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Social Bookmarking Sites List July 2023 Updated With High PR

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Social Bookmarking Sites List July 2023 Updated With High PR

Social Bookmarking Sites List. Social media plays a significant role in digital marketing. Today, in the world full of technology, people are highly active on social media and use these platforms to share their views and ideas with their friends and on the internet. It is a great place where you can advertise your product or services to reach the millions of audiences and visible to the targeted customers online.

Social bookmarking sites provide a platform where people can share links, photos, videos, images, etc. There are numerous social bookmarking sites where you can post blogs, contents and websites easily. These sites help in getting quality backlinks to your web and blog and traffic to your blogs by reaching to the number of people. High PR social bookmarking sites are one of the best ways to get a great amount of traffic to your content or website.

You know that SEO plays an important role in ranking your blog in the search engines. There are various ways of SEO strategies like directory submission, guest posting, etc. Social bookmarking is another SEO technique which is great to get traffic to your blog in a short time.

What does social bookmarking mean

There are several types of SEO techniques available to increase traffic and get a quality backlink and Social bookmarking sites is one of the best odd page SEO techniques that help in getting traffic to the blogs easier and faster. You can share images, videos, webpage links and articles to create more customers and visible to more people online. It increases the online visibility of your content, websites or blogs by providing them direct exposure to the targeted audiences. they can like, share and comment on your content, video, blog or webpage link that will help in increasing traffic. Whenever a person likes your post it helps in increasing your popularity and rank in search results and make you reach high on search engines.

What steps should be followed to do social bookmarking

Some points you need to focus on and consider while doing social bookmarking. These are:

  • Always select the appropriate category
  • Add limited tags
  • Follow the guidelines presented by social bookmarking websites
  • Express your web page correctly
  • Do not bookmark a particular URL many times
  • You need to pick a URL from the website you desire to promote
  • URL need to have related keywords and description
  • Now select any social bookmarking site login or register on that site
  • Submit link by clicking on the submit a link button
  • Enter all the needed information then click submit
  • Now at last copy the generated URL and paste it into the excel sheet ad keep that record

Advantages of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking helps in improving the ranking of your websites and blogs in search engines by allowing you to optimize bookmarks for your content and share it with millions of people. Apart from this, there are numerous advantages of social bookmarking. Some of them are:

  • Increase your income and profits – social bookmarks helps in increasing your income which is generated from your blog or website. If you use a social bookmarking site then it will definitely help in increasing your audiences thus your cash flow.
  • Makes you popular – when you add a social bookmark to your website or blog it will help in reaching to a lot of audiences and customers and makes your website visible to more people and increases your online popularity.
  • Increase traffic to your website – social bookmarking is one of the best ways to attract more people and increase traffic to your site. When you create social bookmark it makes things easier for the audiences to discover your website when searching for the specific topic.

What are the best social bookmarking sites in 2020

There are several social bookmarking sites available in India but if you are in search of some best social bookmarking sites then you at the right place. This article is all about the best social bookmarking sites in 2020 that will help you in increasing the traffic to your sites and blogs and makes it more visible among larger audiences.

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Digital marketing deal

Digital marketing deal is one of the best and leading social bookmarking sites where you must list your website or blog to make it more popular among people. It helps in increasing traffic to your website and blog and helps in boosting the ranking of your content or website in search engines.

You can post your blog, content or website URL on digital marketing deal to promote it. It is one of the best social bookmarking sites that will help in increasing a lot of traffic and quality backlinks.

Digital marketing deal consists of several categories and subcategories in which you can add bookmarks to your content, blog or website and make it more visible to the larger audiences. You must select the appropriate category to discover the content or post the product and services to make it visible. These categories are:

