Organic Traffic Growth on Website : SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Web traffic to customer is the desired journey – you can ever wish for your website. And with no conversion optimization less will be the ROI. That is never welcome. As the sole motto of getting flawless traffic to website is money making, you must not compromise with generating ready to go traffic. Being a digital marketing expert, you know that there is nothing called free traffic even if it’s organic. It asks felicitous marketing strategy, steady and concordant effort, smart and tangy tricks, and pile of notes as well. There is no surprise with spending money, mind and time while you want to be customer-rich with sales optimization. So here we have penned few magical spells that escort you to boost your web traffic.

Pick the fittest for SEO Campaign:

Our target is not just traffic but relevant traffic having higher possibilities of conversion into sales. And to drag that relevant traffic you must have that strong string of right keywords. With consistent market and competitor research, you might meet the cogent keyword that fit the best in your

SEO campaign to post fruitful results. No black hat works here. Go pure and earn more.

Act Smart with competitor’s keywords:

You must have heard the phrase: “work smarter, not harder.” And now it’s the time to take this idiom into gesture. Taking keyword research as the toughest challenge of all time, it’s good to go with the keywords that bring traffic for your top competitors. And bearing those promising keywords having higher search volume, your website augments tons of leads. However, it’s a cost cutting and time saving trick to generate traffic for your site. And

SEO Services Companies must put eye on this to gear up productivity.

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Speak to your potential customers:

Above all, content is the key to open up multiple sources of sales optimization playing as bridge to maintain tie-in with your customers. Usually customers browse the web to get the precise answer to their question. Hence, your web content must be alluring yet informative addressing their questions.

I guess a query revolving round your head – how to find out the questions to address?

So, here is an easy-going trick that might help you to hook the questions customers are looking for.

Put your primary keyword into a Keywords Explorer and then go either with Phrase match or having same terms reports. Exactly there you can pick the most relevant words from the suggestion. Then in the include filter box, enter a generic word a question would start with. And you can avail a bundle of suggestions. Narrow down the list by considering search volume and keyword difficulty. And you are done with finding the diamonds of your content.

Go organised ditching keyword stuffing:

Long tail keywords and keyword stuffing are two familiar ingredients of SEO pantry. While Long tail key word brings tons of potential leads, keyword stuffing sounds same as black hat SEO practice. Moreover, to handle the jam-packed traffic and serve the best to customers, Google is going strict fining its algorithms to filter out all the unwanted duplicate and negative and hacking practices. So, it’s ideal to stay above keyword stuffing strategy to acquire visibility.

Showing smartness above expectation, Google get the synonyms and can organize individual keywords into a topics or subtopics. Hence, a single page can even rank for hundreds of long tail keywords.

As a take away – Be in trend with Long tail Keywords. Take your time to research over it picking the fittest set for the keywords you are aiming at.

Old is Gold:

Content strategy is not new. We have been practising it from ages. But for now, those unique pieces of content are outdated and have lost its charm to drag traffic. In order to make it lively to enhance your web visibility for doubling the traffic, you must go on adding new content or update those old contents tuned with ongoing vogue. As Google just loves updated content to show at the top.

Social Advertisement:

It completely depends on your choice of platform that you think as the best and apt for you to promote you brand. However, there are hand full of choices, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, with potent customer base, these platforms are old players to take you high once you kick start. Hence, it is advisable to plan to choose a best social media marketing company

for a social campaign to boost web traffic.


There is no shortcut to success. You need to work hard and invest wise to reach out genuine traffic to your website.2018 SEO tactics reveals – if one strategy responses like a charm in one niche, it doesn’t mean that it’s the key to break out records. Every single market demands different strategies, tricks and tips to captivate customers. With meticulous research follow novel marketing blue print by experts over social media, PPC campaign and content marketing and experience bonafide website traffic that leads sales optimisation.

Bhanu Garg: