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Top Startups in Bangalore, Startup Companies Bangalore

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Top Startups in Bangalore, Startup Companies Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the famous cities in India that is commonly known as IT capital of India and Silicon Valley of India. From several years it has become the home of startups. Most of the people who are not residents of Bangalore also invest money in startups in Bangalore. If you are in search of the best Startups in Bangalore, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will know about the best startups in Bangalore which has grown immense success in recent years.

But before going further firstly you must know about startups and types of startups. Here you will know about startup and things related to startups.

What do you mean by Startup?

The word startup is very trending these days and you must also come across to the word but you never get the proper definition of a startup. The startup is actually a newly founded company which can be developed by one or more people to create a new product in the market. Basically, it is like a company that focuses on unique creations of products and services that are highly in demand by consumers. Initially, they have limited revenue to invest so they search for investors to provide funds in their startups. In other words, you can call the business a startup when it is its initial stage of operations. A person must focus on several things before initiating a startup to make them successful. If you don’t execute your ideas of startup properly then there will be more chances to get failure.

Difference between startup and business

Most of the people think that business and startup are the same but actually, they are not. There is a huge difference between startup and business which you will understand by this article. Some of the points are mentioned below which makes the difference of business and startup clear to you.

  • Risk – Though the risk is involved in everything whether it is a startup or small business. But the level of risk is different in both the fields. In startups as people are involving in new product and service so there would be more risk level as the product is new and they don’t know that reaction of the public. On the other hand, there is less risk in business in comparison to startups.
  • Fund – Another big difference between business and startup is fund. Startups require funding from others and the investors who fund the startups needs ownership in exchange of funds. On the other hand, the business has control by its owner they do not give a part of ownership for the fund.
  • End objective – the end objective is different from startup and business. The startup can change its business model if it doesn’t execute or work well. It is considered to be a temporary organization. But on the other hand, it is necessary to remain unchanged in the business.
  • Growth – there is a huge difference in startup and business in terms of growth. Startups initiate its operation with the main of getting success and immense growth quickly. On the other hand, a small business doesn’t focus on instant growth.

How many types of startups?

Basically, six main types of startups have different goals, require different funding and marketing strategies.

  • Lifestyle startups
  • Large company startups
  • Small business startups
  • Scalable startups
  • Social startups
  • Buyable startups

What things are required to make a startup successful 

You must focus on several things that can help you in creating a successful startup. There is a higher chance of startup failure if the plan is not executed well. There are many more things which must be kept in mind before starting up any business. Some of them are:

  • Initiate your work with a powerful plan – planning for a startup is different and execution is different. When you create a plan you must focus on future necessities and uncertainties that can come in future. So you must create a flexible plan that can be changeable with the situation. The main objective of the startup is to get success quickly so if you don’t execute or follow your plan properly there would be more chance of failure. You must be quick in deciding to make your startup successful.
  • Create networks – it is very crucial to create links and connections to have a successful startup. Networks play an important role in business owner life the more they have connections the more they get success. Most of the companies fail due to lack of connections. To create connections and network create a LinkedIn account and join groups.
  • lead from competitors – in every field you will have some competitors. Many people are having the same products as you but you must be better from them and you should follow the latest trends. You must read the mind of the consumers and provide them with the best so that they chose your product and services over your competitors. You must be smart enough to understand your competitor’s strategies and beat them to make your startup successful.

Best startups in Bangalore

Bangalore is the house of startups there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have initiated startups in Bangalore some of them are the citizens of the IT capital hub and some belong to other cities. Bangalore is the place where you will find one of the most successful startups as it provides all the required surroundings and resources that can help a startup to become successful. Here is the list of some best startups in Bangalore that have grown tremendously in very less time.

