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Top Network Marketing companies in Ghana List 2023 Updated

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Top Network Marketing companies in Ghana List 2023 Updated



Hello, we are Blue Lions, the digital agency for panafrican brands. We take pride in thinking and building campaigns all over the african continent for well known corporation like l’Oréal, Unilever, BIC, MoneyGram, Orange etc. We work on many markets all over the world.We work on many markets all over the african continent to provides our clients with high-quality digital campaigns. We produce fully integrated campaigns, brand-content and films all over Africa. We manage, for major brands: social-media channels, online media-buying, events and offline campaigns. We are currently located in Morocco, Ivory Coast and France. Working with us is simple, efficient and effective, in any African market. This is why so many brands have trusted us over the years: we always deliver.Main sectors : Beauty – Consumer products – Financial Services – Food & Beverage – Global Institution – Healthcare – Hospitality – Industry – Media – Retail – Telco – Transportation——Bonjour, nous sommes Blue Lions, l’agence digitale des marques panafricaines. Nous pensons et organisons des campagnes sur l’ensemble du continent africain pour des annonceurs aussi prestigieux que l’Oréal, Unilever, BIC, MoneyGram, Orange etc.Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Digital Strategy, Online Strategy, 360 agency, print, copywriting, media planning


Social Media

Digital Strategy


ADDRESS:- Abotsi St, Accra, Ghana


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2.La Méthode Intégrale


Bienvenue dans notre Agence. Cette Agence se propose de venir en aide aux jeunes africains en particulier, mais aussi toute la jeunesse du monde, pour les aider à développer leur entreprise. Nous souhaitons également vous aider à développer votre entreprise grâce au meilleur design de site Web en premier lieu, mais aussi à travers un bon marketing numérique. C’est parce que le site Web est comme un enfant dont vous devez prendre soin. il doit grandir, être connu, atteindre ses objectifs. Vous pouvez donc vous en occuper, et nous sommes là pour vous atteindre à atteindre vos objectifs.Notre équipe se tient prête pour donner à votre activité un décollage efficient.Nos domaines de Compétences1. Full WordPress Developer2. Frontend Developer3. Backend Developer4. Software Business Developer5. Software Business and Solutions Consulting6. Digital Marketing7. Web Development 8. Business Manager9. Business Consultant10.





Digimark consult


Six Sept Huit



Webmaster Freelance Cameroun

Swift Burst

ADDRESS:- Accra, Ghana

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3.Film Etoile


Film Etoile is a Ghanaian film production company, registered in accordance with the laws of Ghana. The company holds a broad portfolio in audio-visual services, with highly experienced team members and an educational background in Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Our strength lies in our teamwork, our ability to listen, integrity, dedication and living up to expectations. Each team member is good at multitasking; therefore, we are able to handle any pressure or deadline, always ahead of time with delivery demands. Excellence in written and verbal communication in both English, French and our Ghanaian Languages. We operate in both Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire.The company has enjoyed a steady growth based on bold storytelling, cinematic production value, exciting innovation and client satisfaction.




ADDRESS:- Church Crescent, Haatso, Ghana

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4.Aquity Media


Aquity Media is a well-known agency, helping companies get clients. Since its inception six years ago, the agency has assisted business to monetize several customers. Being one of the top 10 network marketing companies in Ghana, they believe that partnership is a force multiplier, while technology is an enabler. They help their customers to: Read more: 


Dive deep into your market strategy and execute perfection Use an advanced system of advertising that would deliver results Find quality leads that would be converted to paying clients Read more:

ADDRESS:- Physical address: 19th Banana Street, East Legon, Accra, Ghana 

Phone:-233 24-585-9173 

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5.Flying Eagles Team


Flying Eagles Team is located in Accra, Ghana. Company is working in Medical Equipment business activities. Visit our company website for more information about us : If you have any questions, please contact us


Health & Beauty / Medical Equipment

Aleo, Aloa, Aloe products, Aloe vera, Aloe vera gel

ADDRESS:- Behind Southern Fried Chicken, East Cantonments, Accra, Ghana



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6.Swisderm Ghana Limited


Swisderm International is a multi level marketing company from Malaysia. The company was started by Vincent Low as the CEO in 2013.The key product is the S-factor food supplement (stem cell based products) as well as skincare products. Swisderm was registered in Ghana in July, 2019.


Business Services

Business Services / General Office Services

Business Services / Health and Safety

Business Services / Human Resources

Business Services / Human Resources / Recruitment Agencies

Business Services / Marketing

ADDRESS:- Nyarko Plaza, Ahodwo Roundabout , Kumasi, Ghana



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7.FLP Gh.


FLP Gh. is located in Accra, Ghana. Company is working in Medical Equipment business activities. Visit our company website for more information about us :


Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty / Medical Equipment

ADDRESS:- Behind Southern Fried Chicken, 36 East Cantonment, Accra, Ghana



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8.Janalf Marketing Company Ltd



Marketing Company is a wholly Ghanaian Company incorporated under the Companies

Code 1963 that markets, distributes and sell general goods, specialising The company was established in 1989 and has built a reputation

for itself has one of the leading distribution companies in the country. The

company currently has a network of over 500 wholesale and retail outlets that

it serves.


Hairdressing Supplies

Other Hairdressing Supplies

Other Personal Grooming Products

Skin Care

Other Skin Care

ADDRESS:- P.O.Box DS 146, Dansoman Estates, Accra-

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