  • Experts – digital marketing, Google AdWords, GST, handwriting, numerology, PPC, SEO, vashikaran, Vastu, writing
  • Services – 3d printing, AC on rent, AC repair, accounting, action game development, Activa on rent, advertising, affiliate marketing, agile development, agriculture mobile app development, air conditioner on rent, air cooler on rent, ambulance, android game development, animal transporters, animated video production, animation, animation studios, apostille, apple service center, AR development, architects, artificial intelligence, astrologers on phone, astrology, Asus service center, attendant, attestation, Audi on rent, audition organizers, aviation, balloon decorators, Bicycle on rent, beach party organizers, beauty spas, birthday party decorators, BPO, branding, bridal jewellery on rent, car cleaning, car insurance agents, car driver on rent, car repair, car scanning, civil contractors, commercial construction, CMS development, club management, commercial photography, content writing, documentary film makers, DSLR on rent, email marketing, fabrication, fabric exporters, Facebook marketing, florists, furniture on rent, gardening, Helicopter, IT staffing, laptop repairing, Karaoke on rent, landscaping, lead generation, logo designing, lodging, makeup artist, maid, luxury car on rent, Mi service center, money astrologers, modular kitchen, mutual fund, party decorators, pandit, parcel, pan/tan, play boy, Pre wedding studio, recording studios, screen printing, security, video production, etc
  • Consultant – American education, associate, Australian education, Austria education, beauty, birth certificate, business, business development, business startup, Canada education, Canada immigration, career, charted financial, china education, clinical management, conflict resolution, construction, copywriting, Cyprus education, Denmark education, digital marketing, driving license, Dubai education, electrical, energy, ISO certification, Germany education, healthcare, image, gemstone, Franchise, ISO, import-export, IT, manpower, medical, MBA, property, Sap, SEO, skincare, Vastu, weight loss, wedding, visa, vat, USA education, UK education, travel, tax, study abroad, social media, sports nutrition, etc.
  • Freelancer – digital marketing, App, SEO,
  • Institutes – accounting, acting, advance excel, art, air hostess, animation, AutoCAD training, CA, banking coaching, cabin crew training, CAT coaching, Chinese language, civil services, cloud computing training, electrician training, entrance exam coaching, foreign language, German language, hotel management, ILETS, IIT coaching, laptop repairing, jewellery designing, MIS training, modelling, nursing coaching, research, PHP training, python training, photography, pilot training, SEO training, safety course, Sap, spoken English, stock market, video editing, SSC coaching, teacher training, video editing, yoga, etc.
  • Software – accounting, asset management, association management, attendance management, audit management, banking, business management, case management, construction, client management, change management, digital asset management, delivery management, donor management, fleet management, healthcare, job management, library management, inventory management, learning management, job management, lease management, insurance, nonprofit, property management, risk management, vendor management, service management, sales, spy, workforce management, transportation, etc
  • Courses – 100 job guarantee, 6-month ultrasound, 6 months hotel management, AC repairing, ACCA, accounting, ACSM, acting, acupressure, advance excel, AI, air hostess, airline ticketing, android developer, angular, app development, automobile engineering, B.Ed, ayurvedic doctor, bakery diploma, BCA, BBA, BFA, BTC, C++, CAD, caterers, CFA, CMA, CPA, computer tally, data scientist, digital marketing, dietician, digital profit, electrician, hacking, hotel, HM, hospital management, HVAC, IAS developer, java, Korean language, librarian, MBA correspondence, medical coding, MCSE, media and journalism, nanny, nail art, mould design, NDT, NCC, naturopathy, personal trainer, PDMS, personal trainer, PGDM, photoshop, plumber, radiology, reiki, Russian language, radio jockey, PPC, PTT, RPA, scriptwriting, Spanish language, trading, Zumba certification, yoga teacher training, etc.
  • Manufacturers – agarbatti, agriculture equipment, artificial jewellery, auto parts, awning, baby clothes, bag, bath fittings, battery, biscuit, box, bra, cable, carry bag, ceiling fan, cement pipe, chair, chemical, chocolate, dairy, face mask, ECG machine, garment, fashion jewellery, glass bottle, ladies footwear, leggings, paint, plywood, surgical mask, trophy, tea, wedding card, trouser, uniform, etc.
  • Agents – birth certificate, Australia tourist visa, Canada visa, china import, china visa, custom clearance, custom house, domestic travel, driving license, mara, LIC, personal loan, railway ticket, Russia visa, travel, USA tourist visa, visa, UK tourist vis, passport, Singapore visa, Schengen visa, immigration, Dubai, Dubai work visa, real estate, loan, etc.
  • Contactors – borewell, building, building demolition, civil, civil work, core cutting, electrical, EPC, false ceiling, fencing, HVAC, interior, labour, mep, painting, road, plumbing, renovation, scaffolding, waterproofing, roofing, etc.
  • Hotels – 3 stars, 4 star, 5 star, Oyo, couple friendly
  • Clubs – boxing, carom, chess, golf, gymnastics, cricket, drink dance, cycling, football, hockey, night, horse riding, party, sports, swimming, tennis,
  • Schools – acting, army, autism, CBSE, driving, martial arts, navy, international, dance, play, NIOS, nursery, music, model, language, ICSE, primary, private, secondary, sports, play, pre, blind, girls, boarding, car driving, deaf & dumb,
  • Interior designers – 3 D, commercial, architects, bathroom, bedroom, corporate, luxury, office, residential, kitchen,
  • Office – corporate, LIC, post, passport, etc.