Top 20 startups in Bangalore are:


CommonFloor is one of the startups in Bangalore that was developed in 2007 by Lalit Mangal, Vikas Malpani and Sumit Jain. The main purpose of the common floor is to provide apartment management solutions to the people who are in search of the house. The platform offers the opportunity to the landowners, house owners and tenants to publish their offerings and needs related to buying or selling house/flats. Initially, they have started as a small company but within no time the company got huge success and became India’s leading real estate portals. The company got fund by Google Capital and Tiger Globe and now it comes in the list of Quikr for USD 200 million.

People can contact the common floor through mail or call. Its mail ID is and contact no. is 1800180180180.


Practo is inaugurated in 2008 by two engineering graduates Shashak ND and Abhinav Lal. They were too young when they established Practo. They have started the company as an online health service the idea came into the mind of Shashank when he manages the health record of his father and takes advice from the doctor overseas. The platform allows digitalizing records and users can make appointments with doctors and also can take online consultations. Now, their startup has got successful and now they are working in 36 cities and 5 countries including Latin America. They have contacts with 2 lakh doctors, 5,000 diagnostic centres and 10,000 hospitals. The startup got funding by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and has more than USD 124 million funding. The company’s contact number is 088805 88999.


Moonfrog is another startup in Bangalore which is developed in 2013 by Oliver Jones, Ankit Jain, Tanay Tayal, Kumar Puspesh and Dimpal Kumar Maisuriya. The company’s formation purpose is to create a gaming community. Mark Skaggs is the director of Moonfrog Labs. The company got funding from Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital. You can contact the company through its mail ID and telephone number 080-4664-2999.


Housejoy was founded by the two entrepreneurs Sunil Goel and Arjun Kumar in January 2015. They have created this startup intending to provide online home services to the customers including services like maintenance, home repairs, electrical services, laundry, cleaning and many more. With the increment in the startup, they also started providing services like beauty and bridal makeup. The company has grown rapidly in several years and created about 22 million funding from Amazon.

You can contact the company in various ways. You can call on the phone number 080-3312156 or customer care number 1860-123-4569. You can also mail on its email ID


Zoomcar is one of the leading startups in Bangalore. The company was the first one which has focused on self-drive car rental. It was started by Greg Moran and David back in 2012. Now, the company has grown successfully and providing its services in major cities like Pune, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Hyderabad. It offers an opportunity for people to rent their vehicles. Now, the company has also launched its new service PEDL that is a bicycle rental service. The company has created over USD 20 million and is planning to increase its funding. Its customer service phone number is +91 80-6000-9666.


HackerEarth is one of the popular startups in Bangalore that was founded by Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash in 2012. It is a technology-based startup which aims at providing recruitment solutions to the business world. The company has a client list in which some of the popular names like Adobe, Wipro, InMobi and many more come. Its email ID is and call no. is +1-650-461-4192.

Tap Chief 

Tap Chief is a popular startup in Bangalore which is discovered by BIYS Pilani Alumni Shashank Murali, Arjun Krishna and Binay Krishna. The main aim of establishing the company is to provide a platform where people can call experts and professionals to get advice across domains. It provides services in finding and organizing calls with the experts. You can contact with Tap Chief through mail ID and phone number +91-9606053267.

Ninza Cart

Ninza Cart is a startup initiated in May 2015 by Ashutosh Vikram, Sachin P Jose, Vasudevan Chinnathambi, SOIL alumnus, Sharath, Thirukumaran, Kartheeswaran and IIM-Kozhikode alumnus. The company provides a platform to the farmers to their products straight to the shopkeepers. You can contact to the Ninza Cart through email ID and call number 888444207.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy is a popular startup in Bangalore which is based on creating and selling exclusive electric two-wheeler. Its main motive is to develop high quality and zero maintenance vehicle. The startup was initiated by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013. For more queries about Ather energy, you can contact through phone number +91-7676-600-900 and email ID


Ginger Cup is one of the successful startups in Bangalore that was initiated in 2015 by Deepak Bansal and Devleena Neogi. The company got funding through Sanket Gupta and Rahul Shah. The main aim of the company is to provide a creative advertisement for the customers. Basically, the company is an expert in tea and coffee branding. It allows the brands to create a connection with the audiences through writing marketing messages on paper cups. Its client list includes names like Uber, BookMyShow, OYO, etc. You can contact the company through email and phone number +91-888-444-2846/47.


