How to harness the power of SEO make content the king

How to harness the power of SEO make content the kingHow to harness the power of SEO make content the king

Back in the days when the internet just began to exist, and search engines had started “rubbing their backs”, website owners in order to make use of SEO for their site would do one simple thing – cram all the relevant keywords in their website. There were also some unscrupulous web developers who figured that cramming their website with relevant keywords was not enough, so they also added all kinds of popular yet irrelevant keywords to their websites as well. However, these strategies only work for the short-term where the websites were only concerned with ad displays and did not really care for recurrent visitors.

But today, SEO (search engine optimization) is not just a con man’s virtual playground. It is a legitimate and respectable industry. Almost every online entity seeks to optimize themselves to be found by people who are looking for the relevant products and services. These businesses do not just want their visitors to come and drop by once upon a time, they want a recurrent stream of daily audiences who would want to convert, i.e. buy or hire their services. And here lies the importance of content. Have the right website content with proper keyword distributions to harness the maximum power of SEO.

We as the providers of content marketing promotion in Gurgaon, have a saying that we follow from a to z – Content is the king. The teams that do SEO and those involved in content writing must work together. They should discuss and plan the content creation before publishing the same. To offer the best business brand promotion in Gurgaon

we view our SEO efforts as a reinforcement of our content team.

But the big question is – Why SEO should always complement your content marketing, here’s why we think so:

You must understand that SEO is not just about keywords alone or simple phrases. An effective content is more than just a smartly crafted article built on the foundation of irrelevant keywords. Online content should not be built around high-volume keywords which will drive a lot of traffic.

The main goal of keyword analysis should be to understand the customers better. The main objective should be, knowing them better. Understanding their pain points and complains, and knowing their needs and requirements at an individual level for best results.

For instance you are a show manufacturing firm that needs to get ranked well in SEO. So, you act on the keywords like “best running shoes for flat feet” or “cheap and comfortable running shoes”. But we recommend that instead of rushing to write content built around those keywords. You must act on what the customers are looking to read.

Studying the customer’s intent would mean understanding the answers to these questions:

  • What do the buyers want?
  • What are the problems they are facing and how to solve them?
  • What has been revealed about their needs or the situation they are in?

Effective web promotion would require these questions of the customers answered to the best of capabilities. You can talk to us about the questions that you must be asking about your customers in the niche business you are operating, we offer custom web promotion in Gurgaon

, which will inevitably increase the chances of sale.

A good internet marketing promotion in Gurgaon should make use of good quality content to initiate and develop relationships; and we do just that.

Full-fledged web promotion and SEO activities also include other efforts like optimized social media promotion in Gurgaon:

Social media promotion in today’s times includes – Google marketing promotion, Facebook promotion, as well as Instagram and YouTube promotion.

 In closing thoughts, understand your clients’ intent and build your content to meet their needs.



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