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How you can generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

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How you can generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

The key to making a success of online marketing is good traffic to your website. Here are some proven tips:

There is a common belief that coaxing good and regular traffic to your website is tedious and costly. However, all that is needed is that you are consistent and strategic in your approach. By following some proven tricks and tips about online marketing, you can turn those measly traffic numbers to impressive ones. 

Great online traffic is the be-all and end-all of online business. With more visitors on your website, you can make more conversions and this translates to better sales. The ten methods we discuss below will help boost your website’s traffic and most of them are free. You should also consider bundling good offers such as cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS. This way, your visitors get even greater value from your website. 

Do Your On-Page SEO Right

Many website owners make the mistake of assuming that SEO is all about the stuff you do outside your website to attract visitors. However, you can do more to attract (and retain) visitors by ensuring the content on your website’s pages is done exactly right. Begin by ensuring that your pages’ all have proper titles, headers and ‘alt’ tags for all your images. Then work on ensuring the actual content: text, images, product descriptions, blog posts, etc. are optimized for good ranking. 

Leverage Power of Social Media

Social media platforms are where all the buzz is. But just making a few posts now and then will not get the people you are targeting interested. You need to be proactive and judicious about how you leverage the power of social media to drive your online traffic. Keep in mind that each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, there are different kinds of demographics unique to each social media platform. Base your campaigns on this paradigm and you will see your traffic figures blossom. 

Strike the Right Balance Between Organic and Paid Traffic

Some so-called online marketing gurus will tell you that the only traffic worth having is paid for. Others will insist that you should only be interested in organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to those visitors who click on search engine results and are directed to your website. The truth is that you need both kinds of traffic. Do not specialize on one approach at the expense of the other. 

Explore Opportunities Offered by Guest Blogging

You may have heard guest blogging vilified in certain online marketing circles. That criticism may be justified. However, you should not take it to hook, line, and sinker. Posting too many, low quality, spun content on spammy and poorly ranked blogging sites will most likely do your online traffic tactics harm. But doing quality blogging on reputable sites is still a winning strategy. Take time writing guest blogs. Ensure that your posts have good value and wait for the results. 

Encourage Good Vibe on your Pages

If you can encourage a good and captivating sense of community on your website, you will be guaranteed good traffic. Do this by offering your visitors a means to engage with the content and with each other. You can host a forum on your website for this purpose. Another approach is integrating a tool for discussion and comments. Leading social media platforms such as Facebook have plugins for such engagement. To ensure you leverage the power of such community tools, keep track of the discussions. Make sure you offer opinions and guidance regularly as well. 

Build a Strategy Around Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases with 3 or 4 words. Unlike 1-word or 2-word keywords, long-tail keywords are much easier to target the content you are offering. You are more likely to achieve a high ranking on search engines by building your SEO strategy around strategic long-tail keywords. Once you pull off the strategy, the results will be evident. You will get more regular traffic. Moreover, those visitors will be easier to convert and translate to actual sales. 

Make the Most of Email Marketing Opportunities

Email is almost as old as the world wide web! Yet this seemingly benign tool has enormous potential when it comes to marketing your website and offers. However, as with many online marketing tools, the trick is in finding the right balance. You do not want to irritate your potential visitors by sending them endless spam messages in their inboxes. But by offering good content, formatted and presented tastefully in occasional emails, you can increase interest. Ensure you have different categories of emails for different kinds of targets and prospects. 


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