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How to make a Career in Cloud Computing – Know Here

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How to make a Career in Cloud Computing – Know Here

A variety of experiments on the Internet from computer to laptop and now mobile have given a new revolution. If you talk about data released by IBM-based company associated with the world’s computer sector, it is found that more than 85 percent of the computers / mobile applications to be developed around the world are based on cloud computing. Similarly, Nasdaq studies have shown that by the end of this year, more than $ 40 million investment is to be made only on cloud computing technology.

What is cloud computing

It is a reality that in the activities of everyday life to the office we have become fully dependent on the internet. Due to the increasing use of computer and the direction of digitization, various types of data are also being created on a larger scale. Globally, these data are being generated at an extremely fast pace in email, text or audio-visual format. The storage and maintenance of this huge data is not so easy. It is a very complex and costly case for not just one person but for companies. In an effort to find a solution to this problem, a new mode of cloud computing has come into being. It is basically a state of the art or extremely advanced technology. Broadly speaking, cloud computing provides large-scale virtual storage, which can be accessed from any corner of the globe.

What is required aptitude

It is necessary for the youth to go to this profession that they have the passion to find a solution to any problem. They should not only be respectful with other members of the team, but also have good communication skills. The ability to project management and always leave the leak, think of something new and show the emotions also matters a lot in this kind of career.

Educational qualification

To get the training of cloud computing, it is necessary to have a background of information technology (IT) or computer science, so that the candidate has initial information about computer and computer programming. There is work experience in this area, then it will be a good thing to sleep. Being such a background makes learning a lot easier. The Python and Java computer languages ​​have a lot of usefulness in creating careers in this field.


Short-term and long-term training courses based on cloud computing are organized by a large number of private institutions in India and abroad. These can be specifically mentioned in Microsoft’s ‘Microsoft Cloud Platform and Infrastructure’, ‘Cisco Certified Network Associate Cloud’, ‘Google Certified Professional Architect’ etc.

Some such courses have also been started by IBM and IIT, Bangalore. Master degree level courses are also being organized by some private universities. Not only this, training workshops are organized by experts from this field. Such workshops can also be availed by paying their fees. Such information and information can usually be found through internet and related websites. It would also be relevant to mention here that the companies in this area usually send their employees for training at their own expense.

Employment opportunities

There is no shortage of companies providing cloud service in the country. There are many types of job options. The youths in the mode of cloud computing can get diverse employment opportunities. These include Cloud Computing Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Support Engineer, Cloud Solution Engineer, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Management Professional, IT Systems and Users Support, Application Development, Business Analysis, Network, Security and Web Development etc. is. People working in this mode can get substantial jobs in the multinational companies in addition to Indian companies.

Digital India

Officially it has already been announced that provision of Rs 4.5 lakh crore for digital India has been made and under this, 17 lakh new jobs will be created. Under this program, the country will be transformed into a digitally empowered economy. More than 2.5 lakh villages will be brought under broadband. Apart from this, there is also a proposal to create more than 100 cities in the country. Cloud computing will also have an important role in the creation of Digital India. The most profitable by the technology of cloud computing is to meet the small industries of the country. It can be seen in industrial development and creation of new jobs.

There has been considerable new turmoil in the field of computer and IT. Increasing use of the internet can be marked as an important link in this series. And cloud computing is an emerging career. Career details are being explained in detail by counselor Ashok Singh.

Some major courses

EMC Cloud Architect, IBM Certified Solution Architect, HP Expert One Cloud Certification, Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, VM Ware Cloud Certification, EMC Cloud in Infrastructure and Services Certification

Major institute
Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
(Branches in many places in the country are present).

(There are branches in many places in the country)

Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani


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