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Pet Stores in Springfield Ohio List 2023 Updated

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Pet Stores in Springfield Ohio List 2023 Updated


PetSmart LLC is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. At PetSmart, we love pets, and we believe pets make us better people. Every day with every connection, PetSmart’s passionate associates help bring pet parents closer to their pets so they, together, can live more fulfilled lives. This vision impacts everything we do for our customers, the way we support our associates and how we give back to our communities.

PetSmart operates approximately 1,650 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as more than 200 in-store PetSmart PetsHotel® dog and cat boarding facilities. The retailer provides a broad range of competitively priced pet food and products, as well as services such as dog training, pet grooming, pet boarding, PetSmart Doggie Day Camp™ and pet adoption.

Contact no:1 937-323-6730

Address : 1705 N Bechtle Ave, Springfield, OH 45504, United States


2.Pet Supplies Plus

Contact no: +1 937-504-5440

Address :130 S Tuttle Rd, Springfield, OH 45505, United States


3.Bone A Fido Bakery

Bone-A-Fido Bakery was formed from a lifelong love of animals. Established in 2001 we specialize in healthy all-natural pet products for dogs and cats. Our gourmet cookies are lovingly hand pressed, oven baked, and hand dipped on site. We enjoy visiting with you and your furry family. Stop in to see us today!

Contact no:+1 937-322-9663

Address :: 1025 N Bechtle Ave, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

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Contact no: +1 877-473-9241

Address :PetSmart, 1705 N Bechtle Ave, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

5.Tizwhiz feed and Supply

Today Tizwhiz is a recognized name all over the United States and abroad with several manufacturing plants located in the U.S. and Canada.

The fortified formulas of Tizwhiz products are unique and have never been released to any other company.

There is a nutritional reason for everthing put into Tizwhiz Feeds. Through it’s research Tizwhiz continues to strive for nutritional excellence, allowing for all feeding recommendations to be bases on controlled research by nutritionists.

Dr. William Tyznik is professor emeritus of the department of Animal Science at The Ohio State University where he taught for over 40 years. He is nationally known for his contribution to teaching and research in animal nutrition. Dr. Tyznik’s research on rumen studies of sheep, nutrition of horses and zoological animals is nationally known with several articles for professional journals to his credit.

Dr. Tyznik, through controlled equine research achieved many firsts that has dramatically impacted the equine feeding industry. The new variations of research being done today are investigating familiar ground to Tizwhiz and are continuing to verify Dr. Tyznik’s findings.

Contact no:+1 937-325-4667

Address : 555 E Leffel Ln, Springfield, OH 45505, United States



Contact no:1 937-323-0266

Address :meijer, 1500 Hillcrest Ave, Springfield, OH 45504, United States


7.i.d. SPOT

Contact no:+1 937-504-5440

Address :Pet Supplies Plus, 130 S Tuttle Rd, Springfield, OH 45505, United States


8.Everglades Grooming & Pet

Contact no:e: +1 937-323-6908

Address :1539 W Main St, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

9.Custom Quality Pet Furniture

Custom Quality Pet Furniture, LLC. makes pampering your pet fun! Our mission is to be the “definitive quality provider for pets and the owners who spoil them”. You’ll find the world’s best selection of plush trees, rustic trees, scratching posts, and pet steps — all in one location.

Our Cat Trees are fun and functional, our huge selection of customized, quality pet furniture provides pet lovers with a wide ranges of choices that are affordable. Our products offer solid wood center poles and legs, cut-pile non-loop carpeting, extra bracing and wide wobble-free bases — furniture unlike any other you have ever seen or owned! With our wide range of heights, different choices of tops and great designs we have a house or play gym for even the pickiest of pets and their friends.

Contact no: +1 614-554-0879

Address :: 2118 W 1st St, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

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10.Captain Spish dog behavior

In the short time Mercury and I have been working with Captain Spish our communication has improved immensely. The Captain has helped me understand how my actions cause reactions and what I need to do to get the behaviors I want. Mercury is calmer, happier, more focused, and just wants to be around me more. I am so glad we found Captain Spish! This is just one of many testimonials written about me. By using calmness, love, and understanding, I have been able to touch and even change the lives of many Dogs and their owners forever.

Bad behavior, Fear and Aggression are often psycological problems that need to be dealt with at their core. People with such animals are sometimes frustrated or angry and don’t know how to help their dog. I (Captain Spish) will teach you “one on one” how to help your dog and keep calm and patient. People with aggressive or fearful dogs often “retreat” and not only stop taking their dogs out in public but also are afraid to let people in their homes. I will help you take back your home and your life and bring balance to your dog and your household. I will give you the tools to not only have a happier dog and more freedom, but a real friendship/partnership with your dog. Have you been told,”well that’s the breed” or “A dog’s a dog, you’ll have to live with it.”? This is simply untrue. A dog is always ready to change and accept change. The REAL question is, can you?

Contact no:: +1 937-245-0656

Address :3725 W National Rd, Springfield, OH 45504, United States


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