Oil recycling companies in Durban List 2023 Updated

Oil recycling companies in DurbanOil recycling companies in Durban

Oil recycling companies in Durban

1 kznoils.co.za

About Us:- KZN Oils (PTY) LTD has identified a potentially viable opportunity to establish a truck stop with accommodation, a diner, petrol station, a convenience store and restaurant, as well as a depot for oil, petrol, diesel and gas reserves in your area.

SERVICES:- We have vast experience in project/market identification and assessment with possible venture selection, infrastructure, operational requirements and management of new projects. This is your opportunity to undertake a major role in this project, and play a key role in solving the problem of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Contact us:-  ADDRESS 45 Chris Hani Road Briardene Durban, 4051 KwaZulu-Natal  https://kznoils.co.za/

2 dontwastegroup

About Us:- Don’t Waste was established in 1994 in South Africa, with a vision to take the local waste management industry to new heights. At its inception, Don’t Waste had a mission to provide an environmentally friendly, hygienic and cost effective holistic waste management service to all retail, shopping centres, commercial, industrial, educational & speciality clients.

SERVICES:- This was originally in the form of site based services, providing staff, supervision and management to manage daily waste streams on a client’s behalf with the aim to reduce and minimise waste to landfill and recovering materials for the recycling industry.

Contact us:- https://dontwastegroup.com/ 056 0384 3983

3 mpactrecycling.co.za

About Us:- As the leading recycler in South Africa, we collect approximately 600,000 tonnes of recovered recyclables per annum. We run numerous pick-up programmes via schools, communities, and offices – not only do these initiatives raise recycling awareness and create income opportunities but to also push recycling levels to new heights.

SERVICES:- We have 16 of our own operations in major centres nationwide and have partnered with over 40 buy-back centres who deliver their waste paper and plastic to us for remuneration; as well as working with numerous suppliers countrywide. Thus giving us a national footprint. Our recycling footprint doesn’t end there, we have also acquired Remade in 2016.

Contact us:- http://www.mpactrecycling.co.za/ Tel: 0800 022 112 (toll-free) Tel: 011 538-8600 

4 oricoles

About Us:- When we began our business journey in 2002 our vision was to provide the South African market with a comprehensive approach to managing waste. As a waste management company, we set out to offer a more viable and sustainable alternative to the waste to landfill based strategy that was prevalent in the market.

SERVICES:- Today, we can proudly say that Oricol has successfully improved its diversion of waste from landfill disposal from 20% in 2008 to over 70% in 2015. What does this mean? It means we’re constantly reducing our own carbon footprint – and that of our clients. How did we achieve this? By focusing on reuse, recycling and recovery Oricol is able to demonstrate a lower carbon footprint to the waste generator. We, therefore, add value by: Reintroducing resources back into the economy Contributing to economic growth and job creation Reducing social and environmental costs We aim to preserve valuable resources by focusing on waste reduction as well as the sorting, processing and marketing of recyclables. As a last resort, we dispose of ultimate waste at a landfill or dispose of it in the safest manner possible.

Contact us:- https://www.oricoles.co.za/ CALL US VoIP: 087 803 9870 Telephone: +27 31 579 2824 Telefax: +27 31 579 2584

5 enfieldschemicals

About Us:- It is often far more cost-effective to recycle oil than dispose of the used oil and use new oil. Enfields Chemicals collect the used oil and recycle it for re-use. The recycling process cleans all impurities from the oil through a process of 5-micron filters.

