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Career in Software Testing India : software tester salary in india

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Career in Software Testing India : software tester salary in india

Do you want to pursue a career in software testing? If you want information about Software Testin then in this post we will tell you in detail that Software Testing Here, we will give you information about career scope, jobs, best college and fees etc. in this industry.

Today, the scenario of the whole world has changed due to computer. Computers have made many tasks easier, in which new Softwares contribute a lot.
Without this the computer cannot do any work. Therefore, software is required to execute any work and the software engineer does the job of developing them and the software tester tests these software. Software Tester has an important role in any software devloping process. The average Salary of software tester in India with 2-3 years of experience is $5500 (Rs 3.9 lakh per annum). On the other hand, the average salary of a QA analyst is $8700 per annum (Rs 624000) and the salary of a software test engineer is $6700 (Rs. 475000) per annum.

Software Testing Career

To make a career in Software Testing, the candidate needs to be from 10 + 2 PCM subjects. After this, a career in this field can be made by doing a related course from Software Engineering or Computer Science.

Nowadays, many institutes and colleges offer courses with certificates and diplomas in Computer Science or Software Testing. Along with this, International Software Testing Course is also available by the International Softawre Testing Board, after qualifying, you can do a job in the field of software testing in addition to the country and abroad.

In this, students can take courses like BSc in Computer Science, BCA, MCA, B Tech and BE to become a Career. The duration of BCA Course and BSc Computer Science is 3 years.

There are 4-year B.Tech and B.E. courses. The duration of Diploma Course or Diploma in IT in Computer Science is 3 years. This course can also be done after 10th. For MCA Course, students should be from Bsc Math. The duration of this course is 3 years.

Course For Career in Software Testing

Bsc in Computer Science
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in IT
Diploma in Software Testing
Certificate in Sofware Testing

Career Scope in Software Testing

There is no confusion about career in this field of computer science. There are very good career opportunities available in this field, whichever days are coming, employment opportunities in this field are increasing even more.

Today the whole world has been digitized. This is all a computer and software is required to perform any work on these computers. Software Tester performs the task of testing these software. In this way we can say that there can never be a lack of job opportunities in this field.

The way the computer sector is growing, the software industry is also growing as both are complementary to each other. Hence the demand of expert people is also increasing in this field.

The condition of IT companies in the earlier days cannot be considered very good. But there has been a lot of growth in this field for some time. Not only India, but governments of all countries are also promoting digitalization. Due to which there are more good opportunities for workers in this industry.

According to some industry experts, India has the potential to capture about 70 percent of the outsourced testing market. This clearly shows that Software Testing is the best career option in terms of career.

Software Testing

When the software is ready, then the next task requires a Software Tester to test and test its quality. Let us tell you that Software Testing is also a profession like a software developer or software engineer.

After the software engineer or developer builds a software, the next step is software testing. Software Tester tests the technical capability, quality and stability of these software. This testing is usually done in two ways, which are known as manual and automated testing.

Software testing is done manually by Software Tester while automated testing uses computerized testing tools. Under this, white box testing, black box testing, functional testing, gray testing, integrated testing, system testing, regression testing, stress testing and load testing, smoke testing are done.

Software Testing Career Skills

A software Tester should have good knowledge of business along with technical knowledge. This is because when the taster has a good understanding of the market, then they will be able to do their work in even better way.

Assessment of all types of testing is very important in the first test of Tester. After this, it is their responsibility to prepare their methodology, implement them, know the defects and its dangers and prepare their report. Along with this, it is also the task of Software Tester to warn against all the threats related to the application.

Career Option in Software Testing

There are many career options in this field. When you leave college after completing the course, you are a Fresher, in such a situation, you start your career as a QA Analyst. When you get 2 to 3 years of experience in this field, then you will be given Sr. Can work as a QA Analyst.

After having an experience of 5 to 6 years, you can work for the post of QA Team Coordinator. After 8 to 10 years of experience, you can start your career as a Test Manager. With 14 years or more experience, you can get a chance to work as a Senior Test Manager.

Other career opportunities for Software Tester-

Automation testing
Performance testing
Business analyst

Technicial Skills For Software Tester

Database Basic Information / SQL
Knowledge of perfect tracking tools
Knowledge of test management tools
Linux command basic information
Knowledge of automation tools

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Non Technicial Skills For Software Tester
Analysis skill
Gur Communication Skill
Time management skill
Great Attitude

Best College For Software Testing Course

International Software Testing Qualification Board
CMC Limited
Qspiders Software Testing Training Institute
STC Technology
QA Campus
SQTL Integrated Solutions Integrated
Anna University
PQR Software
Tyajraj College of Engineering
Indian Institute of Software Testing
Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, Bhopal
Banaras Hindu University
Delhi University

We hope that you will like this information of Software Testing . If you want any information related to career, then you can ask us through comment.

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