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How Backlinks are Important For SEO, Know the Truth

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How Backlinks are Important For SEO, Know the Truth

Links are a crucial element of Google’s ranking algorithm. In the context of SEO, the external, as well as internal links are essential for your website. These links impact the search engine rankings of your website. A higher ranking in search engines implies higher traffic, higher conversion rates and higher sales.

Internal links are the links that point to another page on the same website. They allow easy navigation and help establish the hierarchy within the website. These links assist search engines like Google to know about the existence of the pages of the website and make them rank-able. Google also requires a link structure on pages that allows the spiders to crawl the path of a site and find all of the pages of a website. A proper structure of a website should resemble a pyramid.

Many times, many of the web pages on the internet are not ranked as they are unreachable for the search engines. Following reasons might be responsible as suggested by SEO Experts in Delhi.

  1. Sometimes, internal links are only accessible through the search boxes on the pages. Since search engines do not perform any searches, it becomes impossible to find the content on these pages.

  2. Many a time pages are built in JavaScript rather than standard HTML again making it not understandable for engines.

  3. Links that are embedded inside Flash or other plugins are not accessible to search engines.

  4. Pages that are blocked by Meta robots tags or robots.txt file are not available to search engines.

  5. Too many links is not a good idea. Roughly spiders crawl through 150 links per page and ignore the rest. Some exceptions are there for important pages though.

  6. Frames and I-Frames often have some structural issues which make them not crawl-able. Simple and clean HTML links are better and let the spiders crawl easily through the pages.

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External or Inbound links or backlinks point at any other domain than the one that the link exists on. In simple terms, it is a link from another website to your own. These backlinks let search engine like Google to know that your website exists. Without them, Google has no way to know about your website. More number of links means a higher ranking in search engines.

But simply having too many links doesn’t mean a better ranking. Top Companies that provide SEO Services in Delhi have listed following which decide the rankings due to links like:

  • The authority of the linking site.

  • The trustworthiness of the linking site.

  • The popularity of the linking page.

  • The relevancy and usefulness of the content.

  • The anchor text that is used in the link.

  • The number of links to the same page from the source page.

  • The number of root domains linking the target page.

  • The number of variations that are used as anchor text to links to the target page.

  • The actual relationship between the source and the target webpage.

Link building is an ongoing task. Search engines like fresh content and websites that are not linked often are seen as stale. Therefore take steps to keep those links coming.

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