Benefits of Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen 2023 Updated

Benefits of Mamaearth Ultralight Indian SunscreenBenefits of Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen

Benefits of Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen

Pile on any number of skincare products, but the protection that a sunscreen offers you is hard to beat. That is why you would hear dermatologists and beauty experts insisting on this product so much. The reason? It saves your skin from sun damage and eventually reduces the chances of skin issues like hyperpigmentation, tanning, and sunburn. 

If you have been searching for a sunscreen in the UAE, we are sure you would have stumbled upon Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen. A quite recent addition to Dubai’s beauty market, this sunscreen brings a lot of benefits in one bottle. And this article is all about them. Keep reading to know why Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen should be your first choice!

  • No More Sun Damage

The main task of any sunscreen is to save your skin from the sun’s UV rays. That being said, not all sunscreens offer the same level of protection. There are several SPF ratings that determine how effective a particular product is. And as you would have guessed,

Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen is a winner in this parameter. The cream contains SPF 5 PA+++ that means it gives extremely high UVA protection. This way, it can prevent sun damage effectively. 

In addition to the effectiveness, SPF rating of Ultralight Indian Sunscreen also denotes its long-hour protection. Usually, you need to apply sunscreen after every 2 hour. But with Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen, you can skip that part as it gives protection for a full 6 hours! 

  • Prevents Tanning

People have a love-hate relationship with tanning. They take out time to sunbath on beaches to get a golden hue. But while a little tan does look good, too much sun exposure can end up with side effects like sunburn and hyperpigmentation. A long exposure for years can also increase chances of skin cancer.  So, be on the safer side and add sunscreen in your skincare routine. Get Ultralight Indian Sunscreen Online and bring back your glowing complexion.

The sunscreen contains ingredients such as turmeric that reverses tanning while improving your skin’s complexion. It also have antibacterial properties that can heal your skin and protect it from rashes and irritation. 

  • No White Cast Left Behind

You definitely need sun protection but that doesn’t mean you would want to look like a vampire. So what should you do with the white cast that sunscreens leave behind? Simple. Just switch to Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen. The cream contains natural ingredients such as orange oil and carrot seed oil that penetrate your skin deeply without leaving any residue behind. Carrot oil also moisturizes your skin to make it more smooth and supple.

What more? The cream is lightweight and gives you non-greasy and soft skin. This means, you don’t just prevent the chalky white cast but also get flawless skin.  

  • Free From Toxins

If you haven’t noticed yet, let’s reveal that Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen contains only natural ingredients. Or that it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins.  Be it parabens, silicones or mineral oil, you won’t find a single trace of any ingredient that can have a bad impact on your skin. The brand follows the same safety rules for all Mamaearth products – babies and adults alike. That is why, it has gained a wide customer base not just in India but UAE too. 

Additionally, the cream is also dermatologically tested. This gives you all the more reason to buy it online now!

  • One Cream For All

This Sunscreen is especially curated for Indian skin tone but that does not mean only specific people can use it. In fact, the cream is known for its universality when it comes to genders and skin type. 

So, whether you are a male or a female, or have oily or dry skin, this sunscreen will suit it all. Even people with acne-prone skin find this sunscreen super-safe and effective. That’s one main USP of this Mamaearth product. Just don’t use it for children and babies as their skin is much more sensitive than adults. For kids, there is a special section with products ranging from sunscreen to body lotions. You can explore that. 

Coming back to sunscreen, If you are still not sure, check the reviews of Ultralight Indian Sunscreen Online and see what makes it the best.

The Bottom Line

From highest sun protection to safety certificates, Mamaearth Ultralight Indian Sunscreen covers it all. Add it to your daily skincare routine and you won’t regret the decision, ever. In case you wish to know more about the product and its price, just head to Mamaearth’s website. You can also explore other skincare products and upgrade your vanity!

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