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Top 10 Watch Manufacturers in USA List 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Watch Manufacturers in USA List 2023 Updated

  1. Vortic Watch Co.

About Us: Of all the American watch brands we bring you today, Vortic Watches are probably as close as you will get to a watch truly “made in the USA”.

They begin with vintage American-made pocket watch movements. These are fully restored by US watchmakers while still maintaining the original dial, hands, and movement. The cases are titanium, 3D printed in New Jersey, and later assembled in their Fort Collins, CO headquarters. Additional components, such as the crown, strap, case inserts, and casebacks, are all also manufactured throughout the US.


Address: 517 North Link Lane Unit A, Fort Collins, CO 80524



  1. Autodromo

About Us: As suggested by the name, Autodromo watches possess a clear influence from cars, particularly those in the so-called “golden age of motoring”.

All of their pieces are designed in-house, with vintage cues and minimalist themes being evident throughout their diverse model line. Their watches have become so intertwined with the automotive community that, in 2018, Ford commissioned them to design a wristwatch to sell along with their Ford GT Supercar.

Although admittedly a greater watch enthusiast than a gearhead, we have been keeping an eye on Autodromo for quite some time. Their Group B series, which draws aesthetic inspiration from the Group B rally cars of the mid 1980s, have always piqued our interest.

Products/Services: Watches, Sunglasses, Accessories, Straps

Address: Headquarters:PILOTA Molenstraat 2, Meulebeke, Flanders, 8760, Belgium

Phone: +32 51 62 45 04


  1. Keaton Myrick

About Us: Oregon-based Keaton Myrick is an independent craftsman who specializes in custom, handmade timepieces. He makes 12 or fewer watches a year and uses tools loved by watchmakers decades ago. A graduate from the Lititz Watch Technicum, Myrick is all about exclusivity; he designs and manufactures everything in-house, from dials and hands to bridges and screws. When it comes to restorations, Myrick is picky. But if you’ve got something truly special, he’s the person to contact. The Caliber 29.30 that resides in my 1 in 30 pieces is designed and manufactured in house.  The circular grained finish radiates outward from my in house manufactured balance wheel beating at a graceful 18,000bph.  The hairspring is free-sprung and uses four 18k rose gold weights for regulation.  Above the balance is a black polished and anglaged bridge sitting atop two German Silver “feet”, paying homage to the Observatory Tourbillons of Guinand, Pellaton and Batifolier.  The large three-quarter bridge pays respect to the horologically captivating state of Saxony, Germany.  The large, screwed center wheel chaton is made from steel and black polished, pressing the brittle ruby jewel into the hardened steel chaton requires the utmost in precision, and yields a striking aesthetic.  The click system, residing entirely in the crown wheel consists of 22 components and draws it’s inspiration from the fantastic Grand Sonnerie winding systems.  All gold accents on the mechanism and the dial are 18k rose gold and finished with fine graining and polished bevels.  I practice traditional finishing techniques throughout the mechanism.  All steel components are meticulously heat treated, angled by hand and black polished.  Screw head slots and diameters are beveled and polished.  The ratchet wheel and central click wheel are finished with a traditional German “snailing” technique.  Done by hand on a Levin 10mm lathe this finish results in a beautiful play of light and almost 3 dimensional look.  The hands are flame blued and have a beautiful purple/blue luster, the boss’ are black polished and chamfered to a high polish. 

While the architecture and design of the mechanism is set I am open to discussing certain minor aesthetic changes with perspective clients. Screws and other steel components can be blued if that is to your liking.  The steel balance bridge can be made from Gold and other bridge material can be discussed as well.  I enjoy working with clients one on one to make sure they are getting a watch that is truly one of a kind and unique to their collecting style.   


Products/Services:  Promotional Products, Alarms, Albums, Appliques, Aprons, Awards, Backpacks, Badges, Bags, Balloons, Balls, Balms, Bandanas, Bands, Banks, Banners, Barbecue Equipment, Barware, Baskets, Batteries, Bells, Belts, Bibs, Binders, Binoculars, Blankets, Blanks

Address: 160 South Oak St  #138

Sisters, OR 97759

Phone: +1-541-390-6461


About Us: Distributor of new & used testing electronic equipment & devices. Electronic equipment & devices include AC ground integrity analyzers, AC leakage current testers, AC millivoltmeters, audio analyzers, manometers, microwave leakage detectors, battery testers, network cable testers, non-contact thermometers, cable/harness testers, cable modem analyzers, CCTV testers, earth ground testers, semiconductor testers, IC testers, Hipot testers & LAN testers. Capabilities include calibration & repair.

Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992.

Established in 1992, Test Equipment Depot has been providing the finest test equipment solutions at the ultimate value for over 30 years. We serve as a distributor to more than 140 premium manufacturers. Our extensive warehouse allows us to house a large inventory to ensure that the products our customers are shopping for are in stock and will ship the same day.

Our factory-trained technicians completely refurbish, align, and calibrate all pre-owned equipment to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Whether it is new or pre-owned equipment, our rigorous quality control assures that the product you purchase will be the best possible. Don’t settle for second best! Shop online or call us today to discuss your test equipment needs.

Products/Services: ACR, Additel, AEMC, Agilent, Altek, AMETEK, Amprobe, Armada Technologies, Atrix International, AV Tool, Avcom, Avex, BK Precision, Caulkmaster, Coast, Crescent, Desco, DK Technologies, Druck, Duracell, E-Mon, Eagle Eye, ECG, Eclipse, EdgeTech, Elenco, Erem, Extech, EZ Digital, Fieldpiece

Address: 5 Commonwealth Ave, Unit 6, Woburn, MA 01801-1069

Phone: 800-517-8431



About Us: Distributor of corporate apparel, uniforms, gears, and promotional items. Products include bibs and coveralls, coats, headwear, hi-visibility products, outerwear, pants, shirts, vests, aprons, dresses, duty gears, bags and cases, desk accessories, drinkware, and food gifts. Available with various features, specifications, designs, materials, and colors. Offers custom embroidery, digital printing, four color process, full color process, pad printing, and silk screening for promotional items. Commercial printing and direct mail services are also available.

At Marudas, we deliver quality items, from corporate apparel, uniforms, and gear to printing and promotional products. But what you get is so much more. We know that ordering through Marudas is an investment in your business and work, so that’s why we invest so much into your business with our Marudas print services and promotional products knowledge, service, and quality assurance. You see, we base our success on your satisfaction and we do everything we can to guarantee success.

The best part of our business is how we use our knowledge: We use it to execute your projects to your specifications but with the most effective and efficient processes. Our experience and guidance will make your job much easier.

Our bottom line is that we provide quality products with competitive pricing. As a result, we consistently offer a value that simply can’t be beat.

Marudas Print Services & Promotional Products is a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Products/Services: A4, Adams, Adidas, Alo, Alpha, Alternative, Apples & Oranges, Ash City, Ashworth, Augusta, Authentic Pigment, BagEdge, Bella + Canvas, Boston Leather, Callaway, Carmel, Champion, Chestnut Hill, Code V, Daystar, Devon & Jones, Doggie Skins, Econscious, EcoSmart, Edwards, ERB, Forcstum, Fruit of the Loom, Gemline, Gildan

Address: 20 Yorkton Ct, Saint Paul, MN 55117

Phone:  888-204-8512



About Us: Distributor of laboratory chemicals, equipment and supplies. Products include thermometers, pipets, burettes, microscopes, hydrometers, hygrometers, forceps, prisms, dishes, crucibles, clamps, burners, beakers and jars. Available in different specifications. Chemicals such as iodine, aluminum sulfate, ammonium carbonate, barium sulfate, ascorbic acid, boric acid, borax, calcium carbonate, citric acid, magnesium chloride, nickel sulfate, agar, pepsin, phenyl salicylate, potassium meta bisulfate, potassium sodium tartrate, polyvinyl alcohol and starch are available. Applications include medical, clinical, school, university and industrial labs.

A Laboratory Supply Company for more than 40 years. San Jose Scientific is a family business that began providing laboratory supplies and chemicals to the Silicon Valley In 1967. Thanks to our amazing clients and a top notch customer service team, we now provide quality lab equipment, lab supplies, chemicals, and laboratory glassware and plastic nationwide through our online store. At the beginning, our clients were primarily small labs that needed fast delivery of the everyday laboratory supplies that keep them in business. Today, we continue to honor these small labs with no minimum order requirement, a 10% discount on orders totaling over $150, and a rewards program that allows customers to qualify for additional discounts based upon the cumulative value of their annual orders.