SERVICES:-Oil Services 

Hydraulic Oil 

Blending Oil 

Recycled Oil 

New Oil Products

Contact us:- TEL: 031 702 9778 EMAIL enfields@telkomsa.net  http://enfieldschemicals.co.za/

6 ffs-refiners

About Us:- At FFS, our vision is to provide unique hydrocarbon solutions to both our customers and our suppliers. We are a company that takes immense pride in our mission which is to provide INDUSTRIAL ENERGY FFS supply a variety of industrial fuel oils

SERVICES:-FFS Refinery Plant BASE OIL Base oils are used together with additive packages to produce lubricants that are used in almost every sphere of life: automotive, marine, mining and manufacturing. FFS Marine fuel oils COAL DERIVED PRODUCTS FFS is the largest producer of wood preservative Creosote in Southern Africa and we have SABS accreditation to produce SANS 616 compliant product. FFS Tank Terminals HYDROCARBON WASTE RECOVERY SERVICES FFS collects and receives Used Lubricating Oils, Ship Slops and other waste oils for processing at our production facilities across South Africa.. FFS Creosote TANK TERMINALS FFS operates and manages its own storage facilities within the Port of Cape Town, Western Cape & in Evander, Mpumalanga.

Contact us:- https://ffs-refiners.com/ 104 Umhlatuzana Road Sea View, Durban P.O. Box 25102 Rossburgh, 4072 031 459 5300 ffs@ffs.co.za

7 spentoil.co.za

About Us:- OIL COLLECTION FOR CRADLE TO GRAVE RECYCLING WE COLLECT ALL OVER, KWAZULU – NATAL, SOUTH AFRICA Under no circumstances is the used vegetable oil recycled into the animal feed industry or recycled for human consumption

SERVICES:- After the oil is collected from various outlets, it undergoes a refining process, then it is graded and sold to various companies where the following products are made: Paint base Putty Biodiesel Chemicals as a base Mold release

Contact us:- http://spentoil.co.za/ 083 708 5900 083 708 5901

8 mibws.co.za

About Us:- MIB Waste Services is your partner in waste management. Our mission is to provide premier turnkey waste management services through our expertise, experience and customer support. Our dedicated team and specialist equipment provide waste management solutions with a commitment to reliability and safety.

SERVICES:- t Services Contact 24 Hour Spill Response Waste Management Services Specialized Cleaning Services Marine Services High Pressure Cleaning Services

Contact us:- info@mibws.co.za 031 030 0642 info@mibws.co.za 031 030 0642 

9 vopak

About Us:- Our ambition is to be the safety and sustainability leader in our industry by focusing on care for people, planet and profit. Safety is our first priority. We want to facilitate the introduction of the sustainable vital products of the future while reducing our own environmental footprint. 

SERVICES:- In general, one customer rents one tank for one product during the contract period. However, we also apply co-mingled tank storage, where multiple customers use a similar capacity for a product, provided that the product specification is equal and customers agree on this optimization mechanism. When properly cleaned when changing products, some tanks can be used for multiple products which provide flexibility in storage capacity. The wide variety of liquid bulk products that we can store attracts customers that produce or trade more than one type of product.

Contact us:- https://www.vopak.com/ Trade register: 24295332 Telephone: +31 (0)10 400 2911 Telefax : +31 (0)10 413 9829

10 cnlushuntec

About Us:- LUSHUN Waste Oil Recycling Regeneration Equipment mainly but not limited contains: (I) FZB-J Series Waste Oil High Temperature Distillation Equipment (For Base Oil Production), (II) ZLE Series Waste Oil Decolorization And Purified Regeneration Multifunctional Machine. 

SERVICES:- Product Catalogue Transformer Oil Purifier Waste Oil Regeneration Equipment FZB-J Series Waste Oil Distillation Plant(Base Oil Production) ZLE Series Waste Oil Decolorization And Purified Regeneration Machine Turbine Oil Purifier Lube Oil Purifier Vacuum Pump System Flushing Equipment SF6 Regeneration Purification And Inflation Machine GF Series Dry Air Generator Centrifugal Type Oil Purifier EH Oil Purifier Fuel Oil Purifier Quenching Oil Purifier High Temperature Oil Cooling Machine Water Treatment Equipment Portable Oil Filtering Cart Detecting Instruments Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Contact us:- Zip Code : 400037 Tel : +86(0)2365226016 +86(0)2365226026 +86(0)2365227191 Fax : 0086-23-65226013 E-mail : sale@lushuntec.com


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