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Question and Answer Sites List 2021 Updated For SEO

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Question and Answer Sites List 2021 Updated For SEO

In this world of digital marketing, the internet has provided several platforms in which you can create your online presence and make your content, website, business or product visible to a large number of people. Question Answers site is one of the platforms where you can create your presence and share your thoughts and ideas with other people. If you don’t know much about the Question answer submission site then this article will let you know about it and clear about the requirement of these sites.

Question-answer site provides you with the platform where you can share your ideas and views regarding a particular topic or about the query which someone has raised. If you are good enough and have knowledge about a certain topic then you may post your answer for that query. It will help the people and also increase the traffic to your website or blog. You can answer the queries with the source link. Apart from answering the questions, you can also ask questions if you want to know something about any topic.

High PR Question submission site is always helpful in generating traffic to the website. If you write a good answer and the viewer find it interesting and useful then the person will click on the link of your website. If you submit your answers with a link to your website it will create high-quality backlinks and boost your ranking in the search engines. Every businessman desires to get high ranking in the search engine results so that when someone searches with a relevant keyword then your website appears in the top of the list. This will expand your customer base by reaching to a large number of audiences. Question answers site is one of the best and easiest ways to increase the popularity and visibility of your web. Many people are taking advantages by posting their answers to resolve someone’s queries and get huge traffic to their website. If people like your answers then they will share your answer that will help in increasing your traffic and popularity. This article is all about the importance and benefits of question-answer sites and how they are helpful for the viewer and the writer.

What errors should not be committed before posting in question-answer site?

Mistakes which you should not commit while posting answers, question or your opinion in the question-answer sites. These are:

  • Always use proper words and doesn’t write wrong spellings.
  • Do not commit errors while writing sentences
  • Make sure that you are writing the relevant answer
  • Try to write unique answers to get better results
  • With the answers try to post images and links to make it more attractive.

Advantages of question-answer sites

There are several advantages of question-answer sites, some of them are:

  • High PR and DA sites are always helpful and help in generating quality backlinks to your site
  • People who are posting question get better answers by the experts
  • People get the chance to share their opinion on the major platform to a large number of audiences
  • The best thing is that these sites are free
  • Your queries can reachable to experts so that you can get an expert’s advice
  • You will get better visibility online and helps in ranking high in the search engines.

What are the best question answer sites in 2020?

Numerous question-answer sites are available in which you can post your answers about the queries related to any topic raised by people or also you can ask a query for a certain topic. But one thing comes in mind that which site is the best where you can get genuine answers or post for your query, so we are here to help you. People must know that question-answer sites that have high DA and PR are always more beneficial in terms of creating traffic to your website. Posting your answers and queries in the high DA and PR site will get more referral traffic and build quality backlinks by clicking on the link. So, we have collected some best high DA and PR question-answer submission sites which have gain popularity in 2020.

Top 15 question answer sites in 2020 is the best question answer site in 2020 where you can get the best answers about your queries. You can also share your opinion with other people about any topic. Here you can also find open jobs and internships. It is easy to create an account and you can also continue with your Google account. It contains various jobs in which you can search for the appropriate one. These are engineering, business development, finance, administrative assistant, retail associate, customer service, operations, information technology, marketing, human resources, healthcare service, sales, program & project management, accounting, arts & design, community and social service, consulting, education, entrepreneurship, legal, media & communications, military & protective services, product management, purchasing, quality assurance, real estate, research, support and administration.

The platform helps you in connecting with a lot of people who can help you. It offers you various courses so that you can enhance your skills, these topics are IT help desk, finance & accounting, training & education, business analysis & strategy, career development, leadership & management, mobile development, marketing, cloud computing, project management, visualization & real-time, animation & illustration, audio & music, AEC, graphic design, security, business software & tools, professional development, customer service, small business & entrepreneurship, DevOps, human resources, sales, product & manufacturing, database management, web development, web design, user experience, software development, network & system administration, data science, video, photography and motion graphics & VFX.

LinkedIn is one-stop business solutions for talent, learning, marketing and sales. Using will help in generating traffic to your website. You can browse LinkedIn in learning, profinder, mobile, salary and jobs. is a one-stop solution for all the users who want to share their views on the topic or give answers to the queries asked by someone or you can also raise questions to get answers. Here you will definitely find solutions for your queries. You can ask questions and find answers for the given categories such as science, math, history, literature, technology, health, law, business, all topics and random.

You can find several answers to your question. It is one of the easiest ways to find solutions for your problem. You can share questions and answers of in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can use this site when you create your account in it. is one of the leading question-answer sites which is used by most of the people. Here you will find genuine answers to your question. You can put your queries in front of other people and people who are filled with knowledge will give a decent answer for your query. You can create your account or sign in with the Google or Facebook account to continue to post questions and write answers. Here you will get all types of questions and answers. It is one of the high DA and PR question and answer site which helps in getting more traffic to your site. If you use your website link in the answer your website will be rank high in the search engine results whenever someone searches for the relevant keyword.

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If you want to create traffic to your website and create a customer base then you must submit your answer in as it is one of the well known and high DA question-answer submission site. The website also offers the opportunity to job seekers in finding jobs. You can share your knowledge with private question & answers. If you are looking for a job then you can browse by categories such as technology, Salary, jobs by visa sponsorship and remote-friendly jobs.