Leadsquared is another startup in Bangalore which was founded by Nilesh Patel. The main objective of the company is to guide clients in getting leads across the web. It helps people in marketing Automation and CRM software for businesses. It also helps you in getting lead management and sales management. You can get in touch with the company by the call on phone number 080-46801265 and its website is


Porter is a startup in Bangalore which was founded in August 2014 by Pranav Goel and Uttam Digga. The main objective of setting up the company is to provide truck and tempo hiring services to the customers and businesses for their delivery purposes. It provides benefits to companies like traders, e-commerce, FMCG, SMEs, 3PLs, Cargo and courier. Its client list includes names like Flipkart, Amazon, Parle, Argo, Ola store, etc. It has got $6million in funding from Sequoia Capital. Its headquarters is in Bangalore and you can send mail on and call on +91-80-4410-4410.


Embibe is the popular startup in Bangalore which is an online website of entrepreneurs who guides the students to prepare for entrance examinations such as CET, AIIMS, JEE, etc. The company was developed by TCS employee who wants to help the students in their studies for competitive examinations. Currently, the company is providing benefits to about one million students. Its contact number is 1800-3130-02020 and +91-7666597555 and its email ID is


GamesKraft is a popular startup in Bangalore which is related to the gaming industry. It is founded in 2017 by Prithvi Singh. Basically, its main purpose is to create online games for Indians. Rummyculture and gamezy are produced by the company. Gamezy is associated with cricket games and Rummyculture is associated with Rummy platform. It is one of the most successful companies which is providing gaming platform in Bangalore. You can get more details through


Babajob is a startup in Bangalore based on the recruitment service industry. It was founded by Sean Blagsvedt in 2007. The main motive of the company is to provide a platform to the customers through they can easily find the job. It allows people to post their qualification online and also allows companies to find an employee. You can create contact with Babajob through phone number 088800 06666.


Clear Tax is a startup in Bangalore which is developed by Archit Gupta. The company is a partner with various experienced Charted Accountants, Harvard Alums, BITS and IIT. They have all the professional people in their company who know about finance, accounting and taxation. The main aim of the startup is to provide customers with a platform where they can get the knowledge to file their Income Tax returns with more tax deductions in less time. You can have contact with Clear Tax through mail ID and


Razorpay is a popular startup which is related to online payment and other payment methods. It is initiated by Shashank Kumar and Karshil Mathur. It provides the platform to businesses to accumulate money through online methods like debit card, credit card, net banking, MobiKwik, PayUmoney, Airtel Money, PayZapp, Ola money, Jiomoney, etc.


Bluestone is one of the most successful startups in Bangalore which was founded by Gaurav Kushwaha in 2011. It is continuously growing in the field of certified jewellery. The success rate of the company is about 2.5 times to the previous year. The main objective of the startup is to provide high quality and unique collection of jewellery. Rattan Tata from Tata groups also invests in Bluestone. You can send them a mail on CS@BLUESTONE.COM and call on 1800-419-0066.


Lookup is a startup associated with the mobile application industry which is founded by Deepak Ravindran in 2014. The main purpose of the startup is to create a link between you and general stores of your area. Its main aim is to provide a platform where customers can create home delivery of groceries and easily books tickets like movies, shows, etc.


Citizengage is a Bangalore based startup which was initiated in 2015 by Pronita Saxena and Ashish Malayil. The main aim of establishing the company is to guide the people to reuse their waste items. The platform provides a platform where they connect waste assemblers and processors who can recreate things from waste materials into useful resources. You can contact the company through its email address

Above mentioned are some of the best and leading startups in Bangalore that are growing very fast. 



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