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Top Old age home in Bhopal List 2023 Updated

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Top Old age home in Bhopal List 2023 Updated


The objective of Aasra is to alleviate human misery by offering active listening. i.e. non-judgmental and non-critical listening to anyone who would like to avail of our services when they feel anxiety, stress and despair. Aasra recognizes that loneliness and distress often leads to the act of self-destruction, the potential suicide can be averted by active listening. We at Aasra believe that an attempt or act of suicide is a message indicating despair. It is our endeavour to make our services available when such a message is communicated. Callers can phone in or meet our volunteers or even write to be assured that a warm, caring, empathetic response is available. Complete confidentially is our guarantee as part of our service. Whatever is discussed or revealed by callers is between them and our centre. The services provided by us are not a substitute for medical care and do not claim to be therapeutic.

Contact no.: 0755 254 7899

Address:Aali Manzil Rd, Niyamatpura, Idgah Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001


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2.The Nest

The NEST are a senior citizen commune, specially designed for imparting that extra care and comfort to the senior citizens. The NEST Apartments give our elders the chance to age gracefully while keeping the spark alive in their hearts.


for catering to your special needs

Aakriti The Nest

Apart from the facilities mentioned there would be amenities chargeable per usage basis such as a computer room, physiotherapy room, a medical room with a standby ambulance and doctor on call for round the clock emergency help. An O.P.D. Clinic and Pharmacy on premises would address the small medical needs of an individual. There would be a canteen and central kitchen, guest accommodation, concierge services such as gatekeeper.

Housekeeping and maintenance of the units will be done by a specialist facility management company. They will provide skilled staff for maintenance and management of all utilities such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical consumables within the apartments.

Contact no.:e: 0755 301 3470

Address: Aakriti Ecocity, Salaiya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462026


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3.Maharishi Bliss Residency

We are pleased to introduce MBR a luxurious residential place for senior living, a quiet and peaceful place situated in the tranquil location of Bhojpur, in the vicinity of historic Bhojeshwar Temple of Lord Shiva. MBR is surrounded by abundant open green fields with pollution free-air whispering all-over.

Apart from senior living a finest place for corporate programmes like: Seminars, Conferences, Skill Development Trainings, Dealer Meets, Board Meetings, where after or before your work you have an opportunity for your health rejuvenation by Panchkarma, Transcendental Meditation and Yoga.

Simultaneously you can enjoy the scenic beauty in and around Bhopal with your friends and family. You can choose sites/travel destinations from our tailor made programmes with the help of our travel desk.

At MBR the best practices adopted by our people is to provide high quality F & B products to our guests. Our highly trained chefs will tantalize your taste buds with dishes crafted specially for you. We use mostly organic food, milk & dairy products of our own cows, unpolished pulses, our own grown vegetables & wheat.

So it’s a place where business leisure and health sail the same boat. We always ensure to make your visit/stay “a most memorable one” which brings you back to MBR time & again.

Contact no.:0755 663 3000

Address: Shiv Temple Bhojpur Road near Bhojpur, Kirat Nagar, Madhya Pradesh 464993


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