Top Old age home in Mangalore List 2023 Updated

Old age home in MangaloreOld age home in Mangalore

Old age home in Mangalore

1.Parivar.. Home for aged


Inspired by the words of Winston Churchill a young corporate professional set up The Saffron Foundation in 2002 to work for positively changing the lives of under privileged children, their families and communities.


The Saffron Foundation is a team of dedicated professionals / social workers who are highly experienced in the field of social service and want to create a platform that will be the future stage for the betterment of humanity. It will be a stage wherein the backward class and the people below the line of poverty will find better means to sustain themselves and also find a secure future for them under the banner of The Saffron Foundation. The foundation will leave no holds to reach the state wherein every household will be self reliant and will not have to depend on others for the basic necessities of life. The SAFFRON FOUNDATION is comitted to helping the helpless,homeless,elderly,physically and mentally ill and destitute in India by providing food,health and opportunity to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.

Contact no.:094492 47744

Address:VASUDHA” 141/3, Kadambody Rd, Ashraya nagar, Surathkal, Mangalore, Karnataka 575014


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2.Karunamaya Trust

Contact no.:0824 241 8946

Address:Nandi Gudda, Jeppu Kudupadi Road, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002


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3.Eldernet – Elder Care Services In Mangalore

We are the best Elder Care Services In Mangalore, with more than 10 years of experience

If you are looking for elderly care services in Mangalore?  We are professional Elderly care service providers. Elder Net brings to you personalized elderly care offered in a sensitive and loving environment. Our staff are professional, efficient, well- trained and understanding of all your requirement. Get in touch today for geriatric care services in Mangalore.

Elder Comfort care, pain control management & counselling are important to ensure a excellent quality of life for the elderly requiring palliative care. We operate and manage well designed care facilities wherein Eldernet’s experienced and sensitive staff deliver good palliative care at optimal costs.

Contact no.:096114 72739

Address:Eldernet – City Complex,103-Shop No, MRPL Rd, Kulai, Mangalore, Karnataka 575019


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Away from the bustle and hazy of the city, surrounded by amazing water park Manasa with beautiful greenery, Luciana is situated near Pilikula.  This home provides for the elderly an ideal refuge for those seeking comfort and serenity in their golden age, it is designed with single room, room with two beds and dormitory, with due attention to the needs of the inmates. 

In today’s fast paced world, we the sisters of St Joseph of St Marc are here to look after the senior citizens who need care, love and security.

Contact no.: 0824 226 3770

Address: Vamanjoor, Mangalore, Karnataka 575028


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6.Chiranthana Home for Aged and Disabled

Shelter is of great importance to each and everyone of us throughout the world. This is of utmost priority to the aged who have rendered service to their family and society when they were young. 

But, in the feeble age, they need to lean on others or get themselves institutionalized either due to their disability, illness or sometimes as a consequence of the unconcerned attitude of their own near and dear  ones.

In the contemporary sociological set up, institutions providing homely care and other facilities have become inevitable to such elderly people.

Responding to this particular need of the aged, ‘Chiranthana Home For Geriatric Health Care’ was setup to keep such elderly people happy and healthy in a homely atmosphere. 

Contact no.:094481 21100

Address: Surathkal, Karnataka 575014


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7.Louis Mendonca Memorial Trust

“It is not how much we do – it is how much love we put into the doing.” – Mother Teresa.

Louis Mendonca Memorial Trust is a Not-for-profit organization with over five years’ experience, dedicated to providing comfort and dignity to your loved ones living with serious illness and also elderly who are nearing their end of life.

With genuine desire of doing well to the society, we are committed to relieve the suffering of patients and keep them interested in life and bring down the stress of their families through our dedicated service. Our aim is to make bad time easier for patients and also to their loved ones.

Contact no.:98807 35578

Address:Serrao Compound, 2nd Cross Rd, Bendoor, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002


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8.Das Home Care Nursing

As the future in India proceeds to increase and the old population extends their living age there is a developing requirement for home nursing care administrations. Especially in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore.

Patient wellbeing at home is just about as significant as understanding security in medical clinics. Risky conditions in the home can prompt pointless or avoidable hospitalizations.

Individuals from a patient’s family are regularly troubled with giving clinical consideration they are not prepared to control. They should likewise adjust their duties at work and at home while really focusing on their friends and family.

Moreover, the children of the patient might be utilized abroad and can’t be with their mature guardians. Our attendants are prepared to give a wide assortment of administrations to help care for the matured and wiped out.

Contact no.:093435 68915

Address:2nd Floor, Mothisham Emporium Building, C-15, Kankanady Old Rd, Kankanady, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002


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9.WeCare – Home Nursing Services

We believe caregiving is a privilege and we’re proud to deliver WeCare home nursing services in Mangalore from the heart for your loved one’s. We’ll come to your loved one’s home to learn more about their care needs, as well answer all of your questions about the available care options. Our WeCare Package allows you and your loved one to try home care services before making a long-term commitment.

We provide security services/guards to building contractors, apartments, business centers, software companies, hotels, banks, educational institutions in Mangalore. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to your organisation as qualified professionals providing need based and cost effective security services. It is based on the present and future requirements of our valuable customers. Our team has experience in handling with all matters regarding to security services and safety etc.

Contact no.:: 063643 03333

Address:Liyana Residency, Ground Floor, Westgate, Nandi Gudda, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002


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10.St. Anthony’s Ashram

St Anthony’s Charity Institutes, Mangalore, justly famed all over India and abroad had a humble beginning. 12th June 1898 may be said to be its Birthday. It was on that day the late Msgr Michael Placid Colaco, commonly known as Msgr M.P. Colaco, sowed the mustard seed which in the designs of Providence was destined to grow into proportions which the founder could hardly have conceived.

In the year 1898, when Fr John S. Abreo was the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Miracles (Milagres)Parish, situated at Hampankatta, the centre of Mangalore Town, Fr M.P. Colaco was his Assistant. With the approval and guidance of the Parish Priest, the young and energetic Assistant began to give shape to his idea of St Anthony’s Shrine. In 1680 when Bishop Thomas de Castro had build the Church of Our Lady of Miracles at Hampankatta, he had also put up a side altar dedicated to St Anthony and installed the statue of the Saint thereon. But except for the feast being celebrated annually on the 13th of June, no other special devotions were held. On 12th June 1898 evening Fr M.P. Colaco had special devotion held in honour of St Anthony and inaugurated the Shrine. From the following day i.e. from 13th June 1898, Fr Colaco began offering Mass every Tuesday on the Altar of the Saint and to have special prayers recited after Mass. The response of the people was beyond all expectations. Not only the parishioners of Milagres, but the faithful from other parishes, from even beyond the town, began to frequent the Tuesday devotions. The fast growing number of devotees and the ever increasing number of petitions was a proof of the popularity of the devotion. They brought their intentions to be prayed for, as they brought their offerings in thanksgiving. What was realized from these offerings was distributed among the poor and thus began the work of “St Anthony’s Bread” in Mangalore.

Contact no.: 0824 241 8065

Address: Kankanady, Jeppu, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002


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