Top Moving packing tips and tricks : Easy ways to pack for Moving 2023 Updated

The safety of your possession during relocation depends on the way you have packed your stuff, that’s why it is advisable to hire professional packers and movers agency to relocate your home. Because movers are the professionals and moving experts who know how to pack and move your stuff without any damages. You can enjoy safe and damage-free relocation with a reliable moving company. But yet there are few who cannot afford packers and movers services or they want to follow a DIY procedure. If you are one of those persons who is relocating by himself then, here are some easy and smart packing tips that will make your move simple.

  1. Get rid of things

This doesn’t mean you will have to get rid of everything, just get rid of the things that you think are useless for you or you will not use them in your new home. Go through every room and check what are the things that are now useless for you so that you can either sell them or donate.

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  1. Sort by category

Categorize your goods in different sections like what to keep, what to sell and what to donate. Set aside the goods you want to sell or donate to charity.

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  1. Sell and donate the goods

If you don’t know what you can do with your goods that you don’t use them, you can either sell or donate them. The goods that are in good condition like your kitchen appliances, furniture, bed, etc. should be sold off and the other goods like your old clothes, plants, etc. can be donated.

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  1. Use the packing materials that you already own

You need to buy packaging materials to pack your stuff but you have many of them already at your home. You can use your traveling bags, suitcase, garbage bags, etc. as a packing material to pack your belongings.

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  1. Get carton boxes from a local vendor

Buying packaging materials can increase the cost of your move more than you have expected so try to arrange them as much as possible. You can go to a local vendor from where you can collect carton boxes at free of cost or at very low rates.

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  1. Use original boxes of electronic items

Check if you have the original boxes for your electronic items. Electronic items need much care while moving them and their original boxes can prevent them from damaging or breaking so, if you have their original box then, pack them in that boxes only.

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  1. Take pictures of your electronics

Before disassembling the electronic items take a picture of them. This will help you to easily figure out which wire will go on which code. You can easily reassemble the item at your new home by just seeing the picture.

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  1. Grab extra packing supplies

Not only the carton boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes or plastic wrap you would require to pack your stuff, but there are many other things too that you will require to pack your goods. So, buy that extra packing supplies like

scissor, box cutter, gloves, sticker labels, permanent markets, packing paper, etc.

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  1. Pack ahead

You know packing is a time taking process so plan and pack ahead.. You should start packing your goods at least a month before your moving date. Start from the goods that you know you will not using it any time soon.

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  1. Have a packing station

Have an empty place at your home where you can gather all the packing supplies and equipment to pack the goods without any disturbance.

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  1. Pack room by room

Do not mix the goods of other room while packing your stuff. Pack room by room which means one room at one time. For ex- if you are packing your utensils then, don’t pack your stationery or toiletries items in that box. Complete one room and then, head to another room.

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  1. Do not overweight the boxes

fill boxes to capacity as overfilling them can make lumpy surfaces which make them difficult to stack. Neither overload your goods nor keep them underweight. This can damage your stuff and can also injure you.

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  1. Use small box for heavy items

Always use a small box for heavy items and large boxes for lightweight goods, this will not make the boxes heavier and you will be able to easily lift up and moving the boxes.

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  1. Use blankets, towels or bubble wrap for fragile items

Fragile items require extra care so, you must pack them using bubble wrap, blankets or towels which will prevent them from damaging or breaking.

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  1. Pack dishes vertically

Dishes are the fragile goods that can be easily breakable. Do not pack the dishes one up on one instead this will break or damage the dishes. Pack the dishes vertically and keep a disposable plate in between each dish.

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  1. Pack a clear plastic bag with the essential items

The items you will be needed right away should be packed in a clear plastic bag. This will help you to find the item very easily even during your move or after reaching at your new home.

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  1. Pack a personal overnight bag

Ask each of your family members to pack their personal overnight bag. This bag must contain all the essentials that you will require to survive the night or a few days at your new place like clothes, linens, medicine, snacks, towels, toiletries, etc.

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  1. Disassemble your furniture

Furniture is the heaviest items of your household goods which you cannot pack alone. So, disassemble the furniture if it is possible.

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  1. Defrost your fridge a day before you move

Defrosting your fridge is essential to pack them easily. And make sure you have defrosted it a day before your move so that you will get some time to clean your fridge before packing it.

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  1. Label moving boxes

Labeling the boxes is very much important otherwise you will not know which box contains what or which room it belongs to. Use number or color coding to label your box to know which box contains which room goods.

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  1. Make inventory list

Making inventory list make great sense while packing your Stuff. This will let you know that how many boxes you have and what each box contains. While loading and unloading, you can check the inventory list to know if you are missing any goods.

To have a safe and damage-free relocation experience stay away from major packing mistakes that people usually make while packing and moving their stuff. If you think you cannot handle all these then, you can hire professional packers and movers in Delhi to relocate your home and can enjoy safe and smooth relocation under their supervision.

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