Best Manufacturing Companies in Ghana List 2023 Updated

Manufacturing Companies in GhanaManufacturing Companies in Ghana


ABOUT US:-KANE – EM Industries Limited. The life line to your industrial needs. We produce all kinds of plastic materials for packaging right from the industries to domestic needs. KANE – EM is proud member of Ghana’s Club 100. A multi functional and prestigious business driven group.With KANE – EM plastic materials you are assured of quality product. Our team of technicians offers technical support in helping customer to choose custom made products

PRODUCT:-Food and Beverages 


 Industrial Containers



Household Products


ADRESS:-B625/8 Otublohum Road,Next To ECG (accra West, Accra, Ghana) 

Phone+233 24 270 0887

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2.Alrayan Industries Company Limited Ghana

ABOUT US:-Excellent service,This company seems very customer-oriented and I’m impressed by the prompt nature with which I had my needs met. Thumbs up.Great company with rapid and efficient customer service. Very happy with my products and will definitely be back soon.They are Timely and Professional, got my work in high quality and in time

PRODUCT:-manufacturing napkins, supplying napkins, manufacturing toilet roll, supplying toilet roll, manufacturing plastic straws, and supplying plastic straws

ADRESS:-Adjuma Cres, Accra, Ghana

Phone+233 30 222 2877

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3.Century Industries Ltd.

ABOUT US:-The Melcom Group of Companies consists of five separate entities: Melcom Limited, Century Industries Limited, Crownstar Electronic Industries Limited, Melcom Travels Limited, and Melcom Care Foundation. Melcom Limited, the first company of Melcom Group, is one of Ghana’s premiere retail chains. Apart from capturing an extensive retail market share with a network of 49 Melcom retail outlets and 8 cash ‘n’ carry depots spread all over Ghana, the Group is well-diversified into other industries as well.Melcom Group believe in integration, and have grown through backward integration. This has allowed us to enter different industries including electronics, servicing, plastics manufacturing and more. While our main business is primarily driven by retail, we are also strong players in semi-wholesale and wholesale distribution due to a combination of the vast range of goods we stock as well as our wide distribution network.

PRODUCT:-Plastic chair


Plastic utensils

ADRESS:-Dadeban Rd Ext, Accra, Ghana

Phone+233 55 923 1208

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ABOUT US:-BRAGHA (GH) CO. LTD is a private limited liability incorporated under the companies code of 1960 (act 179) with company registration no. CA- 4856. The company commenced business on 13th February 2003. The overall decision-making body of Bragha (GH) CO. LTD is made up of a 3- member Board of Directors comprising of people with diverse fields of knowledge and experience to formulate policies that will enable the company to achieve its stated objectives and remain sustainable.

PRODUCT:-Trash Bags

Carrier Bags

Water Rolls

Zip-lock Bags

ADRESS:-No. 10 Dadeban Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone+233 24 983 9857

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5.Akosombo Industrial Company Limited

ABOUT US:-Traditional Prints come in a variety of colors and designs. Historically, the motifs used for traditional prints express unique meanings. The designs are significant in context and design and in some instances are worn for specific occasions.In recent times, authentic Ghanaian woven kente designs have been replicated on printed fabric to make them suitable to be worn as trendy fashion pieces for a younger generation. At Akosombo Textiles, we offer a wide selection of these traditional prints – suitable for a wide range of events andfashion styles. Some of these designs with their meanings are captured in this collection

PRODUCT:-Printed textile

ADRESS:-Adjaben Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone+233 24 461 6161

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6.De United Foods Industries Ghana Ltd

ABOUT US:-Dufil is home to Nigeria’s most loved noodle brand, Indomie Instant Noodles. Through consistent backward integration efforts over the past decade, Dufil has established itself as the leader in the instant noodles category.Dufil Group comprises of Dufil Prima Foods Plc. and its six subsidiaries – namely: De united Foods Industries Limited (Nigeria & Ghana), Northern Noodles Limited, Pure Flour Mills Limited, Insignia Print Technology LFTZ Enterprise and Raffles Oil LFTZ Enterprise.



Chicken pepper sauce flavor


ADRESS:-Plot No 128, Batsoona, Spintex Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone+233 27 955 9444

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7.Trashy Bags

ABOUT US:-The company employs about sixty Ghanaian workers[2][3] to collect, clean and stitch plastic trash in the form of sachets that contained water and other beverages. The packages often (Andrady & Neal 2009; Thompson et al. 2009a) become litter because local recycling initiatives and waste management infrastructure are insufficient[4] and because most[5] Ghanaian people throw their waste on the streets.

In Ghana, drinking water, yoghurt and juices are sold in small plastic bags called sachets. This form of packaging was introduced in Ghana in 2004 to provide safe drinking water. The sachets can be opened easily in the corners to drink from, but after use the package is discarded and will usually[6] end up as litter or in informal trash heaps.

PRODUCT:-laptop bags, messenger bags, tote bags, backpacks, purses, hats, wallets, and reusable shopping bags

ADRESS:-Accra, Ghana, West Africa

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8.Camelot Ghana

ABOUT US:-Camelot Ghana is a Ghanaian printing company, serving the West Africa market. The company was founded in 1963. The company’s principal business includes the printing of stationery, computer stationery, security stationery, and business printing including stock certificates, cheques, chequebooks, payment vouchers, invoices and dividend warrants



ADRESS:-Camelot Ghana Ltd,

Osu-La Road, Osu,

Accra, Ghana

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9.Guinness Ghana Breweries

ABOUT US:-Guinness Ghana Breweries is listed on the stock index of the Ghana Stock Exchange, the GSE All-Share Index.[1] At its inception, the company produced only Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, popularly known as Guinness. The primary depot was at the same position with stores across the country particularly in the south.In Accra, they are at the former premise of Achimota Brewery Company in Achimota,[3] which is actually the Tata Brewery Ltd established by iconic, indigenous Ghanaian industrialist J. K. Siaw.

PRODUCT:-Beer brewing, Non-alcoholic Malt drinks and RTD drinks dry stout; liquor

ADRESS:-Kumasi & Accra, Ghana

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10.Starwin Products,

ABOUT US:-Starwin began as the Ghana branch of Sterling Products International in 1960. In 1976, under the Ghanaian government’s indigenization program, the company sold 50% of its stock to entrepreneurs in Ghana. In 1987, Sterling, the original company, was bought by Kodak and Starwin Products was born. On January 13, 2004 Starwin became a public limited liability company and in December 2004 the company was listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.In January 2020, Starwin Products Limited and two other domestic pharmaceutical companies, Dannex Limited and Ayrton Drug Manufacturing Limited, had already merged and listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange as DAS Pharma.[1]

PRODUCT:-Rapinol, Asmadrin, Painoff, Paraking, milk of magnesia, liver salts

ADRESS:-Adjuma Crescent Ring Road,

South Industrial Area,

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

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