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Seed Companies In Iowa, solar Companies near me

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Seed Companies In Iowa, solar Companies near me

  1. Allendan Seed Company

It is hard to believe that less than two hundred years ago the Midwest was a mosaic of unique and diverse prairie plants. This rich community of natives played incredible ecological roles: wildlife habitat, erosion control, even vegetative persistence in spells of flooding and drought. Prairie devised the “black gold” in which thousands of acres of crops thrive in the heartland today. Due to societies’ need to engage this land in order to feed the masses, less than 1/10 of 1% remnant prairie remains. Because of the obvious benefits native grass and wildflowers present, a movement is underway to repopulate these ecosystems.

Dan Allen, founder of Allendan Seed Company, recognized the demand for such indigenous species in 1980 and set out to fulfill this need for prairie. Currently, Allendan Seed is one of the largest producers of native prairie grass and wildflower seed. Thousands of pounds wholesale and retail, are shipped all across the United States. Allendan Seed produces over 250 species of native grass and wildflowers. Dan says the grass fields account for approximately 3,000 acres while the wildflower fields make up 1,000 more. Another couple hundred acres are dedicated to labor-intensive plants. These species, under plastic mulch with computerized irrigation, are weeded and harvested entirely by hand.

Products:  Individual seed

Custom seed mixes

CRP seed mixes

Address: Allendan Seed Company

1966 175th Lane

Winterset, IA 50273

Contact: 515-462-1241



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  1. Naylor Seed Company (NSC)

Naylor Seed Company (NSC) is a family-owned, retail and wholesale seed distributor based in Scotch Grove, Iowa. We utilize Science, expert agronomists, and year-long crop planning to ensure your fields work for you. Our experience is worth nearly a century to ensure you bumper crops and huge profits.

Products: Alfalfa


Cover Crops

Forage Grasses

Forage mixtures

Lawn & Turf Grasses

Native Grasses & Wildflowers


Small Grains

Address: 16600 116th Ave.

Scotch Grove, IA 52310

Contact: (319) 465-3035



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  1. Welter Seed and Honey Company

Welter Seed and Honey Company is a family-owned seed business offering a wide variety of agricultural seed.  We offer one of the widest selections of forage seed for both organic and conventional farmers.  Our company was founded in 1955 by Herman and Veronica Welter and is operated by the Welter Family.  We have a 60-year tradition of offering quality seed at a fair price.  You can give us a call and speak to one of the Welter’s or one of our staff to help you make your seed decisions.  We take great care and pride in assisting our customers with their seed needs.  Please browse through our seed catalog for more information on our seed varieties, planting rates, and other helpful information.

Products: Alfalfas

Italian Ryegrass

Rape Seed

Annual Ryegrass


Sorghum, Sorghum-Sudan, and Sudangrass


N-Vest Cover Crop Mixes


Native Grasses

Sucraseed High Sugar Grass Mixes

Address: Welter Seed & Honey Co.

17724 Hwy. 136

Onslow, IA 52321-7549

Contact: (563) 485-2762



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  1. Thresh Seed Company

Our gardening journey began a little more than ten years ago.  We were working our way through college and I thought that if I learned to garden, I could potentially grow some food that was of a higher quality than what our small grocery budget could afford us.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have much space so I approached some retired neighbors who had a large garden and were looking to downsize.  They generously offered us not just a sliver of their garden, but the majority of it.  We would later come to appreciate an even greater gift they had bestowed on us, access to a lifetime’s worth of accumulated gardening knowledge.  Our mentors, Bob and Colleen, were incredibly patient and kind, in fact Bob barely cracked a smile one year when he informed me that the volunteer potato plant I had carefully transplanted was actually a common weed. Several garden seasons later, it seemed we had tilled up most of the neighborhood.  Our own yard was tilled right up to the sidewalk and we had even grown a pumpkin patch on another neighbor’s farm outside of town (access to which required a quarter-mile hike and walking heel-to-toe across a beam that spanned a creek).  We’d outgrown our space and as I had finally finished my PhD in Genetics, it was time to move on.

Products: Beans



Brussels Sprouts








Contact: 641-524-5832



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  1. Agreliant Genetics

Established July 1, 2000, AgReliant Genetics is rooted in the tradition of our two parent seed companies, Groupe Limagrain of Saint-Beauzire, France and KWS of Einbeck, Germany. Together, Limagrain and KWS boast over 200 years of seed experience and provide us with direct access to global germplasm.