It is easy to create an account in Digital marketing deal you just need to follow some simple steps and it will make your brand visible and helps in getting leads from your competitors. is the free social bookmarking submission sites where you can submit your website for free. It is one of the high PR bookmarking sites in 2020. By submitting your website in the it will help in generating high-quality backlink and reaches millions of people. It helps in increasing your audiences by giving them complete information about your website.


Myspace is a social bookmarking site in which you can submit your website or blog by submitting your form. Through the form, you can submit your URL and select the related category. It makes your website or blogs visible to a larger number of people and it has a huge customer’s database as it reaches more than 100 million users per month.


Reddit is one of the popular social bookmarking sites in 2020 where you can share links of your stories, videos, articles, etc. to make it more visible on the internet. It has about 330 million users all over the world. It is one of the best social bookmarking sites where you can promote your businesses, websites and content. Here you can easily find updates and searches for popular posts.


Diigo is a popular social bookmarking site where you can promote your businesses, blogs, websites, etc. by reaching millions of people. The site allows you to save, tag, bookmark and archive web pages relevant to your interest. It consists of a lot of informative and interesting websites and URLs for their users. It helps in increasing traffic to your website by creating audiences.


Tumblr is the social bookmarking site in 2020 where you can create your multimedia mini-blog on the content you desire to share. You can also load the article, blog post or visual content to Tumblr. It helps in connecting to millions of audiences of your choice. Here you can share your posts and blogs with the people of the same interest. is the social bookmarking sites where you can create your account easily and add your websites, videos, blogs, etc. to make them visible online and getting popularity among the audiences. It offers various categories from which you can select the relevant category of your content or website. These categories are hotels, humour, pets, real estate, people, parties, décor, computers, cars, film, fitness, education, entertainment, products, technology, wedding & events, women’s apparel, tablets and many more. is a social bookmarking site where you can post blogs, videos and images. You can easily discover content through trending feeds and hashtags. You can create a large number of audiences and increase your visibility. is a social bookmarking site in 2020 where you can post contents and websites to make them visible to a large number of people across the world. Some trending on Zeef is development, java, hosting, apple, mobile, productivity, python, tutorials, web, education, PHP, etc. Some popular pages on are game development, E-learning, Godot engine, entrepreneur tools, etc. The social bookmarking site helps in increasing traffic to your page. is the popular social bookmarking site in 2020 where you can share your blogs and websites to reach the millions of people online. Linkarena helps in getting a quality backlink to your website and increase traffic to the site. You can search for anything from here related to your choice. You can also create your account to share your bogs, contents and websites. is the best social bookmarking site in 2020 where you can bookmark your favourite links. Using you can keep your online bookmarks organized on a single page dashboard. You can sign up for free and can visit your favourite website by just a single click.

You can post blogs and website on is one of the popular social bookmarking site where you can post events, videos, blogs, websites, etc. to make them visible to the targeted audiences. It helps in increasing your small business. By joining the community you get mastermind groups, online events, monthly challenges and self-guided courses. You can discover blogs on topics such as sales, marketing, staffing and operations. is the social bookmarking site where you can save anything to read it anywhere. It allows you to save articles, videos, song lyrics, and everything else you like and want to save when you are browsing on the internet. At just single click you can save things and manage them. You can read that article or saved items even when you are offline. is a free social bookmarking site where you can easily store all your bookmarks at one place to access and manage them from anywhere. You can select a category and add bookmarks to display on a simple, well laid out page. You can create Sitejot easily in a few seconds. It offers various categories in which you can search for the relevant thing.


Pinterest is the best social bookmarking sites in 2020 which helps in drive traffic and boosts SEO. You can share images and GIFs, videos through Pinterest. You need to create an account on Pinterest to select the topic of your interest. You can search for the relevant category and find content related to your choice. You can also create a board to manage your pins that fall in the same category. It helps in increasing your website ranking.

Above mentioned are some of the best social bookmarking sites in 2020. If you want to use a social bookmarking site you can go through these sites and get its benefits.


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