Top Old age home in Guwahati List 2023 Updated

Old age home in GuwahatiOld age home in Guwahati

Old age home in Guwahati

1.Helping Hand Old Age Home

I visited here on my birthday 1 year ago{15th Oct 2017}….it’s very good, familiar,helpful and well maintained…I feel very lucky and proud to be there and spend some quality time with them..I honestly say that it was the best birthday of my life to spend some good times and to make lots of memories with helping hand old age home peoples. I am also going nxt month (April) wth my friends to help them with some foods and snacks. I want to say something in one word- (Karke dekho acha lgta h♥️🙏☺️)

Contact no.:e: 070024 02974

Address: House No.1, Kalimandir Path, 4th Assam Police Bn. Road, Lutuma P.O.-Vinobha Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781018


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2.Monalisha Society, Guwahati

Mother Old Age Home – A unit of Monalisha Society (Estd: 2009), Guwahati Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 was started with the objective of serving the old aged people of the society on 21 of June 2012. Since that time the home has served many old people of the society by providing them food, accomodation and shelter.

Here are two types of home at Mother Old Age Home.

One is the “Free” type which cares for the destitute old people who have no one else to care for them. They are given shelter, food, clothing medical care etc. at free of cost.

The second type is the “Paid” home where care is provided for a nominal fee. Mother Old Age Home shall be controlled and managed by a working committee formed by the governing body of Monalisha Society.

Contact no.:098543 30538

Address:H/No-75 Near Bye Lane, 6, Pub Jyotinagar Rd, Jyoti Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781020


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3.Jai Mata Di Old Age And Orphan Home

Lerela  Khudoi  Trust is working  for the benefit of the under privileged and deprived section of the society especially woman of North East India.

North East India has the lowest per capital holding land in India. Recurring floods which inundates vast areas every year further shrink land  availability because of sitting. Being primarily an agrarian economy with hardly any discernible industrial growth, the condition the common man in the country side is pathetic state is the gradual disintegration of this pathetic state is the gradual ethos.

The Trust has opened a destitute home in Guwahati. Apply named JAI MATA DI, meaning good faith in good, the home provides shelter, food, medical care, clothing and all necessities for…

Contact no.:: 088908 92585

Address:1 no, Mathgharia, santinagar, Assam


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4.Nursing care service guwahati for old age patient

It is a home nursing agency that provides skilled nursing services to people of Guwahati. We are registered organization & Collaborate with Dubari Socio Cultural Society. We are one of the best nursing service in Guwahati. We offer customised services to our clients so that they can expect to get the best result from our end.

Our objective is to provide complete care to our patient or family members to help them recuperate from their current health issues while maintaining the highest standards of services. The convenience of our clients is of topmost priority to us and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.


   Post operative care patients.

   Elderly patients.

   Bed ridden patients.

   Patients with accident injuries.

   Children with special care needs.

   People with special care needs.

Contact no.:090858 41193

Address: Ambikagiri Nagar Path, RBI Colony, Guwahati, Assam 781024


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5.Seneh, Bhabada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust

Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust “SENEH” is a Public Charitable Trust working for the benefit of the Ignored, Disregarded, Overlooked, Oppressed, Depressed, and Underprivileged and Deprived section of the society especially women of North East India.”

North East India has the lowest per capita holding of cultivable land in the country. Recurring floods which inundate vast areas every year further shrink fertile land availability because of silting. Being primarily an agrarian economy, with hardly any discernible industrial growth, the condition of the common man in the countryside is appalling. Large influx of Bangladeshi immigrants in last millennium has further shrunk the availability of cultivable land in the state.

The immigrants have occupied the fertile riverine areas that were the main sources of agricultural income to the indigenous people. The indigenous peasantry that lived for generations on the bounties of nature are no match for the hardy Immigrants. The state of the economy of the North East States can be gauged from the fact that the GDP of the undivided state, which was more than ten times the rest of the country seventy five years back, has shrunk to one of the lowest now.One of the fall out of this state of affairs is the gradual disintegration of the traditional family values and social ethos and probably even the harmony.

Contact no.:087539 08043

Address:Nizara Path, Bongshar, Gopinath Nagar, Jonaknagar, Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam 781034


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SCORPION is a Voluntary Non-Government Organization registered under the Societies Registration Act. It is formed by a group of professionals from varied fields in the year 2001 and registered in 2002 having its registered office at Ambikagiri Nagar, Guwahati, Assam. SCORPION has a team of well-qualified, experienced and competent professionals in various disciplines like education, health, water, sanitation, agriculture, research, engineering, social, veterinary etc. whose mission is to work for the development of the society.

Mission is to promote social and economic development by partnering with government departments and other agencies which aim to intensify development, reduce poverty, hardship, and vulnerability with inclusive development. It strives for recognition and protection of fundamental rights to food, shelter, education, health care and security. In working to achieve its mission, Scorpion advocates policies and programs which strike an appropriate balance between social and economic goals and which respect cultural diversity and promote environment protection. Mission is to continuously strive for excellence.

Contact no.:091013 93121

Address: H. No. 34, SBI Officer’s Colony, Ambikagirinagar, Guwahati, Assam 781024


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