You can share your knowledge and find questions related to technology, life/arts, culture/recreation, science and others. You will find answers for all your queries in You can ask your question, tag your question, vote on anything and get answers and make yourself get recognized. This will definitely help in increasing your ranking on the search engines if the viewer finds your answer informative. is one of the major platforms where you will get answers for your queries and you can ask any question you will get the answer by experts. is providing its benefits to the users since 2005. It helps you by solving your problems. People can browse by the category offered by the website. These categories are arts & entertainment, cars & other vehicles, computers & electronics, education & communications, family life, finance & business, food & entertaining, health, hobbies & crafts, holidays & traditions, home & garden, personal care & style, pets & animals, philosophy & religion, relationships, sports & fitness, travel, work world and youth.

The site will provide all the answers related to How-to-do topics. This is one of the trusted sites where people can put up the question on how to do anything and get informative and useful content. You can use this website by creating an account or log in with Facebook and Google. is the platform where you will get answers for your questions. Here you can ask questions by typing your question in the search box. You will definitely get answers to your questions. You need to create an account and register yourself to use the platform.

There is no boundary that you can ask a question for the particular topic, it provides various categories in which you can list your question. The categories are animals & nature, arts, business, cars & motorcycle, computers, culture & society, education, entertainment, environmentalism, fashion & beauty, finance, food & dining, fun & jokes, games, health & fitness, home & garden, kids, legal, life & society, pets & pet care, relationship advice, religion, real estate, science, social science, sports, technology, transportation and travel & places. is the question-answer site in which you can give answers to the questions of other people and also can share your views on several issues. The platform allows people to rank your answer to content by taking public poll and survey. This can increase your ranking in the search engines if you write knowledgeable and useful content.

You can share your opinion in various topics such as art, books, business, culture, education, health, legal, media, TV & movies, personal, animals, politics, travel, sports and technology. This platform requires users to register themselves to ask questions and submit your views. Undoubtedly you will get the best answers here.

Like its name, you can ask questions about various topics to get expertise answers. Firstly you need to create an account and register yourself to ask questions. Several topics are given in the website in which you can ask the question and find questions. Some of these topics are year, time, friend, question, school, girl, people, work, name, old, girls, days, good, Google, etc. Here you can also share your opinion about various topics in which you have the proper knowledge. is the popular question-answer website where you can search for questions or ask questions or share your opinions on various topics. You can read popular topics or contents and get the latest updates. Various categories are presented by the website that makes easy to post the question in the relevant category. These categories and subcategories are:

  • Education – books, college prep, environment,
  • Entertainment – shopping, coupons, movies, games, money, music, bizarre,
  • Finance – career, personal finance, retirement, inventory management, six sigma,
  • Health – food, diet, beauty,
  • Home – family, DIY, pets, garden,
  • Love – dating, marriage, wedding,
  • Sports,
  • Technology – television, science, computers, internet, cars,
  • Travel,
  • Politics – law

You can add your link to the answer so that people can click on the link and land on your website that helps in increasing the ranking of your website and get referral traffic. is the platform where you can create an account and ask the question and give answers. You can browse by categories for the questions and answers. These categories are animals, arts & humanities, business & finance, travel, sports, society & culture, science, politics & government, local topics, law & legal issues, language & literature, jobs & career, home & garden, health, games & recreation, food & cooking, family & relationships, entertainment & music, education & degrees, consumer electronics, computer & internet and cars & transportation. Sign up in the account or continue with your Facebook account to use the site is the platform where you can ask questions and get the best answers. You can log in and become a member to use the platform. You can ask the question in certain topics that are categorized in travel, sports, shopping, news, music, phrase & saying, media & TV, motoring, insurance, home & garden and many more. is another popular question-answer site in which you can create an account and write guides to show your skills. You can also advise others on several topics and question raised by them. You can browse data by categories such as travel, sports & activities, shopping, sex, science, religion, spirituality & folklore, politics & law, pets & animals, parents & family, nutrition & fitness, music, love & relationships, gaming & games, kids, food & dining, entertainment, drugs, etc. is the popular question-answer site where you can create an account and ask questions. You can watch the videos and create a poll to rank the best answer. You can ask the question on several topics such as girl’s behavior, flirting, relationship, health & fitness, G@G community, technology & internet, education & career, family & friends, how do I look? religion & spirituality, sports, trending & news, travel & leisure, society & politics, other, food & beverage, entertainment & arts, breakup & divorce, shopping & gifts, marriage & weddings, fashion & beauty, dating and Guy’s behavior. You can share your views on any of the topics.

Ask me help desk is the platform where you can ask your query and get the best answers by the experts and professionals. You can post questions or answers after registering yourself in the site. It has categorized topic in which you can ask questions such as arts & leisure, business & careers, computers & technology, education, family & people, health & wellness, home & garden, law, money & services, science, society & culture and travel & places. You can also connect with Facebook. is the popular question-answer site in which you can ask questions and also post answers to other’s question if you have adequate knowledge about it. This can increase the ranking of your website if you use your link with the answer. You can share views, ask questions and give answers in certain categories such as animals, food, origin, drugs, politics, religion, crime, police and the law.

Above mentioned are some of the best question answer site in 2020 where you can post question and answers. You can also share your views on certain topics in which you are expert. These sites will definitely help in getting quality traffic to your website and if you want to rank higher in the search engines then you must add your link to the answer to get more popularity. Hope you like the article and you will choose one of the sites to post questions or give answers to help others.


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