Products/Services: Acrylic Products, Adapters, Additive Manufacturing Materials, Additive Manufacturing Systems, Adhesives, Aprons, Armor, Balances, Balls, Barometers, Barrels and Drums, Beakers, Benches, Blades, Books, Boring Machinery, Bottles, Boxes, Brushes, Bulbs, Burets, Burners, Cards, Cases, Cells, Chambers, Charts, Chemicals, Clamps, Clay

Address: San Jose Scientific, 1043 Di Giulio Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Phone: 408-727-7301



About Us: Supplier of promotional items and advertising specialties. Various types include apparel, bags and cases, pens and writing instruments, travel and leisure products, desk and office supplies, electronic products, and drinkware. Imprinting capabilities include silk-screening, color transfer, embroidery, pad printing, laser engraving, and 4-color process printing on white or clear labels. Offers optional multi-color imprinting.

Since 1981, we have been offering our clients, both small and large, impactful, innovative, strategic solutions, from imprinted promotional, ongoing programs and company stores. No matter what your budget or time frame, don’t settle for just any old thing off the shelf.

Products/Services: Acrylic Products, Adapters, Adhesives, Advertising Specialties,,Novelties, and Promotional Products, Alarms, Albums, Appliques, Aprons, Awards, Backpacks, Badges, Bags, Balloons, Balls, Balms, Bandanas, Bands, Banks, Banners, Barbecue Equipment, Barware, Baskets, Batteries, Bells, Belts, Bibs, Binders, Binoculars, Blankets, Blanks

Address: 1843 Peeler Road Suites A & B, Atlanta GA 30338




About Us: Advertising novelty manufacturer of promotional products. Products include awards and plaques, bags and backpacks, calendars, clocks and watches, corporate apparel, flashlights, food gifts, hats and caps, key rings and magnets, knives and tools, greeting cards and notebooks, pens, toys, water bottles and mugs.

Products/Services: Awards, Backpacks, Bags, Calendars, Clocks, Clothing, Disaster Preparedness Supplies, Emergency Power & Lighting Supplies, Flashlights, Gifts, Hats, Hurricane Response, Plaques, Watches

Address: 7105 SW Varns Street, Suite #150, Portland, OR 97223

Phone: 503-620-0770


  1. APPLE

About Us: Manufacturer of industrial computers and accessories. Products include notebook computers, personal computers, microprocessors, local area networks, digital audio platers, laser printers, workstations and word processing software and electronic printers.

Products/Services: Chips, Computers, Monitors, Networks, Players, Printers, Servers, Software, Workstations

Address: One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: 800-538-9696



About Us: The company was founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss investors. It took over Shokosha Watch Research Institute (founded in 1918) and some facilities of the assembly plant opened in Yokohama in 1912 by the Swiss watchmaker Rodolphe Schmid.

The brand Citizen was first registered in Switzerland by Schmid in 1918 for watches he sold in Japan.[3] The development of this brand was supported in the 1920s by Count GotōShinpei with his hope that watches could become affordable to the general public. The growth of Citizen until World War II relied on technology transfer from Switzerland.[4]

Citizen launched the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993 and has remained a pioneer of this field. Synchronized to atomic clocks, these watches are accurate to within one second in one hundred thousand years.[5]

The Skyhawk A-T line features radio-controlled timekeeping. The watches can synchronize with radio clocks in Japan, North America, and Europe, automatically selecting the correct frequency by location. The watch actually tracks two time zones—home and world—but synchronizes to the ‘home’ zone. When traveling, the user may swap the ‘home’ and ‘world’ zones, thereby enabling proper time signal reception on a different continent while retaining the other time. The day, date, and daylight saving time settings are set automatically when the watch is synchronized. These features are comparable to the synchronization with atomic clocks found in Casio Wave Ceptor watches.

The Perpetual Chrono A-T synchronizes with the atomic clocks in Colorado or Germany, depending on signal strength and location, and incorporates Eco-Drive technology, so it does not require a battery.

Products/Services:Watches, Atomic timekeeping, Bulova UHF movement, Chronomaster, Contemporary watches, DCP clasp,  handheld televisions,  computer printers

Address: 1200-T Wall St., W., Lyndhurst, NJ 07071-3616

Phone: 201-438-8150

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