We welcome you to start with opting for some simple to use regular hair care products, like oils and serums, to know their great worth. You can always switch to a full-fledged hair care routine comprising only toxin-free products over time.

With all the goodness of nature, Mamaearth UAE is here to offer you the best experience with your routine care- be it for skincare, haircare, body care, or even baby care. You are only a decision and product away from changing your life for the better. We recommend you consider these onion hair oil benefits and make that switch today!

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