AgReliant Genetics is now the third largest seed corn company in the U.S, in the top five agriculture research programs in North America, and one of the fastest growing independent seed companies in the market. Our company is made up of strategic thinkers, technical experts, problem solvers, creative innovators, hard workers and passionate leaders all focused on providing trusted seed solutions that help farmers grow.

As the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s farmers guide our research and production efforts, our three seed brands combine to bring some of the market’s most competitive corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa products to farmers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Products: Agri Gold

LG Seeds

Pride Seeds

AgriShield Seed Treatment

Address: 1122 East 169th Street

Westfield, IN 46074

Contact: 317.896.5552


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  1. Davis Seed Company, INC.

We are an independent, family owed business since 1989 and are ran by 3 generations of Davis’. We are located just west of Moravia, Iowa but cover a wide area in the Midwest. Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio.

Our goal is to offer the best genetics, traits, and service out there to you hard working farmers. We carry seed corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and other small grains. Since we are farmers ourselves, we know the difficulty of farming and how unpredictable the weather can be.

Products: Seed Corn



Other Small Seeds

Seed Corn

Address: 20847 Hwy J5T

Moravia, IA 52571

Contact: 641-724-9090



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  1. Osenbaugh’s Prairie Seed Farms

In the rolling hills of Lucas County, Iowa, John Osenbaugh was growing prairie grasses on his family’s Century farm way back in 1980. Today, with more than 125 years combined experience in growing, drying and processing the finest prairie and conservation seed available, Osenbaugh’s Prairie Seed Farms ships products worldwide. But you’ll get a lot more than great seed at Prairie Seed Farms. You’ll also get reliable planting and prairie management advice, as well as the backing of Prairie Seed Farms’ 100% satisfaction guarantee or it is FREE.

Products: Wildlife Food Plots

CRP Seed Mixes

Prairie Grass Seed

Wildflower Seed

Farming Grasses

Landscaping Seed

Address: Prairie Seed Farms

11009 542nd Street

Lucas, Iowa 50151

Contact: 800-LUCAS 88, (800) 582-2788



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  1. United Seeds

United Seeds adapted by changing into the business it is today, a regional wholesaler/distributor of turf grass, native grass, wetland seed, forage seed and wildflower seeds. A diverse customer base has grown and United Seeds opened a Des Moines warehouse and sales operation in 1993. The Berry family consolidated its ownership position in 1986 when Richard Berry returned to manage the company. Berry and partner John Jones, controls the business today. United Seeds has nine employees and serves a customer based of about 1,000.

United Seeds strives to provide the highest quality products. Our turf grasses are selected through proven research and out of the National Turf Evaluation Trials. We select blue tag variety turf grass varieties that are high quality, clean and fresh. Our focus is the customer, because if we cannot market the best possible seed, then our customers cannot grow best sod, present the best parks, play on the best fields or enjoy the best wildflowers.

Products: Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa)

Butterfly Cuisine

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)

Blue Grama [Bouteloua gracilis]

Blue Flax [Linum lewisii]

Blaze Little Bluestem [Schizachyrium scoparium]

Blackeyed Susan [Rudbeckia hirta]

Big Bluestem [Andropogon gerardii]

Alpha Creeping Bentgrass

Address: 1800 Dixon Ave Suite A

Des Moines, IA


Contact: 800-365-6674, 800-456-9901


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  1. DuraCrop Seed

DuraCrop Seed (a division of Pierson Seed Producers) is a premium seed company that is on it’s 5th generation of family owner operators. DuraCrop Seed has the history and experience no other seed company can match by being a part of every facet of the seed industry since 1904. We utilize technology to bring higher potential yield results to increase our clients’ field production. DuraCrop focuses on quality, innovation and production to give our clients what they need.

Products: Corn


Forage/Cover Crops

2021 Product Guide

Address:  1816 Hwy 163, Oskaloosa, IA 52577

Contact: 1.800.373.9401



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  1. The Cornelius Seed

The Cornelius Seed mission is simple—to provide growers the genetics, traits, and service they need to realize more value per acre. And these are the principles that keep us moving forward. We’re independent like you. That enables us to choose the best traits and products from multiple suppliers, and bring innovative choices to your farm.

With Cornelius Seed, when you plant it, you profit. And that’s because we take a farmer-first approach and treat you like our neighbor. We listen to your needs and deliver consistent results and profits by providing superior products designed for your soil. Staying current with the latest technologies and genetics, production and processing of our corn and soybeans are personally managed by the Cornelius family—because, just like you, we take pride in our work and deliver only our best.

Products: Corn


Alfalfa/Additional Forages

Insect Resistance Management

Address: 14760 317th Avenue

Bellevue, IA 52031

Contact: 800-218-1862


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